Opening Week 2019

Welcome to our 2019 season!

It was great to see anglers old and new back at the Loch over Opening Weekend and into our first week.

We opened with our traditional walk down the hill to the loch behind piper Hugh Gordon, who as usual provided a tuneful and atmospheric start to the season on his bagpipes. Thank you as always Hugh and sorry that you had to battle with tricky conditions again this time – snow was falling as Hugh piped in the new season – but at least the pipes didn’t freeze this time like they did last year!

We raised a toast to the 2019 season and after the shotgun start anglers went out to do battle with the fish as well the elements. It proved a cold start for many, though at least the winds were light and the fish were keeping anglers too busy to think about the cold (and the bacon rolls we provided at lunch time helped a little too). The snow turned to rain later on in the day which meant the travel home was easier than the drive to get here.

Gus Skene was the first to land a fish, he was fishing off the boat with his keen as ever grandson, Corben. The day proved yet again to be very productive one for anglers in terms of numbers caught. A total of 451 fish were landed to 30 rods giving a rod average of 15. Fish landed included a number of brownies (incl Ricky Taylor – see photos), a double figure rainbow (by Andy Saunders – see photo) and a tiger (caught by Stuart Younger).

On Opening Sunday with a windier day and fewer anglers the rod average was 8.7 and then later in the week it shot up to 16.9 fish when 118 fish were landed by 7 rods mostly on dries, including another tiger to Alec Harvey. The middle of the week saw huge hatches and fish were see on top feeding all day in all areas of the loch. It really was a fantastic sight to see in mid March and those lucky few who came enjoyed exceptional dry fly fishing for the time of year – see Robbie’s report below.

Robbie Bell Blog 1 of 2019:

I was Good

Well I must have been as a new rod turned up 25.12.18.

Very good as there were two of them!

Exactly the right sizes and just what I would have picked myself………..

Anyway I decided to save them for Opening Day at the Loch.

I had set one up with a couple of lures with nymphs in between.

The other straight lining Buzzers.

The good news is that I had a fish first cast on both of them.

Well good for me as confidence in your equipment is vital.

You will never settle properly if something is giving you bad vibes.

Best get rid of it if you’re not 100% in tune.

By the end of the day I had a romantic attraction to both of them what with the number of fish I caught.

Now you may have seen the photo of me on opening day and the one three days later.

What a difference.

Opening day was snow and rain and Baltic.

With a water temperature just above freezing it was perishing all day.

However constant fish and takes and whisky and bacon rolls kept us warm inside even if the extremities were chilled.

Mind you I had more layers than an onion on!

Three days later it was mild, overcast and fish rising everywhere.

A bonanza on the Dries.

Happy Days are here again.

Thank you Santa!

Best Regards


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This is a brief report to share news of Opening Weekend and the first week’s fishing along with a selection of photos. If it’s whet your appetite then please pick up the phone and book some fishing- the next couple of weekends we have space and the weather is looking fair so hope to see you soon.

We also have space on the Coldingham Loch Cup – Heat 1 is in a few weeks on Sunday 14th April. Please contact us to book.

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