Loch Report 25th June – 9th July 12

We don’t need to mention the dominating factor of rain and more rain for this last period. Suffice to say the loch is fuller than we have ever seen it. At times fishermen have needed wellies to get into their boats as the jetty has been under water despite us having the sluice gate fully open. However we are grateful to have fared better than many others up and down the country with flooded homes so no complaints here.

The silver lining to the inclement weather has been that the water temperatures have not been as high as they would normally be in July so keeping the fishing fresh. Additionally the loch has remained problem free in terms of weeds though we have the cutter on standby ready for action as soon as it is needed.

However catching has not always been easy and on occasion anglers have struggled to find the right combination of pattern and depth.  Floating lines and dry fly have by far been the most effective tactics but even this has proved difficult in the evenings when the caenis hatch emerges… frustrated anglers are surrounded by vast numbers of selectively feeding fish!

Dry flies have been the order of the day during this period with daddies, black and brown hoppers, cdc buzzer, black spider and sedge, all fished on or just below the surface. Some anglers have also had some success with bibios, diawl back, buzzers and nymphs.

Robbie Bell was accompanied on two days fishing by his two friends Bob senior (aged 87 who shared Robbie’s boat) and Bob junior.

Clubs visiting the loch during this period all reported having enjoyed their fishing with a mixed bag of results as far as catches are concerned. The Ellem Club had an enjoyable day with pretty reasonable weather and a good rod average of 4/rod. Jonathan Black caught the biggest fish of the day at 4lb 12oz (see photos).

We had a group of fishermen from the Anchor Inn in Coldingham who had a day of mixed fortunes with some having a tough time ….but still smiling at the end of it. The Mid Lothian AA enjoyed their mid week visit and commented on the quality of the fish caught. Derek Ferguson landed the biggest catch that day at 4lb 14 oz.

Clubs visiting during the next period are Wiremill Angling Club and The Fishers Trust.  As always we extend a warm welcome to them and hope that they enjoy a good days fishing here at Coldingham Loch.

Other news:

  • We have had a number of holiday guests enjoying the variety of weather this Great British summer has had to offer! Despite the weather though all have commented on the relaxing time they have had here re-charging the batteries. Thanks to Lori and Dave for the photos of the seals down at Eyemouth harbour.
  • Neil & Susan Keillor witnessed the heaviest rainfall at Lochside Cottage and were also lucky enough to have a sighting of the otter just off the bank at Lochside Cottage when Neil was out for an early morning fish.
  • Swallows nesting in the boat house have grown rapidly over the last two weeks (see photos) and are now fully fledged





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