Fishing regulations


  • Strictly conventional fly fishing with artificial fly only – no bubble floats, spinning, bait fishing or trolling (including ‘trailing’ flies from a boat).
  • Single hooks only, no larger than size 10 (standard or longshank) – no doubles, tandems or trebles allowed and barbless or de-barbed hooks should be used if intending to return fish to the water and after bag limits have been taken.
  • Trolling is strictly forbidden.
  • Fishing with one rod only at any one time, but additional rods may be carried ‘tackled up’ ready for use.
  • Rod permits and bag limits are not transferable and rod sharing is not allowed.
  • Fishing times are between 8.30 a.m. and dusk.
  • Anglers are asked to record the individual weights of all fish caught (in the book provided). If no fish are caught please record a ‘nil’ return.
  • All brown trout are to be returned to the water
  • It is compulsory to wear Life Jackets or Bouyancy Aids  when fishing from boats.


  • Conventional anchors are not allowed, but mud weights are provided in all boats. The mud weights should be dropped ‘end on’, so that they plunge vertically into the mud, to ensure a firm anchorage.
  • Buoys in the loch must not be used for anchoring
  • Anglers are asked to use the nets for both boat and bank which are provided by the fishery.
  • Landing boats is only permitted at the boathouse and jetties. Boats must not be ‘beached’.
  • Please keep clear of the floating cages, etc.
  • Anglers are expected to treat the boats and equipment with care – studded waders should not be worn in the boats or fishing hut.
  • Anyone, without exception, discarding litter including fishing line and cigarette ends into or around the loch will be asked to leave. All litter should be left in the boats or bins.
  • Fish should not be gutted or cleaned in the loch.
  • Please use the toilet facilities provided.
  • Anglers are advised not to stand up in the boats.
  • Waders are recommended for fishing the bank to aid casting access to the loch and up to the thigh is normally sufficient. Deep wading in chest waders is not allowed.
  • Anglers are asked to keep a ‘polite’ distance apart and not to start fishing close to others unless specifically invited to do so – similarly, make as little noise and disturbance as possible.
  • Anglers are requested to use balanced tackle and not to use finer nylon than necessary (4 lbs B.S. should be regarded as a minimum for most purposes).
  • Children (under 16 years old) must be accompanied by an adult and only permit holders are allowed on the fishery.
  • Dogs are allowed only at the discretion of the management and must be kept out of the water.
  • Swimming, camping, picnic parties, fires, radios, and firearms, etc., are not allowed.
  • In the event of lightning and thundery conditions all anglers both bank and boat must leave the water immediately to avoid any risk of anglers being struck by lightning
  • In the interests of good fishing the owners request information regarding any abuse of the rules or facilities is provided.
  • In the event of strong winds anglers are advised to check conditions at the fishery by phoning the loch before leaving home


  • No liability is accepted for any accident or injury to persons visiting the fishery or for loss or damage to their property.
  • Anglers are liable to pay the replacement cost of any equipment lost or damaged.
  • The management reserve the right to refuse or terminate admission to the fishery at any time without giving reasons.
  • Management reserve the right to perfrom random inspections of tackle and catches.
  • Management reserve the right to amend the rules at any time