Loch Reports

A mixed bag is how best to describe the last two weeks. The fishing was decidedly tough at the beginning but this last five days and weekend has seen a big improvement in returns with both clubs and individuals doing … Read more

An end to the summer holidays heralds the return of the clubs to the loch which usually means that the weekends start to get busy again up until the end of October. With this in mind it is always advisable … Read more

The Coldingham Cup. Catch and Release Boat Fishing Competition Two Heats and a Final.     20 anglers per heat with 10 going forward to the Final Heat 1.   Sunday October 14th 2018 Heat 2    Saturday October 20th 2018 Final   Sunday 28th … Read more

A definite swing in the weather coupled to the new aeration system up and running has produced a turn- around in fortunes. Wetter, cooler conditions mean that the water temperature is now sitting at around 13 degrees C which for … Read more

This last fortnight has again seen the continuation of warm weather however we have at least had some spells of rain here at the loch, though nowhere near the amount that we need to get the level back to normal, … Read more

As this unusual and very dry weather continues, so does the challenge of catching good numbers at this time of the year. No matter who we speak to, it seems that all fisheries and even the ones located at higher … Read more

I was speaking to a guy the other day and of course the topic of conversation was mainly about the weather and the prolonged period of hot, dry weather that we’ve been experiencing. His reply to me was that in … Read more

This last period has seen in mid-summer’s day and as always this time of year the flaming June phrase can be applied to this last fortnight. A mixed bag of weather conditions – strong winds, cool days, warm days, misty … Read more

Well, the haar continued for most of the following week since out last report but surprisingly this did not seem to hinder the catch rates. For almost 6 days we were hardly able to see the loch from the shore … Read more

Low cloud, sea mist, frett or more locally know as a haar, has dominated proceedings for the past three days with the odd glimpse of the loch being granted now and then. Despite the cloud cover catching has remained very … Read more