Loch Reports

With yet more days lost to the bad weather the last two weeks started with somewhat of a hit and miss feel to them. The relentless easterly winds brought in yet another dose of snow and this was followed by … Read more

It’s good to be back! It’s just a pity that this year the weather has conspired against us at the start of the season. Opening weekend was particularly bad weather but despite this we once again opened on Saturday to … Read more

Well who would have thought it? The end of another season and our sixth full season at Coldingham. They say that time flies and if that is the case we feel that we are attached to the wings of a … Read more

This will be our penultimate report of 2017 and hence it will be quite brief as the number of anglers has now started to slow down. Our last report will be posted at the end of the season and whilst … Read more

Firstly, an apology for the slightly late publishing of this report but events of late have somewhat overtaken us. There will only be another two reports before the end of the season and these will be spread out over the … Read more

With approximately 6 weeks left of our season we are once again seeing some of the best fishing of the year taking place. Yes, it’s a case of watching the weather, but if you manage to get that right then … Read more

Two weeks of changeable weather has meant an up and down returns due to numbers of anglers. Thankfully for us however the weather on the day that we needed it to be good, i.e. for the Charity Day, Lad(y)s and … Read more

Large hatches of Olives during mid-afternoon has prompted a return to rising fish in just about all areas of the loch and the good news is that fish are once again being caught at the northern end of the loch, … Read more

With the arrival of September we should see a return to normal, and already we are noticing a welcome boost in returns. July and August proved once again to be difficult with a plethora of fly and fry life giving … Read more

Firstly apologies for the lateness of this report and its brevity. We can’t believe how quickly loch reports come around and this last fortnight seems to have flashed even more quickly than usual. The last couple of weeks have been … Read more