Loch Reports

You might often hear me say to people that “the nicest time to fish is often the hardest time to catch,” and so it is every year during the months of July and August. (It’s been good to see parents … Read more

The summer weather is here and with it the usual uncertainty as to how the loch will be fishing one day to the next. No better example than last week when on the Tuesday all the rods found it very … Read more

It’s good to be back fishing and with each week that goes by it’s starting to feel a little bit more like its old self around here. Numbers of fishermen have been quite steady but it’s interesting how we get … Read more

Back with a bang!! 2020 Season – Open for just one week and then forced to close was something that we and many others would never have predicted. Whilst the opening week (in March) was, as usual extremely productive, no … Read more

  The following are the dates we had originally set for 2020 Events however all events are now on hold until we have further clarity of how we can operate for the rest of this year. Please watch this space.  … Read more

As we say goodbye to another year here at Coldingham Loch, it’s perhaps worth reflecting on what has largely been a very good season. But first a quick mention of the closing weekend which for some people fished its socks … Read more

As the days shorten and we head into the winter months some anglers are heading to the loch for their last fishing of the season. As is the case throughout the fishing season, if they choose the right day, anglers … Read more

Autumn has well and truly arrived and as the leaves fall from the trees and the temperature goes steadily down, the natural terrestrial feed is getting less and less. In turn this means that the fish are feeding more and … Read more

Who would have thought it ….. the end of September already. As always at the end of September we hold our annual charity day in aid of St. Abbs Independent Lifeboat and as you all know we call it our … Read more

  This last fortnight has continued to be a fairly tough period for many anglers fishing the loch. The good news is that we have seen the arrival of cooler temperatures at night and also during the day now, particularly … Read more