9th – 22nd June 2014

Another fortnight on and we could be writing the same in this report as the last one – in summary, the fishing is tough and continues to provide more questions than answers for the anglers coming to take up the challenge of the loch this month.  However the fact remains that it is of course a lovely place to spend a few hours trying to catch fish and the comments have run along the lines of ‘hard but enjoyable day’.

The weather has stayed warm often with only a light breeze and many a bright day for the sun to warm the water has meant that the temperature of the water has risen and today was showing as 19C . The fish seem to have gone deeper to the cooler water particularly when the sun is out. We are though still seeing rises when the cloud cover comes but not as active as they were early June/late May.

As reported last time it feels like we are a few weeks ahead this season and it certainly seems to be fishing more like early July than early June.

The caenis hatches have been in full swing and one evening last week there were so many that parts of the loch looked like it had a mist hanging over it. It was quite something to see. The fish were all over and supping away at the surface and seemingly not to be tempted by anything else.

So, who managed to eke some fish out in this last period and how?

  • Holiday guests Ken and Dave from Yorkshire were here this last period for their annual visit and were using a mixture of Daddys and Zonkers to eke out the fish with some success and managed to catch fish each day of their weeks stay.
  • David, another regular holiday fisherman had 2 weeks of these tricky conditions though farinf better the first week he had some good returns  of 11/12 and 6 using Daddys Hoppers, CDC  and red diawl bachs though he certainly worked hard for these returns! Early mornings were often the best time for David in terms of catching during his stay….an advantage of being a holiday guest is you can go out before the loch opens so in the warmer months this can be the best time of the day for fishing.
  • Sandy Amos (aged 87) and his young boat partner David (recently turned 84) continue to enjoy their outings but sadly have not repeated the success of a recent trip when David was delighted with a catching a fish off the jetty at the end of their session. We hope they can enjoy many more trips to the loch over the coming months and that they are rewarded for their perseverance and good spirits with some catches.
  • Holiday guests Graeme and Dave paired up a couple of times on a boat and enjoyed some good sport and fine catches of 7 and 8 to the boat, mainly on hoppers, Dave commenting that the fish were the best fighters he had experienced in a long time. Graeme is an experienced salmon fisher and fairly new to still water trout fishing – but enjoyed it so much he’s coming back next year!
  • Ian Callow & had a good day catching 6 rainbows and a blue fishing deep on a ‘Super Ally’…no I don’t know either!
  • Bob Harrison had a sporty evening at the start of this last period using CDC buzzers and having 3 rainbow and 3 blues including a 4 pounder…then a week later he had his ‘quietest afternoon of the season’… things are quiet when Bob H has a quiet session
  • Star prize would have to go to 12 year old angler in the making Callum Barcham (see photos) who fished under Robbie Bell’s guidance yesterday 21st June had a stellar day (see ‘Robbie’s Corner’ for details) and he caught 7 fish on a day when the next best catch was 2. Well done Callum, that was a fine day and we hope that you continue to enjoy your fishing life as much as you did yesterday – the big beaming smile says it all!!

Club News:

  • Morpeth Conservative Club had 13 anglers fishing on a hot Sunday and managed to land 10. One of their party stated ‘also caught a good perch approx. 1 lb’ …not sure if that makes 11?
  • Cockburn AC had a difficult and at times frustrating day with fish proving difficult to catch. They were fishing the same day as Robbie’s pupil  and tried the biscuit blob with some success (see Robbie’s Corner) and ended the day with a 3 fish for 4 anglers but one of these was a lovely brownie…so a silver lining for Alistair at least!
  • TOTGA FFC unfortunately could only manage a small turn out (2 anglers David and Ken pictured in the gallery). They fished the same day as Cockburn and the fishing was tough – David caught one on his first cast (which came to a yellow dancer)  and then not again until later on in the day for a total of 2 to give the rod average of 1 for that day.  Ken had a few touches but nothing to the net.
  • Blackbull Flyfishing Club fared better overall than any of the clubs this last fortnight though they had tough conditions to contend with – warm water and air temperature but at least a fair bit of cloud in the morning may have helped a little. They had 27 fish to their 16 rods and a number of them lost a few or were snapped too including a very decent sized brownie. Their  success was mainly due to fishing deep to where the fish were finding the cooler waters though Bob Grant caught his 5 using a midge tip and green diawl bachs


Robbie’s Corner:

Saturday June the 21st.

The longest day…………………..

I’m retired………………………….

It’s my Birthday…………………..

So why am I working?

Well Guiding and giving Tuition to 12 year old Callum Barcham for his Birthday Treat is not the sort of work you would begin to complain about even if it is your Birthday.

I had wanted to start earlier as the fishing is often better first thing in the summer but we eventually got on the water about 10 30 and by 11.00 the pressure is off. A nice 2 lb. resident fish on a biscuit blob, a Di 3 and a steady figure of eight retrieve over deep water.

I offer a 25% refund if no fish are caught on a Tuition Day so that is that monkey off my back. 🙂

Just before lunch a second fish and I can now really enjoy my sandwiches.

As we put the fish in the hut fridge to keep cool a number of old boys who are just finishing their Lunch after a tough morning ask the usual question. “What did you get it on?”

The reply of a Biscuit Blob is followed by “What is That” and means Carmel has to open up the office again and a mini buying spree ensues.

However only one of the Gents asks how he caught the fish and sure enough within about 15 minutes of going back out he gets a fish to the Biscuit Blob, Di 3 and slow retrieve.

Always ask how the fish is caught and not just what fly………………………. 🙂

Anyway an hour after our lunch with not a sniff I decide to move but when I pull the anchor in I notice the rope is warm until where it had been about 15 feet or so below the surface when it suddenly gets cooler.

A light Bulb goes on in my head so I sort out for Callum a floating line, an indicator and amongst other flies a Millennium Bug 15 feet down.


Callum misses the first two offers as he does not quite know what he is looking for but the third one is solid and the afternoon is up and running. Five minutes later a stunning Blue Trout about 3 lbs. is in the net and safely released and shortly after number five is slipped back by a beaming young man.

The action then slows down but a move of about 40 yards to new area brings up number six.

Can he make it a lucky seven?

With half an hour to go Callum sees a take that I miss and calmly lifts in to another fish.

However the fish runs towards the boat and despite his best efforts when Callum catches up with the line all is slack. The barbless hook is shed and the fish is gone.

“You only have five minutes left Callum”  I say and hardly get the words out of my mouth when he lifts in to what would prove to be his seventh fish of the day. After releasing it and engaging in the now customary High Five we head back to the boat dock where remarkably for the second time that day Callum coolly motors the boat in to its awkward mooring spot.

Good Boat Driving, Good Blobbing and Good Bugging Young Man!

He is five fish clear of the next best angler on the day………………… Way to go!

So a very pleasant way to spend my Birthday in the company of a fine and impressive young man who is just starting out on his fly fishing journey.

Home to the pressies now. Ha Ha


Robbie Bell         Resident Instructor and Guide



Other News:

  • We have now had a map printed showing the depths of the loch and names of the some of the key points around the banks etc . We hope to put a permanent copy of it in each boat at some point but meanwhile have copies to hand out so please ask if you would like one. You can find it on the website too under the fishing drop down menu.
  • The swans continue to be attentive parents though sadly they have lost 2 cygnets in the last few days so there are now 5. Let’s hope that whatever has been the cause of the demise of these two does not get the rest of their siblings. Whilst talking of the swans a couple of anglers have been spotted feeding them left over lunch from the boat. We would ask folks not to feed them from the boats or bank as we do not want to encourage them to be near anglers so please be aware of that thanks.
  • David Graham a local farmer and keen watcher of birds and insect/fly life had a walk around the loch on a sunny Saturday to see what he could see and hear and sent the following report along with a fabulous photo of a dragonfly (see photos):  Here is a photo of a 4 Spotted Chaser of which I saw 5 this afternoon round the Loch. I also had large numbers of Common Blue Damselflies, smaller numbers of Blue Tailed Damselflies and Large Red Damselflies. On the bird front had 2 pair of Little Grebe,2 pair Moorhen, pair of Coot,6 pairs Reed Bunting ,2 pair Sedge Warbler,Stonechat,2 singing Whitethroats 8 singing Chiffchaff and 6 singing Willow Warblers. I had 5 species of Butterfly – 1 Red Admiral, 3 Wall Brown, 1 Small Copper, Large White and Green Veined White. Thanks again for letting me have a look around the Loch. Hopefully will be back soon’
  • The deer in the photo taken by Carmel on the bank above the western shore had a young fawn with her but this was only visible once it started to leap through the grass after its mother.
  • Mallards and dabchicks are on their second broods now and the swallows in the boathouse are feeding their first hatch of chicks
  • The wild flowers around the loch are still offering some special sights though the bank anglers get a better view of these now as some of them are small and delicate – we will take some shots and get them on the flowers gallery.
  • Anyone who has any pictures at the loch they would like us to share on the website please forward them to us at info@coldinghamloch.co.uk/2015


Finally during this next period we will be welcoming clubs from:

  • Roslyn British Legion FC
  • Hoy and Hope AC

As usual we hope you will have a good days fishing

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