7th – 20th Sept 2015

Blooms, bloomers and blooming heck! We have had it all during the last two weeks. From someone (who shall remain nameless to save any more embarrassment), drying out his wet smalls on the cabin radiator, to some outstanding club performances, and the return of a persistent algal bloom, it literally has been a fortnight of bloomers.

Topsy turvy weather has once again been a feature of the fishing with wind, rain and the occasional sunny day thrown in for good measure. Despite this and the presence of the afore mentioned algal bloom, catching has been good to outstanding for many single anglers and clubs alike. Swing Gate Bay and a stretch of the eastern shore started out as the hot spots with large numbers of fish being easily observed from boat and bank swimming no more than a foot or so below the surface. Latterly the fish have become more evenly distributed around the loch and over the last few days good sport has been had in and around the buoys in the deeper part of the loch. Fish have been free rising, taking buzzers and winged insects from the surface. Below the surface the fish are feeding on a combination of fry and bloodworm.

Successful patterns have included:

Dries: Daddies, hoppers (black and red), bullets (resting sedge), balloon caddis, yellow owl.

Others: Apps Bloodworm ( cream or yellow ), FABs fished with buzzers, buzzers fished as a team, fry patterns such as minkies and fritz lures.

Floating lines have been the most popular and most successful with occasional success coming to a midge tip or slow intermediate and a combination of sometimes static or slow, twitched retrieve has had the desired effect on the fish.

So on to the blooming heck – a section dedicated to those worthy of a mention during the last two weeks:

  • Stuart Anderson 10 to the boat using yellow owl
  • Gordon Boulding whilst here on holiday in one of the chalets had 7 to the bank on a short session including one blue using black emerger, the next day he had 12 on hoppers and damsel followed by 10 on another day
  • John Boyle using hoppers and daddies had 8 to the boat
  • Les Lockey on his annual trip to Lochside cottage had the following: 22 on his first day all on dries, 12 on his next using buzzers damsel & yellow owl, 17 for his third outing incl two blues, 8 on day four in a half day session again incl 2 blues
  • Paul Hird had 15 to the boat one day and eight the next, almost exclusively on buzzers
  • Bob Cockburn had 11 including one blue followed by 9 on his next outing including one blue and one brown using daddies diawl bach and sedge
  • Robbie Bell had 8 to the boat using bassetts (in lay-mans turns all sorts) and another 8 on an afternoon short session again using various flies
  • Adrian Wilson fishing with boat partner Bob Dillon had a great afternoon/ evening with 16 to the boat using buzzers
  • Martin Reynolds and Willie Myrtle had 10 to the boat in a very good evening session
  • Bob Harrison had 8 to the boat including two blues in a four hour afternoon session using a selection of small dries
  • Ricky Taylor taking a short break in Hawthorn chalet had three great days with 6 on his first, 7 on his second and blooming heck 22 on his third day, fishing the bank almost exclusively fishing bloodworm in a variety of colours
  • John Wastle braved the elements on an extremely wet day and was rewarded with 8 to the boat using claret hopper and black f fly
  • Davy Bennett holidaying in Sunnyside chalet had 9 to the boat using mainly yellow owl
  • Dave Moody had a short outing and using dry flies had 7 to the boat
  • Mick Kelley fishing the bank using orange zonker and buzzers had 8 and on a separate outing fishing the boat had a further 12
  • Today (20th Sep) Darrel Young and Neil Keillor had 17 to the boat with one of Darrel’s fish being weighed in the net at 10lbs 12 oz (see photo). He commented on what a perfect fish it was and it was safely returned to the loch


Club News:

  • Mayfly had 17 fish for 6 anglers on a very wet and windy Saturday with D. Tunnah being their top rod with 4 fish weighing in at 11lbs 7 oz
  • TOTGA had 3 anglers fishing the same wet and windy day and the top rod was Alistair Laing with  a total of 7 rainbows to the boat
  • The next day with much better weather we had Norham and Ladykirk whose 14 anglers fishing both boat and bank landed a very impressive 75 fish. In the club competition, namely the Bert Foreman Cup, John Foreman finished third, young Dean Cockburn second and Ronnie Hek first with the heaviest bag weighing 9lbs 10 oz. Young Shaun Nevins received the heaviest fish prize with a rainbow of 3lbs 13oz. Special mention should go to Brian Palmer who landed a total of 20 fish from the bank closely followed by Mark Straughen with 18.
  • North Berwick AC fished today in good conditions and despite the presence of an algal bloom caught 23 fish between 7 anglers

Other News:

  • A reminder that next Sunday is the annual Lad(y)s and dads comp day and as a result the loch will be closed for all other fishing on that day only.



Robbie’s Blog:

A Tale of Two Days

Well I am now firmly back from Colorado where I had a fantastic time with some old and some new friends. The Canadian Youths who I was coaching at the World Championships were a fantastic bunch of young men.  Respectful, Polite, Keen and Dedicated.

They were also all very good Fly Fishermen who would really enjoy the Stillwater Fishing we have over here. Now having fished around the world  in a few places I would say we have the best set up of organised fisheries of anywhere I have been.

Places like Canada the USA and Czech Republic do not have the variety as well as the facilities our venues enjoy.

I am sure my Friends in all those Countries would really enjoy the Loch.

I have had three people for Tuition recently . They were all first time visitors to Coldingham and the first thing they all say is how great it looks.

First up were Julie and Jamie and the mornings fishing was a Birthday Present for His Mum from Jamie.   It was something she had wanted to do for a long time.

Jamie had a little bit of fly fishing experience and was pleased to catch four and lose one on a rather cold and blustery start to the day..  I suggested the odd tweak to his set up and methods and a few tips on control of his flies and it seemed to make the difference.

Mum Julie hooked five fish and managed to land the all important first one.

It really was a morning where slight changes in tactics kept the takes coming. Taking off a Goldhead while staying on the floating line was one change that worked. Going to an Intermediate line and fishing a buoyant and imitative fly like a Foam Daddy was another successful move.

Peter was my next client,  A Retired Gentlemen who had never fished since his youth and then it was coarse fishing.

The sun shone all day and whilst this was pleasant and showed off the scenery at its best it did not help our fishing.  I regularly changed lines and flies and methods for him but today seemed more about location.

Keeping on the move was this days answer and the icing on the cake of a “Brilliant Day” (his words) was a resident 3lb Rainbow to take home.

So two days quite close together where the answer to the ever changing puzzle that is fishing were quite different.

It’s one reason why we love it.      🙂

 Robbie Bell         Resident Instructor and Guide 



Visiting Clubs over the next two weeks:

  • Anchor Inn FFC
  • Midlothian AA
  • Edinburgh Breadalbane
  • Ellem Club
  • Kelso British Legion.

As always, a warm welcome to everyone and let’s hope for some tight lines.


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