7th – 20th Aug 2017

Firstly apologies for the lateness of this report and its brevity. We can’t believe how quickly loch reports come around and this last fortnight seems to have flashed even more quickly than usual.

The last couple of weeks have been quiet in terms of numbers of anglers and the fishing has remained tough on the whole though we are hopeful that this is coming to an end as the last few days has seen more activity in terms of fish and fly life and dare we say it an increase in the numbers being caught. We sincerely hope the fishing is on its way back to being  normal and that as the holidays draw to a close and regular anglers begin to return we will be back to being able to report good sport being back on the cards. However the fish will have the vote too so let’s wait and see.

Swing Gate Bay is still the pick of the hot spots as well as the eastern shore down in front of Lochside cottage with fish still moving close in to the shore feeding on the large amounts of perch fry though they are more dispersed than they were during the last period.

Here is a quick run down of those that have had some success in this last period:

  • Graham Dea and boat partner David McAdam had an excellent day landing 16 fish to the boat using cdc emerger and had most success fishing the water between the buoys and Lochside cottage
  • Bill Ferguson whilst fishing a couple of hours on the south shore landed 4 fish using a bright green diawl bach
  • Colin McIsaac fishing this last Sunday from a boat had a great day landing 11 rainbow, 3 brown and 1 blue commenting ‘nice to see rising fish’ : yellow owl and black crippled midge
  • On the same day Neil Keillor had 8 to the boat on a short session: Kate McLaren, Cats whisker & cormorant
  • Holiday guest Eric Caisley landed 9 fish yesterday on the last day of his short break using orange lures having had three and four on his previous short sessions using dries and white lure
  • Pete Dann reported plenty of action and sport when fishing a couple of hours from the bank though he only landed two of the many that came to his yellow owl
  • Ronnie Hunter fishing a 4 hour session from the boat landed 6 to the yellow owl and daddy
  • Last and by no means least young angler Temperance Marshall whilst on holiday here and fishing with her Dad John Marshall landed her first ever trout (see photos) John fished early morning and late evening most days of the family’s visit and landed a few fish on most of his outings: Montana


Club News:

  • Spittal AC had an enjoyable day commenting ‘slow but good’, unfortunately not many fish were landed but those that were came to the bloodworm, damsel nymph and dries
  • Heriots AC had 9 rods and they landed a respectable 28 fish between them using damsel, nymphs, dries boobies and black magic spider (see photo gallery below with kind permission from Colin Riach of their outing)
  • Roslin Elite FC fishing in very bright conditions on this last Saturday had some success using blobs
  • Border Bears FFC had lovely afternoon and evening with a BBQ break in-between however the fishing was hard going and they only managed 12 fish to their 8 rods. Hopefully the next visit in October should offer very different fishing conditions.


Other News:

  • The kingfisher continues to be seen by anglers and holiday guests and we have also got an Egret staying on the loch at the moment. Quite a rare sight this far north though we have heard that there are a number of them at the mouth of the Tweed in Berwick. Some pictures can be seen on the gallery below and thanks to all who have sent them in to us – some of the photos were too big to upload so apologies if they are not all included in the gallery
  • Raffle tickets are on sale for the raffle we will hold on our annual charity day on Sunday 24th Sept and we ask for your help in supporting this event by purchasing tickets for the raffle. We have a beautiful print of puffins done by wildlife artist Jan Ferguson as well as an array of fishing prizes including a fishing bag, box of flies and non-fishing prizes such as a bottle of St Abbs Independent Gin and a selection of their merchandise
  • The weed cutting is now finished for this season and thankfully, other than a slight colour in the water for a few days we have not had any adverse effects from the cutting this time.

Robbies Blog:

Clubs are Fun.

They are also good for your health.

I read in the paper the other day that Loneliness is worse for your health than Obesity.

This further adds to the old Chinese proverb that any day spent fishing does not count towards your normal lifespan.  So join a Club to live longer and better!

Now by definition these days most Fly Fishing Clubs struggle to attract younger members so that means that the current members are older and ageing.

It is also statistically certain that as you get older you will lose some of your lifelong friends and goodness  forbid perhaps your partner.

Now one of the great things about Fly Fishing is that you can do it from ages 9 to 90.

Indeed as a member of the Ellem Club our President Dr. Jimmy Mitchell is 94 and still puts in a full days fishing with a Meal and making a short speech afterwards!


A Clubs dates are usually set months in advance and so they do give a little bit of focus to the season.

Put them on the Calendar and then they are set in stone!

 This can lead to a bit of preparation or perhaps even a day out with a fellow club member the week before. Meeting members of a Club can often lead to new friendships being formed and other more social days out.   Win Win!

So particularly with Loch Style fishing where you are sitting down all day you can easily keep going through the years with just a modicum of mobility.

Just buy yourself (or get Santa Claus to) a comfortable boat seat. There are even wheely boats at a lot of places including Coldingham.

Now Clubs are often about competitions but for the vast majority of them this is just a little bit of added spice to the day.

So when you are in a boat even with your oldest and dearest friend I don’t suppose you ever try to catch less fish than him. So you are probably in a subconscious competition with him anyway.

Competitions in most small clubs are usually about whose 3 or 4 fish are the heaviest at the end of the day. The winner may receive a small trophy and a ripple of applause and then it is pretty much forgotten as you head off to a local hostelry for a meal and maybe a shandy.

So what is the hardest thing about joining a Club?

Well I suppose it is the initial contact and perhaps the first day out.

So here is the deal.

If you would like to join a Club in the Berwick area get in contact with me and we can have a day or a half day out on the Loch.

I am a member of three Local Clubs and will give you a potted history on all of them.

This will not be a teaching day so you will just pay for your own fishing but I will be happy to answer a few questions as we fish.


01289 302 510


Robbie Bell


(In Robbie’s  blog on our website, where there is a ‘j’ there should be a smiley face – for some reason our word-press system interprets smiley faces as a j)


Visiting Clubs:

Over the next period we have Edinburgh Post Office, Roslyn British Legion FC, and Priory AC visiting the loch.  As always we wish them tight lines and an enjoyable outing.

Please click on the photos below to get the full image

Colin Riach’s photos of the Heriots outing below please click on to enlarge



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