5th Sept – 18th September 2016

It’s sometimes difficult to understand nature and in our case, more specifically the ecosystem of the loch but as Robbie Bell once said to me “ what people fail to sometimes realise is that the fish have got a vote too ….. and, sometimes they use it “ Wise words indeed, and a sentence that sums up the last few weeks, not just here it would seem but in just about every fishery and river that people are visiting and reporting back to us. As we have stated in previous reports, this has been a very unusual year in terms of the weather and with warmer than usual temperatures for the time of the year and unusually high pressure, this might go some way to explaining the lethargic nature of the fish at the moment. Catching is erratic with some people on some days having a great time whilst others might, for all intents and purposes be fishing in a different loch. Some people report seeing lots of rising fish whilst on the same day others return to say that they have not seen a fish all day. Some people are catching well on dries whilst others seem to have more success plumbing the depths of the deeper waters around the buoys. So when asked what’s working, the answer has to be ….. we don’t really know and as always it is a case of what works well one day for one person might not be the answer the next. But surely the fun and challenge is in finding out what works and at the end of a day being able to satisfy yourself that you did everything you could to find and catch the fish. One thing that we can guarantee is that the loch is holding a lot of fish but by the same token the one thing that we cannot guarantee is that you will always catch fish …… no one can! So when you are experiencing the hard days let’s not forget the good ones that have preceded them and let’s look forward to the ones in front that will lift the spirits and boost the confidence once again.

The good news after all of that is that the loch fished well today (Monday) following a number of much cooler evenings – water temp around 12 degrees C. Fish could be seen rising in all parts of the loch …… not just Swing Gate Bay. Is there a change on the way ?

Here at Coldingham Loch we always try to give as honest an appraisal of the fishing conditions that we can and we take great pride from seeing people coming in with excellent returns so despite the somewhat challenging conditions, here is a quick run through of those that have managed to crack the conditions and provide decent returns against the odds:

  • Les Lockey – had a number of good days whilst here on a week- long vacation. His two best days were, 10 rainbows, two browns ; 11 rainbows using diawl bach.
  • Taff Green – six rainbows mostly caught in front of Lochside Cottage using cdc buzzers.
  • G Downie had 7 including 1 brown using olive dries and commented “lost a few, great dry fly fishing”
  • George Anderson and George Leonie had 8 to the boat on sedgehog and invitca commenting ‘Excellent fishing in the afternoon, all fish in the margins’
  • Bill Ferguson whilst staying here on holiday had 7 from the bank using small black dries and on another day he had a brownie of around 5lb caught on diawl bach
  • Pete Dann had 8 from the bank on a windy but good day using black foam beetles.
  • Paul Shirkie and Jordan Tytler landed 8 to the boat including 1 brown. And on his next, short evening session whilst fishing on his own from the boat Paul landed 9 rainbows the best reckoned to be around the 5lb mark. Muddler and cormorant did it for him.


Robbies Corner:

Sadly there is no blog from Robbie this time as the lucky man has been fishing in Montana ( Another one to strike off the bucket list! ). I have no doubt though that his next instalment might give us a hint of what that was like and I look forward to hearing all about it.


Club News:

  • Mayfly AC – Landed a very respectable 23 fish for 6 rods. Heaviest was 3lbs 13 ozs.
  • Leith FFC – On the same day Leith managed 17 fish using daddies, FAB and PTN. Heaviest fish was 3lbs 12ozs.
  • Kelso British Legion FFC – A very tough day saw the club land 35 fish for 19 rods.
  • North Berwick FFC – Fishing the same day as Kelso had 16 fish for 10 rods using buzzer and diawl bach. A hard day indeed.
  • Mid Lothian AA reported a good day’s fishing in that everyone landed at least one fish their total number caught was 29 fish for 10 rods. They landed 27 rainbow and 2 browns one of which was estimated at 4 and half – 5lbs. Heaviest bag was 9lbs 10ozs to D Scott. Comment was “ Another enjoyable event – lots of fish evident and a pleasure to fish in such a well organised fishery”
  • Phoenix AC fished an afternoon and a full day – for the afternoon session conditions were slightly kinder (the day session was in full sun and blue skies all day) and they had one more fish overall in the afternoon session than they did on the full day. In total they landed 37 fish including a 7lb rainbow caught to a black and red beetle. Other successful flies included black booby, cormorant, yellow dancer, watson’s fancy.
  • TOTGA FFC also fished the bright sunny day and considering the conditions landed a respectable haul of 18 fish for their 5 rods using black montana, cormorant, pseudo diawl bach halo and black and green fritz
  • Pencaitland AC fished the last day of this fortnight and had a tough day reporting ‘plenty fish movement, mostly just subsurface, but v v picky. A frustrating day, but we enjoy a challenge….and enjoyed the day many many thanks. The heaviest bag was Kevin Johnstone’s bag at 5lbs 14 oz

Other News:

  • As we have said many times already, next Sunday ie the 25th of September, is the date of our annual charity day. All boats are taken and the loch is closed for all other fishing on this day. Our thanks again to all those who have donated prizes for the raffle and other fund raising opportunities.
  • Last Saturday we were delighted to be invited as guests to the launching of the new St. Abbs Independent Lifeboat, which is the charity that we support through our annual charity day. We have lots of photos to share but as it is our Charity Day next Sunday we will wait until after this day to share them with you. I.e. they will be in the next report and are well worth seeing.



Visiting Clubs:

Over the next two weeks we will be hosting the following clubs:

  • Anchor Inn
  • Edinburgh Breadalbane
  • West Lothian Fly Dressers
  • Border Bears


We sincerely hope that for these clubs and all our anglers that the fishing will turn a corner and some good sport will be on offer for all



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