5th – 19th Aug

With the weed cutting virtually finished for the season and some excellent weather thrown in for good measure the loch is in top form and whilst the weed cutting has created an algal bloom which has been present for the last two weeks or so, this does not seem to have adversely affected the fishing. As the “warmer” summer months now come to an end, the cooler evenings and occasional cold shower of rain will start to freshen things up again and we anticipate the fishing to become very lively over the next couple of months.

The on and off sunshine is however affecting the depth at which the fish are lying and within the course of a day anglers are having to be versatile with their fly selections often switching from surface to sub surface tactics and back again. On the top, daddies, sedges and dung fly patterns have been particularly lethal matching the hatch of the natural fly life at this time. Below the surface, old faithful’s such as Diawl Bach, Buzzer and Cormorants rarely fail to deliver. Such was the case for one of our regulars, Neil Keillor, who on Sunday almost went home at lunch time having not managed to touch a fish all morning. Instead he changed to a 3 Diawl Bach cast and moved to Swing Gate bay where he then proceeded to catch 12 rainbows and reportedly lost a further 7 in a frantic three hour session.

Similar fortunes where shared earlier in the period by Tam Easton and Tam Anderson (see photos) who managed 16 to the boat during their day session but this time landing them all on dry fly patterns. And from the bank Peter Hill, using a foam beetle, managed to land an impressive 9 fish during his regular Saturday outing. Also from the bank, Peter McEwan accompanied by George and Robert had yet another good outing (see photos) as did James Stephens who managed 12 rainbows from the corner of Swing Gate bay fishing a very sparse Pheasant’s Tail pattern.

Ewan Mutch continues his impressive come back to fly fishing and is managing to land a steady haul of rainbows and browns. His quest for his first blue however continues and we wish him well over the coming weeks.

In club news:

The first club to visit during this period was the Border Bears AC. They averaged a modest two fish each on a day that again showed mixed fortunes for many anglers.

This pattern remained the same for our next club from the Northumberland Police who at times struggled to cope with an awkwardly gusting, east wind. Catches ranged from blank to 9 fish with Gavin Breeze earning the bragging rights on this particular outing.

Our final club visit for this period was on Sunday as we entertained the Heriots Club for their final outing to Coldingham this season. They have been regulars this year and we thank them for their support. Needless to say many of them finished with a bang and in total the 16 anglers managed a return of 47 fish for the day and their comment in the book of “Best in Scotland” is a tribute to how well the loch has managed to fish during a very uncharacteristic summer.

In other news:

  • There have been a number of first timers and younger anglers out on the loch under tuition. Amongst these, Cameron Don aged 9 fished with his dad Victor and managed to land his first rainbow. (see photos); Lewis Cuthbertson fishing with his dad David managed to land three rainbows during an early morning outing from Lochside Cottage; and Jimmy fisher and Henry Pollard managed their first ever rainbows on their first outing at Coldingham. Jimmy’s dad Will also managed to get on the score sheet with a fine blue trout. (see photos).
  • Judy Whitelaw on a rare non fishing outing to the loch sighted an Osprey over the loch. This has been the second sighting of the season but as yet there have been no reports of it fishing. Phew!
  • I clearly put the kiss of death on Bob Cockburn’s averages during the last loch report as his last outing with his dad only managed to yield 3 fish. Sorry for that Bob, but at least it shows that it can happen to the best of us.
  • Work on the path to the south shore and out of Swing Gate bay on the eastern shore is on-going. Our thanks go to Mikey and Patrick Kennedy  and Ian and Tom Darbyshire for their help. Feedback from the bank anglers suggest that it is all going to be worthwhile in the end.
  • Bookings for next year are already starting to come in and five of the ten boats available for opening day have already been snapped up. We are planning our 2013 opening day for the 16th March and both bank and boat fishing will be available.


Clubs to visit us during this next period include Leith Anglers and The Ashington Kingfishers. As always we extend a very warm welcome to them and hope that conditions are the best they can be for some excellent sport fishing.

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