5th – 18th October 2015

Apologies for the late posting of this report but one way or another we have been rather busy, however here we go.

Two weeks of very settled weather has definitely brought the fishing back into line. Good catches have been recorded for both bank and boat fishers alike, with all parts of the day fishing well and all areas of the loch producing good numbers. Evenings are short now with darkness descending at around 6.30pm and so the evening sessions are well and truly over for this year, but the days are producing some stunning autumnal weather and with the insect life starting to become ever more scarce at this time of year the trout are once again starting to turn their attentions to more fry-like patterns such as zonker, minkie, yellow dancer, Dawson’s olive etc. Apps bloodworm is also proving very effective for some people and interestingly it is yellow or cream rather than traditional red that seems to be having most success. However, when the sun is out and there is a good ripple don’t be scared to give the dries a float as lots of fish are coming to the surface and will readily accept a well presented dry fly.

As we often say at this time of year, pick your days and you will get some of the best fishing of the season with hungry trout eager to feed on just about anything that crosses their path. There is a definite drop in temperature but the water quality is superb and so if you do hook into a fish you can be sure of a good tussle, however please be sure to handle the fish with care if catching and releasing. Barbless hooks remain a must and if possible unhook the fish and release it without touching it either in the net or straight from the line. If everyone abides by the safe handling of fish they will remain in great condition and will become prized resident fish for another catching occasion. Despite many people saying that they know how to properly catch and release we still see the good, the bad and the ugly happening on almost a daily basis and it is within everyone’s interest to get the message across, so please do your best and if you do land a fish that is showing obvious signs of damage please remove it from the loch dispatch it and show us when you come in.

With club booking now coming to an end for the season, weekend availability is more likely so if you want a boat or want to fish the bank at weekends please give us a ring. With only six weekends to go before closing date it’s worth a cast before swapping the rods for the guns.

It’s been great to watch the cygnets mature this year and we have been told by some people who have fished the loch for years that this is the first brood that they can remember ever reaching maturity. Flying lessons from the adults have paid off and just last week one of the three managed a successful take off and aerial circular of the loch. Hopefully, the other two will follow suit soon and be ready to leave the loch for the winter and head for the rivers where feeding will sustain them through the colder months. We also had to catch one of the cygnets and remove a long length of line and a hook which was embedded in its neck last week. Incidents like this are probably inevitable on a fishery at some point but again we would stress that long lengths of line should be disposed of properly with the best way being to collect them up during the day and put them in the bin when you return from your fishing. Another way is to cut the length into much smaller pieces before discarding them. Either way it will help to protect the wildlife around the loch.

So on to the list of note- worthy catches for the last two weeks:

  • Paul Hird had a good week whilst staying in Lochside Cottage. His best day saw returns of 10 and 12 using FABs and daddies.
  • Stuart Anderson kept up his form with 6 to the boat using yellow owl and daddies.
  • Colin McIssac had a good day from the boat with 12 to the net using dry sedge and cdc shuttlecock.
  • Bob Cockburn continues his fine season. Catches of 15 and 20 (including one blue) continue to do his seasons averages no harm at all and his dad James pitched in with a very good 6 to help boost the numbers.
  • Jim Campbell had nine to the boat using a white lure.
  • Ricky Taylor continued to put his home-tied bloodworm to good use landing 15 to the bank with one fish estimated to be a good 5lbs. His friends on the day also fished well, Stewart Younger had 12, Eric Carmichael on only his second visit to the loch had 9 Rob Frame and 20 (including 3 blues) and Darren Frame on his first visit to the loch had 6, Chris and Lucy Bowden managed 5 between them from bank and boat.
  • Gary Heseltine landed 7 to the boat and commented on the hard fighting qualities of the fish.
  • Kevin Myers fishing with his pals on their annual holiday to Lodge Cottage and the loch had 5 one day followed by 6 the next. One on the third day must have had something to do with an ever increasing hangover I suspect??
  • Keith Clarke fishing with his wife Rose had his biggest rainbow ever, a fine specimen of 4lbs 8ozs.
  • Hugh Gordon (our opening day piper) had 6 to the boat and managed to catch in all parts of the loch.
  • S Faithful had 9 to the boat in a very productive 4 hour session using a Nomad.
  • Neil Stobbart finished his season off with 8 to the boat
  • D Fairgrieve had 11 to the boat using yellow worm and yellow dancer
  • Keith Renton had 9 fishing from the bank and his pal Derick Logan had 8 of his own likewise fishing from the bank.
  • On Sunday, John Foreman had 13 from the bank although I’m sure that steak and chips is not a real fly!
  • And finally David Boulter, visiting with the lads from Norham showed the locals how to do it with 7 fishing from the bank.

Club News:

  • Bank of Scotland AC had 28 fish for the 9 rods which included a cracker of 6lbs 13ozs to Simon Menzies.
  • Heriots AC – Had another very good outing and informed us later that Coldingham had proved to be their best venue for 2015 in terms of rod averages over the season. They came in with 64 fish for their 16 anglers with Derek Kilgour having the best bag with 13 fish closely followed by Colin Riach with 12.
  • Newmarket AC – Enjoyed another annual trip to the loch with a two night stay in Lodge and Sunnyside and next year is already booked for their October outing.
  • Border Bears – had 12 fish for their 6 rods. Biggest fish went to Graham Inkpen with a 3lb 9oz rainbow.

Other News:

  • Only one item this time. Neil Keillor and Darrel Young think that they may have left their fishing jackets, after the Lad(y)s and Dads day. If anyone has picked them up by mistake can you please return them to us. One is a Grey’s full length and the other a Grey’s wading jacket. Thanks.

Visiting Clubs:

  • Ferranti AC is our last club booking of the year at the moment and as always we wish them a warm welcome and hope for good weather on the day.

Robbies Blog:

Unfortunately there is nothing from Robbie this time as he has been away fishing in the Czech Republic for two weeks. No doubt we will hear more about that in our next report.

Please click on the photo to enlarge and use arrows to scroll through. Thanks to  Colin Riach for all the photos on the gallery below labelled ‘Heriots’, to Dave Sanderson who took the aurora picture and to Suzie May for sending in her photo – the two Pete’s are fishing the southern bank if you look closely!


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