5th – 18th August

Mixed fortunes best sums up this last period of fishing with some indifferent returns being flanked by a number of quite impressive catches. Bank and boat have performed as well as each other and it seems that as always, location and choice of fly have been the keys to success. Although fish are well dispersed most fish have been caught in the deeper parts of the loch but interestingly these have been on or near to the surface. Intermediate and sinking lines have had some success but nowhere near as successful as flies fished from floating lines. Again traditional patterns have proved effective amongst which have been

  • Diawl Bach
  • Buzzers / CDC Buzzers
  • Bibio
  • Daddy / Hoppers
  • Black Spider / Black Gnat
  • Hare’s Ear

There has also been success using a number of lures including:

  • Mini Cat’s Whisker
  • Sunburst FAB
  • Yellow Dancer

Notable individual successes have fallen to:

John Grey who had 9 rainbows and 2 blues in an eight hour boat session fishing dries.

Gordon Boulding who had 5 rainbows in one early morning boat session and a further 9 rainbows in a following session a couple of days later (Gordon was resident in one of the holiday chalets).  Again most fish were caught using dry flies but one or two fell to, GRHE and Damsel.

Bob Cockburn managed a total of 8 which included one brown and one blue in an eight hour boat session with his dad.

Pete Hill fishing from the bank landed 7 rainbows in a great 4 hour session during which he reported hooking and missing at least as many again (see photos).

We also welcomed a number of first timers to the loch and whilst they had mixed fortunes all of them reported having a great time and look forward to return visits in the near future. Amongst those fishing for the first time were Mike and Cathy Purseglove (see photo);  regular Brian Bevan with his grandson Rufus aged 9; regular Ian Robertson with his grandson; and regular David Woodhouse with his son Dylan and his sons Ben aged 10 and Harry aged 12 (see photo). Better luck next time for those of you who didn’t catch and well done to those of you that did.

As we mentioned earlier, temperatures particularly at night time have now begun to drop quite dramatically with the net result that the water temperature has returned to a very healthy level for the fish and for fishing. At present the temperature is approximately 15 degrees C and as a result the fish are feeding well. We expect that this will drop still further over the coming weeks and in the run up to autumn.

With the weed cutting completed for another year we removed the weed cutting boat from the loch at the weekend and I have to say that I am delighted with the job that has been done this year. With some 60 tonnes or so of weed removed, most of it milfoil, we have managed to keep the loch fishing in all areas without any obvious disruption to our fishermen and we would like to thank you for your understanding if you happened to be on the loch when we were in action with the cutter. We would also like to say thanks to Patrick and JJ for their help on the cutter and Bob Cockburn for his help in removing the last of the cut weed that had floated into Swing Gate Bay. Bob and I raked and forked the final tonnes out on to the bank. Very heavy, hard work best describes how Bob felt about the job we did and it could be some time before the blisters heal on his hands. Let’s hope it doesn’t affect his fishing or I suspect we will never hear the last of it.

When the weed is cut there is a huge release of nutrient into the water which almost inevitably causes an algal bloom when conditions are bright and warm. This has happened but I am delighted to say that at the moment at least, this is relatively minor and the cooler temperatures are keeping things in check. I will of course keep you informed of any changes to this but I am not anticipating anything major from now on in to the end of the season.

In Club News:

Only two clubs visited us during this period:

  • Gilmerton Miners came with 13 anglers on the 10th August and had a great day catching a total of 61 fish for their day. This comprised of 49 rainbows and 12 blues. A total of 29 fish were taken for an overall weight of 71 pounds. Rod average for the day was 4.7 per rod.
  • Heriots AC came yesterday, Sunday 18th August. There was a total of 11 anglers and between them they landed 63 rainbows blues and browns. This gave them a rod average of 5.73 per angler on a day that was blighted by strong winds making fishing in certain areas almost impossible.

In other news:

  • Swallows in the boathouse and under Lochside Cottage are busy feeding their second clutches. They will no doubt time it perfectly for the annual migration which is now only a matter of weeks away.
  • 5 out of the 10 boats available for the Dads and Lads Competition on the 29th September have now been booked. It is a case of first come first served so please ring and let us know if you wish to be part of this years’ event.

Over the next period we will be welcoming clubs from:

  • Lochinch AC
  • Falkirk Municipal FC
  • Northumbria Police AC
  • Pencaitland AC

We hope for great conditions and catches to match.

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