4th – 17th August 2014

Daddies. Sedges and hoppers. In other words it’s time to dust off the dry flies and enjoy some top of the water action amongst trout that are recovering from an extended period of hot weather and are once again keen to feed. Whilst the recovery is by no means complete the cooler day and night time temperatures are ringing the changes and the fish are beginning to show on the surface.

However seeing them is one thing but finding the pattern to catch them remains another. Anglers are reporting lots of follows and nips to their flies but the savage takes that hungry fish exhibit are, I suggest, a few weeks away and we need to satisfy ourselves with the often gentle takes and the sinking swirls that typify cautious fish recovering from extended lethargy. Make no mistake though, the fish are not fighting any less once hooked and you can expect a good tussle from the many rainbows, blues and browns that occupy the loch. Speaking of browns … yours truly landed a beaut of approx. 3lbs yesterday evening using an elk’s hair caddis. A fitting end to a couple of hours on the bank which saw me miss 5 good takes, perform two long releases and get broken at the top dropper. More practice needed !!

A last look the jetty thermometer was reading 15 degrees C and with the forecast for the next week showing temperatures at 5 to 6 degrees lower than average for the time of the year and with more unsettled weather on the way we can expect the water temperature to fall still further……… not great news for the holiday makers but welcome news for the anglers. And with the tail end of Hurricane Bertha finally leaving us a return to normal wing speeds will also be welcomed …… good news for holiday makers and anglers alike.

As is normal at this time of year we have also made large inroads into the weed cutting and once again we have so far managed this with minimal disruption to fishing. Boathouse bay is now almost entirely weed free and all areas of the loch are fishable. We will continue to cut as and when necessary but there are already signs that the weed is on the wane and so we may not need to do much more this year.

Before we launch into a list of who did what during this period we need to rectify an omission made last time. Apparently we missed mentioning Jimmy Rae who landed 8 rainbows which represented his best ever day here. Well done Jimmy and we hope this puts the record straight.

So let’s turn our attention to this last two weeks:

  • Ray Morris kicked off his two week- long stay in Lodge Cottage with 7 to buzzers and dry flies and he and his son Gwyllem went on to enjoy some enjoyable days / evenings and sometimes went ahead of his Dad’s tally.
  • W Cram reported an excellent afternoons fishing landing 8 to Daddies and snatchers.
  • Pete Davies fished a short session of a couple of hours and landed 7 to the boat, reporting missing several more. Hoppers being his fly of choice.
  • Gordon Boulding fishing the bank (without falling in this time! … sorry Gordon, couldn’t resist) reported great sport: 8 to a black daddy was his tally for a shortened 8 hour session.
  • On the same day Robbie Bell landed 15 rainbows and 1 blue in Swing Gate Bay which has certainly been the hot spot for most of the last period. The fish now seem more evenly distributed but the east and south shores are consistently more productive areas. A later visit yielded a further 12 and trying to unravel Robbie’s cryptic clues, I guess that a papa means he caught most of them on a daddy. ( For those who follow Robbie’s blog, this has now been add to this report.)
  • Bob Cockburn has had scores of 8 and 11 for his last two visits ensuring that his average for the year remains well on track to be in double figures once again.
  • Karl and Bill Ferguson managed 11 to the boat and left a lovely comment in the book which read, “ No 66? No 1 in our book.” For those of you who read last months edition of Trout Fisherman, you will know what this means.
  • Neil Keillor reported his best day of the season so far with 12 to the boat and a further 14 lost at the net. I’d get a bigger net with a longer reach if I were you Neil! Diawl Bachs and Poachers were his tipple.
  • T Melvin caught 6 on the boat and a further 2 on the bank. Sedges and emergers worked for him.
  • Stuart Anderson had a very creditable 7 to the boat using a combination of yellow owl and sedges.

As always there are many more good catches but we have tried to pick out the most notable and our apologies to anyone who may feel left out.

Robbie’s Corner:

A Pleasant Day Out

I had not fished with my friend Gordon Sutherland all season as we just kept on having commitments when one of us was free and vice versa.

Anyway we both arrived at the loch at 08.30 and after setting up the rods and boat we got the kettle on. A nice brew with Carmel and Gareth and we then got out on the water. Despite the strong wind we headed to Swing Gate Bay.

I have a good anchor (approved) and it held the boat nicely. The bay has held a lot of fish recently and after a few minutes I had one on a fast glass line and a cormorant.

Twenty minutes later and another. Gordon had not had a touch so I moved the boat over so he could cast closer to “his” shore and he was quickly into not one but two fish at the same time.

However the bigger one on the point jumped and broke off but he did get the one his top dropper.

A new cast was hastily made up and another two fish quickly followed for Gordon.

I then hooked what felt like a substantial fish on the “hang” but after running back and forward for a while it went under the boat and the barbless Diawl Bach slipped out.

We both managed another fish each and it was then time to head in for lunch.

My corned beef sandwiches and crisps were great enhanced by the bottle of Malbec wine Gordon had brought along  It is a favourite of both of us and a small glass went down really well.

I hope you enjoyed the rest when you got home Gordon. 🙂

After lunch we decide to give the top end a go and for a good job we spotted a couple of risers as we motored out.

Our trip up the Loch proved fruitless and we quickly decided to go back to Boatshed Bay and when we got back there a lot of fish were rising.

On went the dries for both of us.

The fish did prove tricky but we got a few each as well as some inspections and misses.

I think we ended up with around fifteen to the boat so a really splendid day.

Not one of the manic days when fish are everywhere or one of the tough days when nothing much seems to work.

Just a good steady day with each of us getting around a fish an hour.

Good company, good crack, good wine, good weather and good fishing.

It doesn’t get a lot better………………………………….

In Club News:

  • Roslyn FFC (see photos) had 11 anglers and managed 35 fish in total. Heaviest bag went to C Bruce who caught 6 fish and weighed 4 in for 8lbs 13 ozs. Most enjoyable was their comment and looking forward to a return visit.
  • Heriots and Invicta BBQ outing was more of a social event than an out and out fishing trip. A very civilised lunch and bacon butties to start meant that all anglers were well fed and probably more inclined to stay indoors and chat rather than face the rain and strong winds which met them outside. A BBQ in early August … what can possibly go wrong ??
  • North Berwick AC (see photo)  6 anglers had a total of 14 fish. Ken wood was top rod on the day and most fish were caught on dries of one sort or another.
  • Edinburgh High Constables (see photo). Very windy conditions made fishing very difficult. Alistair Beattie had the biggest fish, a rainbow of 5lbs.
  • Heriots FC. Fished today in almost gale force conditions at times (see photos). With fishing almost entirely restricted to Boat House Bay for most of the day the 19 anglers did exceptionally well with a total of 45 fish between them 44 of which were returned to the loch. Rod average 2.37. Colin Riach had the best bag of the day with 10 to the boat.

In other news:

  • Only two boats remain for the lads and dads day on the 28th Sept. Please ring if you are interested.
  • 4 went to three, three went to two and now two is down to one. We are of course talking about the cygnets. I guess weather conditions and the lateness of the brood have conspired against a large success rate.
  • Following the weed cutting we have some fairly large piles of rotting pond weed which is very good fertiliser. Anyone wanting to fill a bag or two for the garden is most welcome. WARNING: It’s a bit smelly.
  • As the nights are drawing in the evening sessions are still running but will now finish at 9pm.
  • Finally Nick Bligh who visited the loch with his brother a couple of weeks ago has sent us a link to his website where you can view a very atmospheric video he has put together of their trip to Coldingham Loch along with a blog and some great photos. Please use these links to view the video and blog – it’s well worth seeing.




Visiting Clubs:

During the next two weeks we will be welcoming the following clubs:

  • Gilmerton Miners FFC
  • Leith Fly Fishing Association
  • Northumbria Police
  • Pencaitland AC

Fingers crossed for good weather and great fishing.

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