3rd – 16th September 2018

A mixed bag is how best to describe the last two weeks. The fishing was decidedly tough at the beginning but this last five days and weekend has seen a big improvement in returns with both clubs and individuals doing extremely well. Typically though, the weather, once again, looks set to spoil ‘the party’ with extremely strong winds forecast for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but returning to normal for next weekend. Anyone booked in for any of these days are advised to keep an eye on the forecast and ring us if in doubt.

As you know, the loch contains a wide variety of fish, both in terms of type and size but with only perhaps a handful of Tiger Trout in there, we thought it highly unlikely that someone would manage to pull off a Coldingham Quattro. But how wrong were we? Jim Cameron fishing with Norham and Ladykirk FFC was the first to land all four varieties of trout in one session and he said that it capped off what was an extremely good day for the club. Now that Jim has done this we are looking for the person who can replicate it and add a perch to the collection ……. The hunt is on!

Water conditions are now what we would consider close to perfect and with the insect life less abundant, the trout are less selective on what they will feed on, making catching that little bit easier. Pond weed that remains post cutting is starting to die back and the lilies are taking on a yellow hue as autumn approaches fast and with only 10 full weeks left remaining until the end of our season it’s well worth taking advantage of the changing conditions. Over the last few days flies such as daddies, hoppers and shipman’s buzzers have worked well on the top, whilst candy booby or FAB fished with damsel, cormorants or nomad has been deadly when used with a midge tip line. I spoke to Darrel Young yesterday at lunch time and by 12 noon he had landed an impressive 14 to the boat and claimed to have lost twice as many again using the booby / cormorant combo. It’s also interesting to note that all areas of the loch are now yielding fish with no particular hot-spot in evidence. Boat and bank alike are fishing well but as always, to get the most from your bank fishing we strongly recommend the use of waders.

Here’s a quick run-down of who’s done what this last fortnight:

  • Ronnie Hunter had 5 to the boat in a four hour session. Buzzer and diawl bach.
  • Les Lockey in his final three sessions of his stay had 10, 8 and 11 to the boat. Cormorant, crippled midge, damsel and beetle
  • Keith Roe and Steve Kelley had 12 to the boat. Blob, booby and dries
  • Neil McIntyre had 12 to the boat using black and yellow and pearly Invicta
  • Stirling McDonald had 6 to the boat. Damsel
  • Steve Short had 9 to the boat including a brownie. Nomad
  • Allan Cook had 7 to the boat. Lures
  • Bob Grant had 5 to the boat. Cormorant and hoppers
  • David Auld had 5 to the boat. Buzzers
  • Bob and James Cockburn had 8 to the boat. Black lure, beetle and diawl bach.
  • James and Joy Gardiner had 18 to the boat in an evening session. Cormorants
  • Jim Petrie had 6 to the boat including a brown. Bloodworm and white fritz
  • Adrian Thomson had 5 to the bank in a four hour session. Green nomad
  • James O’Meara and Kenny Gray had 24 to the boat including one brown. CDC hopper and blob
  • Jim Blair had 7 to the boat in a four session. Cormorant.
  • Neil Stobbart had 6 to the boat using hopper
  • Darrel Young had 25 to the boat including a double hook-up (see photo in the gallery). Cormorants
  • Pete Dann had 7 to the boat including one brown. Booby hopper
  • Paul Shirkie had 5 to the boat in a four hour session. Kate McLaren


Club News:

  • Western AC – landed a total of 10 fish for their outing.
  • Priory AC – 10 rods landed a total of 38 fish giving an average of 3.8. “Many thanks for a great day” was their comment.
  • Leith FFC – Unsure of their total catch due to the entry in the book being bit unclear however congratulations to John Mowat who won the heaviest bag.
  • Norham and Ladykirk FFC – Landed a total of 36 fish giving a rod average of 3. They reported having had an excellent day with the top end of the loch fishing best. Jim Yeoman landed a lovely brownie during his day’s fishing – see gallery below
  • Bank of Scotland FFC – reported having had a great day. Their 6 rods landed an impressive total of 58 fish giving a rod average of just less than 10.
  • Ashington Kingfishers FFC – Held their annual social day here which included fishing for 6 hours from bank and boat starting with bacon butties in the morning and ending with a BBQ in the afternoon. The club said they had a ‘breezy but brilliant day,’ with their 21 rods landing 80 fish. Malcolm had the heaviest fish with a rainbow of around 6-7 lbs (safely returned to the loch) and Brian and Derek came joint first for the heaviest bags

Other News:

  • Places for the Coldingham Cup heats are going quite well. Heat 1 which will be held on Sunday 14th October has just 5 places remaining whilst heat 2 which will be held on Saturday 20th October still has lots of spaces available. Please ring to book your places for this event which we hope will be successful enough to run as an annual competition.
  • Please note that we will be holding our annual Charity Day on Sunday the 30th September and therefore the loch will be closed for any other business on that day. All monies taken on the day will once again be given to St Abbs Independent Lifeboat. This next fortnight is your last chance to buy raffle tickets to help us raise as much as we can for this worthy cause. There are many excellent prizes including a fantastic box of flies tied by the Scottish Internations team (see photo) and donated by Darrel Young at last years event, wildlife print and cards donated by wildlife artist Jan and a bottle of St Abbs Independent Lifeboat Gin (to name but a few). Tickets will be drawn on the day and winners notified by phone if not present for the event.
  • Early notice that our last day of the season will again be the last Sunday in November which this year will be Sunday 25th November. Opening day for next season will be Saturday 16th March 2019 and there are still one or two boats available and spaces on the bank for both Saturday and Sunday. Please ring early to avoid disappointment.



Visiting Clubs:

  • Mid Lothian FFC
  • Morpeth Conservative Club
  • Ladhope FFC
  • North Berwick AC
  • West Lothian Fly Dressers FFC

The above clubs will be coming to the loch over the next two week period. We wish them a warm welcome and good fishing.


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