3rd – 16th August 2015

Not an awful lot to report this time around. The summer fishing conditions continue to dominate events and whilst the weather has perhaps not been as hot as it has been for the last couple of years, the fish are being predictably choosey. There are no particular hot spots on the loch and success seems to come to those that are prepared to move around the loch and change their tactics throughout the day. Interestingly the fish are also staying lower in the water than normal and it has been a couple of weeks now since we have seen the spectacular evening rises of earlier in the season. One reason for this is probably the end of the caenis fly hatches and a return to normal feeding patterns. There are however huge numbers of sedge flies in the evenings and early mornings and alongside the large numbers of damsel flies, we are also seeing an increasing number of daddies leaving the ground.

Weed cutting has now almost been completed and apart from a few fringe areas e.g. on the south shore, there is very little weed to cause any sort of problem to fishing. We can only get to within a certain distance from the shore with the weed cutter due to the shallow water and presence of large stones but those bank anglers that wear waders can easily wade past the weed and get a good cast into open water. I probably have one more day to do at the north end of the loch where there seems to have been a second coming of milfoil but hopefully then, that will be that. Following the weed cutting there is once again a very slight colour to the water but we expect a return to the crystal clear conditions that we are used to within a very short period of time.

On a positive note, whilst the day time temperatures are still warm and comfortable, there is a definite coolness to the air during the evenings. This can only bode well for the fishing and as the water temperatures start to dip a little, all those trout that have been freely feeding on the abundance of natural food available to them during the summer months will suddenly have to start competing with their fellow inhabitants for the diminishing fly and pond life as we move towards the autumn. That can only mean one thing and as the club activity starts to increase again at this time of the year we are looking forward to a number of big returns from them. Watch this space!

Despite the trickier conditions, as always there have been a number of good catches and here is a quick canter through those worth a mention:

  • Gordon Boulding reported having had another fantastic outing from the bank with 7 to the net including one blue rounder off his few hours fishing.
  • Ronnie hunter also had 7 on the same day but took his fishing from the boat.
  • Pete Dann also had a good catch of 6 from the bank and reported seeing lots of fish in all areas.
  • Robert Learmonth continues his good form, 8 to the boat using a combination of daddies and minkies on one outing followed by 12 on his next outing using apps bloodworm.
  • And on the same day James and Joy Gardiner had 20 to the boat using CDCs, hoppers, blobs, cormorants, crunchers.
  • Stuart Anderson had a great day with 11 to the boat including one blue. Yellow Owl was his fly of choice.
  • Whilst Bob Cockburn continued his fine form with 10 to the boat using black lure, black dry, hares ear and damsel. On his next outing Bob had a further 7.
  • Russell Dixon reported a hard but good day with a final tally of 7 to the boat using damsel, cat and FAB.
  • Neil Keillor is back on form and in his last two outings has recorded returns of 9 and 7.
  • G Downie and M Fawcus had a great first outing to Coldingham with 18 to the boat. They also reported having “lost thousands” ….. I’m presuming that that was a slight exaggeration but glad that they had such a good day.
  • Father and son Kevin and Shaun Nevins had their first trout fishing experience on a loch taught by Steve Martin and Dean Cockburn and both had a fish each (see photo) well done to them and their tutors


Club News:

Bank of Scotland: A hard day for some and a better day for others. 10 anglers finished with a total of 20 fish. Best rod on the day was Derek Pozzi with 8 to the boat.

Northumbria Police: Best described as a very difficult day for most. Malcolm Taylor was best rod with 5 ( I think) to the boat.

Heriots AC: Their 18 anglers had a total of 53 fish. Best rod on the day was Ramsay Zenettii with 9 to the boat closely followed by B Whyte with 8 to the boat.


Other News:

  • As we mentioned earlier the weed cutting is now almost completely finished apart from a second cut at the top end. Almost all areas of the loch remain clear for both boat and bank fishing. I had a new helper with me this year, Ewan Whitelaw. Many thanks for your help Ewan, you are now a fully trained weed cutter and hopefully that means that I can hand over the reins next year!!
  • The 3 cygnets seem to be growing well and look as though they will be strong enough to survive the coming winter. It’s too early to say that they are completely in the clear but things are looking favourable.
  • The swallows are once again laying and if successful they will have managed to hatch three broods this year. Perhaps this has been made possible by their earlier than usual arrival?

Robbies Blog: Unfortunately for us but fortunately for Robbie he is half way through his three week trip to Colorado ….. fishing of course! Hence there will be no blog this week but we look forward to hearing all about his many fish and of course “the one that got away” in our next loch report.


Visiting Clubs:

Over the next two weeks we will be hosting the following clubs:

  • Leith FFC
  • Gilmerton FFC
  • Pencaitland AC
  • Edinburgh Post Office

As always we wish them a warm welcome and hope that the fish do likewise!


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