30th Sept – 31st Oct 13


Welcome to our penultimate loch report of the 2013 season and what an end to the season we are having. Lots of fish being caught, all fighting like tigers and on the whole some great weather for the time of the year. What more could we ask for? Please also note that we have now been able to include photos of all the teams that took part in the Dads and Lad(y)s day. We hope you enjoy looking at them.

It seems that the effects of the long hot summer have now worn off and with the fish back to their fighting best Coldingham Loch is providing some of the best still water sport around. The fish are generally well distributed around the loch and catching has not been restricted to just one method. People are coming in reporting catching using a range of methods from the use of DI 5’s to dry fly fishing and even dapping. With the fly life still evident but obviously declining in line with the colder conditions, fish are now hunting for the abundance of small fry life that is visible around the crystal clear margins of the loch. Stickle backs and perch fry are the most obvious and as a result the use of lures has been extremely productive for most people.

Amongst those worthy of a mention are:

  • Ronnie Glass who, after a quiet morning, eventually had a great day landing 10 to the boat fishing a DI 5.
  • James and Joy Gardiner who in their last two visits have landed a staggering 52 fish between them
  • Robbie Bell with 12 to the boat on one outing, 12 on his next and 7 on his last visit.
  • Jock Hunter with 9 to the boat
  • Steve Kelley with 8 from the bank
  • And almost finally Ron Price who managed to land 10 fish in a 4 hour session on his 73rd birthday. Followed by a further 8 the next day. He reported missing at least as many again. Congratulations all round Ron.

I said almost last of all because it is always good to save the best till last. Never far away from the mentions, Bob Cockburn will probably admit to having two of the best outings of his fishing life so far during the past couple of weeks.

On his last but one trip Bob stunned the surrounding boat fishermen by landing an impressive 15 fish to the boat. Even more impressive was the fact that he landed his first ever double figure trout …. A majestic rainbow of eleven and a half pounds in full colour and fighting fit (see photos)

Buoyed by his success Bob went out the following week and repeated the feat by landing 13 fish to the boat including  another double figure fish this time weighing approx. 10lbs ( who said lightning never strikes twice?), another specimen of 9lbs and an absolute cracker of four and a half pounds with a tail like a salmon (see photos).

All but the four and a half pounder were safely returned to the loch and so are still out there. Those of you that know Bob will understand when I say that it was unusual to see him speechless and it gave us tremendous pleasure to witness that someone who has spent a life time fishing, could still be so moved by a day such as this. Our congratulations go to him for his recent successes but also for yet another great years fishing with an average catch record that most of us would envy.

In Club news:

It has been an equally productive time for the clubs that visited during October with all reporting having had good outings and generally fine weather to match.

  • Breadalbane AC with a total of 10 anglers landed 35 fish the biggest weighing 4lbs 14 ozs. This was no doubt, in part due to the fantastic lunch provide by Glenys and John Dow who were guests at Lochside Cottage. Many thanks.
  • The Anchor Inn FC who with 6 anglers managed a total of 9 fish. The eventual winner was Harry Muir with 2 fish weighing 4lbs 15ozs.
  • On the same day as the Anchor, Ashington Kingfishers fished their bank competition. A total of 19 anglers landed a very impressive 52 fish for a rod average of 3.5 fish per angler. The eventual winner was Scott Nellins with a weight of 10lbs 3ozs for his 4 fish.
  • Newmarket AC had a great couple of days by combining their trip with a stay in Lodge and Elm cottages. And so pleased were they with the trip that they are already planning their return for next year. Their first day proved to be their best and a total of 35 fish were caught between the 10 anglers. Steve Clegg came out on top with an impressive haul of 8 rainbows and 1 blue. Even more impressive when you consider that he only started fishing mid afternoon.
  • Border Bears had a better day than their last visit in the height of the heat-wave. They landed a total of 18 fish between their 5 anglers with Jim Youngman leading the way with 8 to the boat.
  • Northumbria Police held their annual competition against the boys in blue for the Lothian and Borders force. It was great to welcome some fishermen from L&B who had not fished the loch for some considerable time and despite this they pressed on and ran out as eventual winners on the day. A total of 29 fish were caught between the 14 anglers the biggest being 2lbs 8 ozs. The Northumbria lads won’t mind me saying that it was an unusually “bad day at the office” for some of them!
  • Finally our last club booking of the season took place last Saturday and we entertained the lads from our local Eyewater AC. With the weather almost perfect at the start and with fish rising all around the loch the 12 anglers eventually finished with a total of 32 fish. The winner on the day being Iain Renton with 3 fish for a total weight of 8lbs 7 ozs.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the clubs that have visited us this year for their support and we look forward to seeing members old and new next year. We will endeavour to keep the loch fishing at its best at all times and hope that 2014 proves to be a good year for you all.

In Other News:

  • As always we will not be standing still over the winter months and with the fishing closed and we hope to make further minor improvements to the bank in the Swingate Bay area to help with access on foot.
  • A reminder that our last day of fishing this season will be on Sunday 1st December. Whilst we won’t be a making a fuss of the last day we do hope to see people here to give the end of the season a good send off … weather permitting. We will be charging catch and release boat and bank prices only on the last day but will allow people to take a maximum of 2 fish if they so wish. So it might be worth braving the weather to stock up the fridge one last time before Christmas.
  • There is a definite increase in otter numbers around the loch as evidenced by the number of sightings and half eaten fish that we are coming across. They are a great attraction for our holiday guests so if you see them please let us know.
  • Colin Riach, a member of the Heriots AC and an extremely good photographer has been photographing leaping salmon at Buchanty and has kindly provide us with a link to the photos. For those interested in Colin’s work please take a look using the following link. http://www.capnfishy.co.uk/Buchanty2013.htm
  • Finally we hope that you enjoy the large gallery of pictures that we have gathered this time. Some of the photos have been sent in by guests and fishermen and we would like to thank you all for taking the trouble to supply these for everyone’s enjoyment. We are particularly pleased with the increased number of brown trout that have been caught, photographed and returned safely to the loch and it is always a great pleasure for us to see these beautiful fish and to know that they are still out there and possibly breeding.

We look forward to what we hope will be a superb final month to the season and will be posting our final loch report at the end of November.

Please click on the image to enlarge & use the arrows to scroll through to the other pictures on the gallery.


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