30th Sept – 20th Oct 2019

Autumn has well and truly arrived and as the leaves fall from the trees and the temperature goes steadily down, the natural terrestrial feed is getting less and less. In turn this means that the fish are feeding more and more on what is available in and from the water.

Last week minkies, cats whisker, apps bloodworm, Fabs and blobs all figured strongly in the returns but for the purists amongst you the good news is that flies including dries, buzzers, diawl bachs and crunchers are still holding their own.

Many fishermen have been reporting high densities of fish around the margins and this is usually a sign that they are looking for the fry and minnows in the shallows, hence the attention to lures. It is also worth noting that fish are being caught in all areas of the loch and those anglers that are prepared to drift or move regularly are benefitting the most.

Floating and midge tip lines are most commonly used and seem to be the lines of choice for most conditions.

The wind strength this weekend really picked up and will have done a lot of good in terms of stirring things up and moving water around. This bodes well for next weekend when we hope to be holding the final of the Coldingham Loch Cup Competition. Weather permitting this will be held on Sunday 27th Oct, so please note that the loch will be closed to all other anglers on this day.

As always we are gearing up for a great last month of the season and hope that people will take full advantage of the good days that we will almost certainly get between now and the 24th November. With trout venturing closer and closer to the margins, lots of fish make themselves available to the bank anglers and it is well worth donning the waders, wrapping up warm and taking a walk around the loch. Access is really good, and with approximately a mile and a third to go at, there’s always lots of space between you and the next rod.

Our intention over the closed period is to place more straw rafts around the edges of the loch which will hopefully ensure a crystal clear loch for the start of next season and beyond. Please also remember that our opening weekend for 2020 is Saturday 14th March and Sunday 15th March and there is availability for both boat and bank fishing at this stage. Please ring to book your places to avoid disappointment as opening weekends have always provided great fishing plus you get free bacon rolls at lunchtime along with toast and a wee nip before you go out in the morning. Not forgetting of course the customary opening of the season to the sound of the pipes provided by Hugh Gordon.

Robbies Blog:

First Trout.

As a Fly Fishing Instructor the best part of my job is when a youngster catches their first fish.

Of course I am very happy when any Client and most are around 50 to 60, catches a trout but it is more special when they are young.

Any lad or lass when they get a real tussle with their first fish will almost certainly have the seed sown as a Fisher.  They may carry on fishing for a few years until other interests take up their time but many if not most will come back to it in later life.

As their own kids grow up and leave home and perhaps with a bit more time and disposable income they often turn back to fishing. The lucky ones will have a partner who tells them they need a hobby and an active retirement is well known for its health benefits.

There are a few Fly Fishers around who start in their early years and continue on into their twenties and thirties and beyond and these are probably the ones that become very skilful.

In the arena of the World Championship the Czech team who I have a few friends in are mostly made up of Lads in that age group with more senior Anglers as Captains and Managers. A bit like many other sports.

Anyway today’s youngster was Struan for Edinburgh who was on holiday staying with his Grandmother who lives in the village.

The weather forecast was borderline perfect with full cloud cover and light winds. They got the winds right but there was a lot more Sun than predicted.

Anyway we persevered and I was very impressed with the Young Lad. At 9 years old he was very polite and really good at listening to me and even better at following my instructions.

Proof of the pudding in the gallery below.

Best Regards



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Club News:

  • Edinburgh Breadalbane FFC – enjoyed their day with Glenys making a lovely lunch for them as usual and they landed 37 fish for 12 rods
  • Heriots – closed due to strong winds
  • Mid Lothian FFC – reported ‘a bright morning with moderate breeze, a great half day’ and they  went on to have their end of season lunch at Eyemouth Golf Club
  • Border Bears FFC – had 16 fish for 5 rods and reported the day as being ‘a great end to our club season’
  • North Berwick FFC – had 42 fish for 9 rods and their comment was ‘excellent outing – hard fighting fish!!’
  • Black Bull FFC – unfortunately were unable to fish their session today as the winds were too strong and thanks to them all for turning up to at least consider going out

Other News:

  • Dates for all events for next season are currently being finalised and will be mentioned before the end of this season.
  • Please note that we still have a couple of boats for sale. Please ring for further information.
  • We will be visiting St Abbs Independent Lifeboat HQ on Friday 1st Nov to hand over the cheque for the amount raised on our recent charity day. More news of this following the hand over.
  • A reminder to all those that have accumulated loyalty card stamps this year to make the most of the last 5 weeks.
  • Just a reminder that next year’s calendar for the holiday cottages is already filling up. Please contact Carmel for all your booking requests – info@coldinghamloch.co.uk

Visiting Clubs:

There are no more clubs due to visit between now and the end of the season which means that there will be lots of boat space at the weekends.

For the gallery please click on the image for full picture and use the arrows to scroll through – apologies for any heads chopped off! – this happens with large photos and is rectified when you click for the full image, thank you

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