30th Oct – 12th Nov 2017

This will be our penultimate report of 2017 and hence it will be quite brief as the number of anglers has now started to slow down. Our last report will be posted at the end of the season and whilst we are talking about the end of the season, just a reminder that our last day of the 2017 season will be Sunday 26th Nov and we will be re-opening for the new season on 17th March 2018.

With the good weather still upon us (that is up until today when it has blown a hooley for the whole day) the fishing has been good for the majority of anglers and the fish are now showing in all areas of the loch. The top end of the loch has once again switched on and Robbie Bell had a better than average day during the week using dries ( mainly cdc buzzers) right next to the reed bed. He caught a lovely blue trout (see photo) on a size 18 dry. The water temperature is certainly starting to fall and at the moment stands at approx. 4 degrees C and with the fish in great condition everything is in place for a good days fishing.

The eagle eyed amongst you will see that we have been busy on the western side of the loch putting stakes in, ready to plant trees once the ground is suitable. We were fortunate to qualify for the planting scheme which is part of the Penmanshiel Initiative to provide more woodland in this local area. In total we will be planting around two and a half thousand trees of different varieties and the scheme has been approved by both the Borders Council and Scottish Natural Heritage and whilst it might be a good few years before anyone sees the true benefit of such a scheme we will hopefully be leaving a legacy to be enjoyed by future generations of loch users. Just a quick thank you to those people that have helped us or are yet to help us at various stages, and in particular to Karl Ferguson who has been helping from the start.

As I said earlier, the wind has been exceptionally strong today (see photo though it does not give a true picture of how strong it was) meaning that no boats were allowed out – we had to bring the loch-side boats around to the shore side of the boathouse to stop them being filled with water and sinking as the waves were crashing over their sides at one point. Well, as they say fortune favours the brave and our sole bank angler Neil Keillor decided to give it a shot this morning. Two rainbows at the reed bed end of the loch and two from the jetty with a further two lost totally vindicated his decision to brave the elements but even Neil had to call it a day after just a couple of hours.

So here is a shorter than usual list of those who have done well during the last fortnight:

  • Bob Cockburn 17 to the boat including two superb brownies. Black and white lures. On his next outing Bob had a further 9 and his dad, James, had a great day with 6 to the boat. A third outing saw him land another 11 to the boat. Small black dries.
  • David Auld 9 to the boat using mainly minkies. David had a further 6 on his next outing.
  • Johnston Hillen 7 from the bank. Black rabbit and blobs.
  • Freddie Carter 7 to the boat. 2 on white lure and 5 on peacock dries.
  • Steve Kelley 11 to the boat. Black minkies and dries.
  • Ken Wood 10 to the boat including one brown. Diawl Bach.
  • Kevin Fisher had 24 for the week whilst staying in one of the cottages and reported having had a great week.
  • Chic Connelly 6 to the boat using mainly snake.
  • Robbie Bell 15 to the boat which included three blues and two browns. Sussy buzzers mainly near the reed bed. On his next outing Robbie landed a further 10 to the boat. Biscuit blob.
  • Trevor Gibson 8 to the boat on a very cold day. Buzzers
  • Tom McLean returning to the loch after a 30 year absence and Billy Stewart landed 8 to the boat using red buzzers and lures.
  • Regular November holiday guests Ron and Andy decortaed the balcony of Lochside again this year with some festive lights and enjoyed some good fishing despite one of their two days being very blustery. They both had fish to take home.

As we near the end of the season there was no club news to report.

Visiting Clubs:

Border Bears will be fishing on the last day of the season to make up for an earlier cancellation due to bad weather. We sincerely hope that they have a great end to the year.

Other News:

All boats for our opening day on Saturday the 17th March, are now fully booked but there is still room on the bank for a few more rods. Please phone to book.

Opening Sunday (18th March), there is only one boat left and there are only a few bank places so once again please phone early to avoid disappointment.

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