2nd – 15th Sept 2013

This will be an unusually short report with less pictures than usual due to our absence for part of the two week period, so please excuse the brevity. Hopefully we will be back to normal for our next installment.

Mixed fortunes have again dominated proceedings and we are experiencing the backlash from a prolonged hot summer period that has sent the fish and the fishing into turmoil. The good news is that the water temperature is falling fast and we now have a loch that measures around 11 degrees C and is once again well oxygenated   … perfect conditions for the fish to feed at.

Last Thursday was perhaps our best day during this period with some excellent catches being recorded. Most fish are being caught towards the southern and eastern sides of the loch with very few being recorded at the northern end. This is a complete switch from the start of the season when the shallower water was definitely the place to be.

Robbie Bell managed a total of 16 fish to the boat whilst Colin McIssac came in with a score of ten. Meanwhile Bob Cockburn and his father hauled an impressive 27 fish for their outing with a good mixture of rainbows, blues and even a brownie for good measure. The story of the day however went to James Cockburn who at the age of 84 landed his biggest ever rainbow. The 9lb 8oz beauty was second in his haul of 11 fish for the day and I’m pleased to say that it was safely landed, weighed in the net and returned to the loch to fight another day. Killer patterns included minky, gold headed damsel and diawl bach and a few fish were once again landed on dries such as daddy and hoppers.

At the start of the period Ian Grey also landed a superb rainbow weighing in at 5lb 8ozs (see photo). This was a superb fish in great condition and as you can see from the tail, put up a great fight.

Clubs had various outings to the loch during this period but to generalise it is fair to say that all of them struggled to varying degrees with the conditions and the selective feeding nature of the fish. Even our regulars such as Midlothian, Norham and Ladykirk and Leith AC’s experienced days of mixed fortune, which goes to show just how topsy turvey this year has been. Nonetheless the fish that are being caught are being reported as being in excellent condition and we are confident that overall fishing will improve day by day as we enter the final phase of our season.

Many fisheries up and down the country have been reporting similar stories and consistency is certainly not a word that I have heard anyone using to describe how a particular fishery has been performing. Spare a thought also for the ghyllies up and down the Tweed who up until the last week or so have had very little to report either on the salmon or sea trout front. A very hard year indeed for these lads and their clients.

So with the colder and more severe weather on its way let’s hope for a good end to the season and let’s hope that we can get to the end of the season without losing too many days to the wind.

In other News:

  • Our sincere thanks go to Eileen and Dave Brabbin who did a marvellous job of looking after the place in our absence. They are regular visitors to the loch and are good friends of ours from the past. Better known for their cycling ability than their fishing knowledge they did a splendid job of looking after people and once again thanks to them.
  • All signs of algal bloom seem to be gone now and the water quality is restored to it’s near best.
  • The ring of buoys that surrounded the aerator have now been removed so that fishing inside the anchor buoys that remain is allowed.
  • The lads and dads competition is now fully subscribed and we are looking forward to what should be a fun and productive day in a couple of weeks time. Let’s hope that the lads can redeem themselves this time and make it one all in the series.
  • Work will begin soon on installing life rings to each of the boats as an extra safety measure for all anglers. Each ring will have ten metres of rope attached to it and this will be secured to the boat. The rings and rope will be held in place using Velcro straps which will allow for quick release in the unlikely event that they may be needed.

Visiting Clubs:

During the next period we are pleased to be welcoming the following clubs:

  • Pencaitland AC
  • Edinburgh Civil Service AC
  • Ellem Club

As always we wish you all a successful days fishing and kind weather to match.

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