2nd – 15th May 2016

Well thankfully no snow to report this time but still some unseasonal temperatures and a few days of windy conditions but in general the last two weeks have been more settled if still pretty cold at times with a northerly and easterly wind having its way. Some bright sunny days coupled with gin clear water conditions have given anglers some challenging and rewarding fishing days and evenings.

The evening sessions are in full swing and if you like the dry fly on an evening rise then now is the time to get your-self to the loch and enjoy some good sport. Time and again over this last period anglers have commented on the quality and good condition of the fish and the fight they are giving. The cool temperatures at night and sunny days of this last week have meant that the water temperature has varied between 8C and 13C – pretty much optimum temperatures so that is pleasing

So what flies are working? Hawthorn flies have been seen down the lane in small numbers but not yet at the loch, however over the last few days in sunnier conditions fish have been rising and taking the hawthorn offered by anglers as well as something a bit more leggy like hoppers and even foam daddies. Admittedly they haven’t been catching in huge numbers on these flies but well enough for them to be a good enough choice for many. Dries and buzzers have been the main order of the day along with biscuit blobs, diawl bach, CDC and shipmans buzzer

So who has being doing well?

  • Jim Campbell and grandson Matthew Baker had a superb day commenting ‘top of the water, great’ landing 18 fish to the boat on buzzers and olive. Young Matthew won the Greenlaw May Day Trophy (see photo), an annual event with a small group of friends from Greenlaw.
  • Holiday guest Joseph Marshall had some ‘excellent fishing, good to be back at the loch’ in his 2 week stay landing his bag of 4 on each session mainly to red and black and red and orange buzzers fishing near the reed bed at the northern end of the loch and in boat house bay
  • On a very windy day Alistair Fyvie landed 11 on his morning session all to the yellow owl size 14 – as Alistair said ‘very windy, fish still rising, great!’
  • On the same day Brian Groom and Steve Kelley landed 14 to the boat using buzzers but did say they spent as much time battling the wind as fishing
  • Bob Cockburn had 14 on one session to small black dry and foam suspenders then when fishing on Friday 13th with his dad James they had a huge 36 to the boat mainly using dries buzzers and biscuit blob, obviously the date had no impact on Bob’s form
  • David and Derek Todd commented ‘great sport, best fighting fish around’ after their day on the boat, landing 16 to the boat on CDC’s
  • Freddie Carter landed 9 one session on cormorant, FAB and yellow owl commenting ‘excellent days fishing’, then when out on the boat the next week with friend Peter he didn’t quite match recent form landing just 2 to Peter’s 4…there was some commentary on this which we will leave to the imagination!
  • James and Joy Gardiner had a fabulous days fishing using two tone FAB, various crunchers and buzzers landing 24 and 17 respectively
  • On a cold day Mike Connet and boat partner Mr Sharp landed 26 to the booby and friends Moffat & Whitehead had 15 to buzzers and blobs
  • Matty Darrocn and Aaron Copeland had a ‘cracking day except for the cold and fog’ last Saturday when the har was in the whole day. They landed 18 fish to the boat on buzzers, tinnies and blobs
  • The next day was a beautiful day with the mist leaving the loch early morning, Keith and John Renton fished the boat landing 27 fish including a lovely brownie both using dries
  • That evening Neil Keillor had short evening session last Sunday moving away from his favoured damsels and on to the dries landing 7 fish to the boat in a couple of hours
  • Holiday guests Dave Roberts and Ken Mason (see photos) had a cracking week’s fishing usually drifting and using dries, bushy dries and buzzers throughout their stay and landing between 12 and 25 fish on each day of their stay.
  • Peter Collings stayed the same week and fished most evenings landing 9-15 most nights. Peter also saw the otter when coming back in from the top end of the loch at around 9.30pm one night. I knew it was around as the dogs had their noses in the sir at the end of the jetty and went off down the bank to see if they could find it…not a chance of course.
  • Bob Harrison has enjoyed some good sport in his evening sessions commenting that he has seen lots of rises and if he could have held on to all he hooked or that swirled round his flies he would have landed many more, he and Jusy Whitelaw had 13 to the boat one evening when it got cold later on but plenty of sport to be had using CDC buzzers and dries
  • Stuart Anderson & friend Iain Douglas had some cold and windy days on their return to the loch but both caught fish landing 10 one day on the yellow owl
  • Nigel Kennedy returned to the loch having fished it 10 years or so ago and had a ‘great day out’ on a black and green buzzers landing 9 fish


Robbies Corner:

Good Company

A little while ago I had the pleasure of taking David and Rhoda out for a half day introduction to Fly Fishing on the Loch.

I always enjoy my TuitionDdays but as my Clients are pretty much overloaded with information and often concentrating hard I sometimes do not get much of a sense of how they are enjoying it during the session.  To a man and a woman they all say afterward how much they enjoyed it but sometimes out on the water things can be a bit one sided as regards who is doing all the talking.

David and Rhoda were different. They were obviously enjoying themselves and delighting in each other’s  successes.

The weather was not great but as they had carefully followed my advice with regard to layering up their clothing they pretty much kept out the cold and rain almost to the end.

Being comfortable is a big part of enjoying the day and it was obvious from the start that they were reasonably snug and so able to enjoy themselves

Going on information from the days before I set Rhoda up with a Midge Tip Line and a couple of Apps Worms. David had the same flies but on a Di 3 as my friend and Loch Regular Bob Cockburn had found some fish deeper the day before.

Using two different lines in a boat is often a good way of finding where the fish are.

It was Rhoda who was quickly into a fish on probably the second or third cast.

A nice Rainbow over two pounds was soon netted and as I was to find out later provide a nice meal

Not too long after it was two and then three to Rhoda.

David had had a few offers and lost one fish in play but nothing in the net.

I decide to change his line to the same type of Midge Tip that  Rhoda was using but despite hooking and playing two more fish he could not get one to the net.

Bob had caught on Buzzers the day before so I quickly changed David over to a three fly cast and a team of buzzers.

After a while and only one half hearted pull I decided to try another change for him.

I took the point fly off and changed it to a small Biscuit Booby to fish washing line style.

With only about an hour to go success.

A Blue Trout. Smallish but perfectly formed and ideal for a table for two. 🙂

This was followed soon after by a much larger fish and David did really well to play it successfully to the net from where it was safely returned.

Around 4 to 5 pounds was my estimate.

Rhoda hooked up again but to my amazement it was a Large Perch. Possibly as much as a pound and a half and the biggest one I have seen caught in my 25 years fishing the Loch .

Well done indeed.

David was trying his best to equal up the scores with Rhoda on the Rainbow front but although he did hook a couple they just always seemed to drop off halfway back to the boat.

With time rapidly running out he lifted into another Trout and this one did come to the net.

On checking my watch I noted he had caught it in time added on to make it an honourable 3-3 score draw. 🙂

Well done to you both and thanks again for the good company.


Club news:

  • Northumbria Police reported ‘an excellent days fishing had by all’ and finished with 50 fish for their 14 anglers
  • Norhet AC (see photo) fished on a very cold and at times windy day and did well to report having had an enjoyable day landing
  • Edinburgh Amateur Anglers fished the following day & had a lovely sunny Sunday and enjoyed their day on the loch landing a total 31 fish giving their 7 anglers a rod average of 4.4. One of their members saying it was his first time and had ‘a wonderful day and will be back!’
  • Roslin AC had a superb day despite a slightly windy start and clear blue skies all day landing 75 fish for their 7 anglers giving a rod average of 10.7. They caught a variety of flies including blobs, back and green buzzers, lures, cormorant & hoppers stating they had a great day out superb fishing
  • Norham & Ladykirk had a good day today on a bright and sunny day with a light breeze landing 56 fish to 16 rods. The Coldingham Cup Trophy went to Dean Cockburn – unfortunately the weight of Dean’s bag of 4 was not recorded in our book so am unable to report that here but there is a photo of the club with Dean holding his cup in the gallery below.



Clubs visiting in this next period are:

  • Mid Lothian AC
  • Eyewater AC
  • Last Cast FFC
  • Railway Inn AC
  • Ellem Club
  • Wiremill AC
  • Ashington Kingfishers AC

As always we will be welcoming these clubs and hope for an enjoyable and successful days fishing for all of you