29th April – 12th May 2013

Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, and dry flies, I am conscious of sounding like a stuck record, but once again these patterns have dominated this two week period of fishing. If the fish have not been on the surface then they have been just below and those of us patient enough to fish an almost static line have been justly rewarded.

‘A sight for sore eyes’ is how you would best describe the rises that have been taking place in the evenings and yet relatively few fishermen are taking advantage of the evening sessions. It is quite fascinating to see the change in weather conditions as the evening approaches with often decreasing wind speeds and bright sunsets leading to spectacular hatches and subsequent fish activity. It’s also fair to say that the evenings do get quite cold and we are left wondering when and if summer will actually arrive. Coupled to the aquatic hatch the number of terrestrials landing on the water has increased but as yet the anticipated arrival of the hawthorn fly has not yet been seen. When it does we will no doubt see a change of diet for the fish and a consequent change of fly for the angler with hawthorns, hoppers, crunchers and snatchers coming out of the fly box.


We have been particularly pleased by the increase in angler numbers which has led to a waiting list for boats being created at the weekends which are becoming increasingly busy. We would therefore recommend early bookings for boat angling to avoid disappointment; however space on the bank is not usually a problem.

Day visitors and holiday guests have had some notable successes during this period amongst which are:

  • John Dow with a fine 6lb brownie landed near the overflow at Rainbow Point.
  • Tony Averill with a fine evening of dry fly fishing seeing 12 to the boat and a number of missed opportunities.
  • Sarah Emerson on her first outing to the loch with her dad managed to land a hard fighting rainbow.
  • Bob Cockburn keeping up his averages.
  • Bob Harrison with 11 fish in one three hour dry fly session all to a CDC buzzer.
  • William Mirtle & Martin Reynolds each with fine brown trout from an exceptional evenings fishing.
  • Charlie & Linda Punton with 15 fish to the boat in a short evening session.
  • Jim Hadaway (see photo) catching a 7lb 8oz rainbow.


In club news:

Midlothian AA (see photo) enjoyed a good days fishing, their comment of seeing rising fish all day but not being able to catch them best describes their outing, their 12 rods managed just 16 fish for the day. Pity they didn’t catch all that they saw!

Heriots AC again fished with 12 rods however their total for the day was significantly improved on Midlothian’s tally – they had 78 fish most of which were returned safely to the loch and these included two brownies. This gace the Heriots an average of 6.5 fish /rod. And you can see why they commented that ‘it just gets better and better’.

Breadalbane AC (see photo) had 8 anglers catching 35 fish giving them a rod average of 4.4 fish/rod. They enjoyed a lunch over at Lochside Cottage kindly prepared by Glenys describing it as the Bistro by the Loch.

Alba Game Fishing led by Stuart Collingswood entertained a corporate group of American visitors to the loch. Whilst the weather conditions were bordering on atrocious the group reported having the best day of their week-long trip and hope to make a return visit to Scotland when they can. Numerous photos of the day were taken and we hope to include some of these in the near future in our gallery.

Fishers Tryst AC had 12 anglers managing 26 fish with an average of 2.2 fish/angler. Again the story of the day was that fish could be seen moving everywhere, particularly at the top end of the loch but finding the killer fly proved difficult

Norham & Ladykirk came with a mixture of gentlemen, lady and junior anglers fishing both bank & boat. It was great to see a club with a mixed membership and it was particularly pleasing to see the young lads hold their own with their more experienced counterparts. James Thompson (aged 13) won the junior prize for most fish caught in the day and Dean Cockburn (aged 13) took the overall prize for biggest fish landed on the day weighing in at 4lb 1oz (see photo).  In the senior section Christine Foreman landed a fine rainbow but overall winner of the senior section was Gordon Wharton with the heaviest bag of 11lb 9 oz. Amongst his bag was a fin perfect rainbow of 3lb 15oz (see photo). In all the 17 anglers landed 59 fish giving them a rod average of 3.5/angler. This perhaps could have been improved had it not been for the fine efforts of Davey Blythe’s boat partner, Martin doing his best to reduce the size of Davey’s catch. Bad news for Davey but great entertainment for those in earshot of their boat.


In other news:

  • As we mentioned earlier, evening sessions are now under way. Sessions beginning at around 5.30 pm running through to approx. 9.30pm are well worth a go.
  • Wild flowers on the banks are now coming through and the odd orchid or two can be spotted if you know what you are looking for (see photo)
  • Recently the hottest spot on the loch has been up around the reed bed and down the west shore to the Priest’s Hole. The fish are now starting to move around much more and are clearly following the buzzer hatches. The swallows are usually a good indicator of where the fly life is most abundant.
  • We are sorry to report that just recently we have had a couple of occasions when boats have been booked for the day and the anglers have not shown up. We are apologising because we have had refuse a number of boat bookings, at the weekends in particular, from anglers keen to fish the loch. Because of this it has forced us to re-think what we do with regards to boat bookings. We have decided that a boat booked by someone will be held for that person for one hour from their estimated time of arrival after which it may be hired out to someone else if there is the demand. However if we receive a phone call on the day informing us of a late arrival we will be happy to hold the boat until the anglers arrive. i.e. longer than an hour if necessary. We have asked for anglers opinions on this matter and those that we have talked to agree that this is a fair solution to this issue. Our intention is to ensure that everyone gets a fair opportunity to use the boats and to fish the loch during this prime fishing period.

Visiting Clubs:

Over the next two week period we are delighted to be welcoming:

Portobello AC, The Conservative AC from Morpeth, Benedictine AC and Kelso Royal British Legion FC. As always we hope that the weather is kind to our visiting clubs and day anglers alike and that their rods are bent repeatedly whilst at the loch.

Thanks to Dave Whalley for the deer & scenery photos below






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