28th May – 8th June 2018

Well, the haar continued for most of the following week since out last report but surprisingly this did not seem to hinder the catch rates. For almost 6 days we were hardly able to see the loch from the shore but when it did clear intermittently the fish were duly rising in all areas of the loch. Large hatches of the famous apple green midge added to the already saturated food source and at times seemed to make catching the fish almost impossible despite the obvious numbers rising, however as always there were the usual suspect anglers that had the answers.

As predicted I think in the last report, the apple green midge is usually the precursor to the dreaded caenis fly and sure enough it arrived mid- way through this week with almost plague proportions on the water on Friday evening. It’s always an awesome spectacle to watch the fish gorge themselves on the small, but obviously tasty morsels, but for those people who are out there fishing it is equally frustrating when fish after fish swimming by your fly without so much as a look at it. Two lads on Friday evening did do well however by pulling an Ally McCoist lure through the water and it is often said that tactics like this will work during a caenis hatch. Everyone I speak to seem to have their own theories on this but I have yet to see any one method that works well on all occasions.

Along with the explosion in fly life we are also seeing the weed start to gather pace, particularly in the area of the narrows. As always we would ask anglers to be patient because if we go in and cut at this time of year we will only strengthen the weed growth. It is far better to wait for a couple of weeks until the weed is just about at its fullest and then cut. Doing it this way usually means that it only needs doing once and thus creates a lot less disruption on the water.

As we approach the summer months it is always important to emphasise the importance of correct handling of fish that are to be returned to the water. As the water temperature warms up we would always ask anglers to not over play their fish and to get them to the net as soon as possible. Using barbless hooks should mean that the fish can be unhooked quickly without the need to handle the fish at all, keeping the net in the water at all times and ensuring that the fish is the right way up before letting it loose. Doing this should ensure that the fish remain in good condition throughout the summer months.

Finally in this section we would like to mention one of our youngest ever anglers, Harris Gardner, aged 3, who was here with his family staying at Lochside Cottage. He landed his first fish with dad, Andy and older brother Alfie (who landed his first fish here aged 5 and three quarters) in the boat with him, Alfie had the net out to ensure the fish came safely aboard their boat. Well done to Harris and we hope it will be the first of many more to come – see photos.

Here is a quick run through what has been working during the last two weeks and who has been successful:

  • Tadek managed 6 to the boat including one brownie on a very hot and sunny day. His best ever catch here at Coldingham. Buzzers.
  • Johnston Hillen landed 8 to the bank. Black buzzer.
  • Les Lockey had another fantastic week and stayed true to the dry flies almost throughout. Scores of 6, 15, 7, and 30 meant that he had a great time. Hawthorn, summer bibio, beetle and daddy
  • Mike Fawcett fishing with his father in law Barry Hutchinson also had some great sessions the best being 6 to the boat using daddy on a half day session. Barry also had a great day with 16 to the boat on a full day session again using daddies
  • Bob Cockburn had 11 to the boat including 3 brownies followed by a further 11 on his next outing. Black gnat, buzzers and various dries
  • Bob Grant had 9 to the boat including 2 browns his comment was ‘fab-u-lus, offers all day, thank you. Green beetle and black hoppers. Bob had a further 6 in his next outing using blob and green beetle.
  • W Mackey and J Askell landed 11 to the bank between them. Sedge and black beetle.
  • Allan Cook 6 to the boat. Biscuit booby and cruncher.
  • Robbie Bell 14 to the boat including one blue. Bassets – meaning all sorts.
  • Tam Donnelly had an impressive 10 to the bank including one brownie of approx. 3 lbs in weight. He was delighted. CDCs
  • A Thomson 6 to the boat. Black ant.
  • Ben Robertson had a great 4 hour session landing 9 to the boat including one blue. FAB.
  • Colin McIssac 8 to the boat, 4 rainbows and 4 browns. Colin also had a further 9 on his next visit. CDC shuttlecock.
  • John McGee and Chick landed a very impressive 26 to the boat. Rabbit.
  • Ronnie Hunter had 9 to the boat. Black diawl bach.
  • Simon Menzies had 6 to the boat. Cormorants and hoppers
  • Peter Allan had 7 to the boat including one brown. Black CDC buzzer
  • Fergus Aitchison had 7 to the boat on an evening session during a difficult caenis hatch including one brown using yellow fritz
  • Jamie Ferrie and boat partner Kenny Quin had 13 to the boat during a the same difficult caenis hatch as Fergus. Ally McCoist


Club News:

  • Mid Lothian AA had a challenging day landing a total of 13 fish the biggest a rainbow of
  • West Lothian Fly Dressers FFC had their day when the caenis had been about for a few days and they landed a very respectable 55 fish to their 14 rods in tricky conditions
  • 3lbs 7oz their comment was ‘fog all day made it a tough day but fish were caught by 7 out of 10 of our club’.
  • Cockburn AC had 14 fish on a difficult day with the haar coming in and out all day
  • Heriots FFC had 5 rods landing 32 fish
  • Border Bears FFC reported ‘plenty of fish but hard to catch’ their 7 rods landed 16 fish
  • West Lothian Fly Dressers FFC had their day when the caenis had been about for a few days and they landed a very respectable 55 fish to their 14 rods in tricky conditions

Other News:

Just a reminder that we now have nets on each of the boats and we provide bank nets for bank anglers. We ask that all anglers including holiday guests use our nets so need to bring your own.

Robbies Blog:

Robbie is away fishing Czech Republic so there is no blog this time from him. We look forward to hearing about his trip on his return this week.

Visiting Clubs:

This next period we look forward to seeing the following clubs:

  • Arniston Trout Fishers
  • Invicta Ladies AC
  • Edinburgh Waltons FFC
  • Norhet FFC

As always we wish the above mentioned clubs a very warm welcome over the next two weeks and hope that the weather and the catching are good for them.


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