28th May – 11th June

Mixed fortunes coupled to changing weather conditions best describes the last two weeks.

The loch fished extremely well during the early part of the period with notable successes going to holiday cottage residents, Hannah and Gerry Farrell. Amongst their haul of fish were a couple of lovely brown trout, the biggest being estimated at approximately 3 lbs in weight. Loch regulars Bob Harrison and Judy Whitelaw also recorded good catches during evening sessions at the loch and it’s fair to say that honours remain fairly even between these two although on their last outing Judy definitely had the better of things. Next time Bob!

George King fishing with his brother James recorded the biggest fish of the period with a stunning eight and a half pound rainbow which was caught on a CDC hawthorn that I had given to George just before he went out. (That’s the last time I’m giving flies to him!) But seriously George, well done, and we look forward to receiving the photo that you took at home so that we can feature it in our next report.

All parts of the loch seem to be fishing well with no particular hot spots being highlighted although this must have been difficult for the anglers from Leith AC to believe when on their outing a strong and cold east wind coupled to a bright day, made catching extremely difficult and even their talented international anglers could not fully unlock the secret of what would work in such conditions. We sincerely hope that the weather is more forgiving for their next outing to Coldingham.

Despite this meteorological blip the loch fished well into the next week and good returns were recorded from boat and bank with killer patterns such as buzzer, hawthorn, CDC’s, bibio, diawl bach and sedge continuing to top the list of flies that were working. When the sun was out and the air temperature rose fishing on the surface was definitely the order of the day whilst in cooler conditions emergers and buzzers fished below the surface fared well. Notable successes from the bank go to Peter Hill, John Askell, Billy Mackie, Niall Morrison, Keith Dixon, John Wilson and Steve Kelley however a special mention goes to Cate Middleton who whilst on her first outing to Coldingham and under the tutelage of Bob Smith managed her first Coldingham rainbow with a couple of near misses to follow.

Towards the end of this period we were visited first by the Heriots AC followed by the Anchor Inn. The Heriots fished an evening session dominated by the first real hatch of Caenis flies yet despite the presence of “the fisherman’s curse” their 6 anglers caught and released 32 fish with a notable brown falling to the rod of Ed Green (see photo). All anglers were very complimentary of their evenings fishing and were united in their opinion of the quality of fighting fish that were caught and the condition of the loch.

The lads from the Anchor fished a short 3 hour fun session on Sunday as part of their split outing with the Whinney Loch. (See photos, courtesy of Aaron Wilson) This was a charitable outing to raise funds for Riding for the Disabled and we were told that their efforts had raised more than £1000 for this worthy cause. Well done to all who participated and many thanks for the burgers ….. Delicious! We look forward to being able to support you again next year and next time the burgers are on us.

In other news:

  • Work to the new path on the south bank continues but it’s hard going with just a spade and a mattock for company. Those bank anglers that have used it though have reported a big improvement under foot and this makes it all worthwhile.
  • The short eared owl has been seen numerous times whilst out hunting on the western shore and the swallows and house martins are nesting in numbers in the various buildings around the loch.
  • The road from the A1 which comes to Coldingham via Pease Cove is undergoing re-surfacing and will be closed during the day between the hours of 8am – 5pm for the whole of this week (11th – 17th June). Carry on down to Reston or take the small road from Cedar Café for alternative routes to Coldingham.

Clubs visiting us during this next period include The Invicta Club, Lucy Bowden’s Fishing for Everyone Club and the lads from Hardy’s. As always we extend a warm welcome and hope that you enjoy your day with us.




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