27th October – 9th November 2014

Into November and already we are seeing some fantastic fishing days but admittedly these are interspersed by some poor bouts of weather. The key is to watch the forecast and pick your days and if you get it right you can be sure of some tremendous action both on and below the surface. With the fish less fussy at this time of year, just about anything is likely to tempt them on but regular killer patterns include damsel, minkie, cormorant, blob (orange and biscuit) …… all seem to be best presented on a floating line and fished using a slow figure of eight retrieve.

It is also that time of year when large numbers of geese can be seen flying high in the sky looking for their various winter retreats and many an angler recently has been treated to the sight of vast flocks of pink footed geese maintaining their V formation and calling the changes as they go. None of this was wasted either on our most recent visitor ….. a very friendly mallard cross duck that seems to follow me everywhere and is never far from where the food might be.

As has been the trend for most of the season, bank and boat are fishing very well and it’s great to see fish being caught in areas of the loch. Needless to say though that at this time of the year the fish will feed for shorter periods in the day and will also move around in larger numbers. With this in mind it is worth keeping on the move and changing tactics as the situation dictates.

The quality of the fish and the strength of fight is superb at the moment and many anglers are enjoying fantastic sport. Here are just a few names of those who over the last two weeks, have had catches to be proud of:

  • Robbie Bell had a great day with 18 to the boat amongst which he reckons two weighed in at over 6lbs.
  • Gary managed 9 from the bank and on the same day Keith Rowe landed 10 to the boat using damsel and cat. Alan Morton had 10 using mainly FABs, Peter Hottinger, 9 using dries, diawl bachs and crunchers and Steve Kelley also had 9 using a combination of Fab and Diawl Bach.
  • Stuart Younger had 5 rainbows and a nice brownie to round off a good day for him and on the next day Colin McIssac landed 10 rainbows on crippled midge whilst Bob Cockburn had another 16 using biscuit blob and buzzers.
  • Next day John Donaldson also had a superb haul of 16 rainbows and commented “What a morning!”
  • Neil Keillor continued to impress with a further 14 to his credit and on the same day Willie Smith and Mike Wilson had 16 to the boat, managing 8 a-piece.
  • The lads from Ashington had a return visit and Steve Kelley recorded 4, Keith Row 7, Alan Morton 10 and John Cowell 10. It should be noted that they fished on a day when Noah would have been better placed on the loch but despite the horrible weather they stuck it out and as they say, “ fortune favours the brave”
  • Bob Cockburn managed 8 on his next visit including one blue and one brown and two days later James Gardiner fishing from the bank landed 12 in a short but sweet three hour session …. He also had a superb brown.
  • To complete this two week period, on Sunday, Bob Cockburn was again in action, this time managing 11 to the boat and on the same day Karl Ferguson had 10 and Neil Keillor 12. The day was untypical in that by the afternoon there was not a breath of wind and the day was very bright. The best of the fishing was certainly in the morning with a few fish being added in the afternoon.
  • Finally we need to mention David Auld who over the last two weeks has been on two separate occasions with each of his grandchildren. On his first visit with Aaron they caught 2 rainbows and on his second with Skye they caught 6 superb rainbows (see photos). Each of the kids clearly had a great time and I have no doubt that they are going to be following in David’s footsteps in years to come.


In Club News.

Priory AC came over from Glasgow on Saturday and took full advantage of a good day. Their 5 anglers managed a superb total of 39 fish and as they were on a sporting ticket, all fish were returned. Top rod on the day was Kenny Sichi and amongst his catch he reckons to have had two rainbows in double figures and a brownie of approx. 3lbs. Three of the other anglers each caught fish of around 5 – 6 lbs as part of their returns. Needless to say all anglers were very happy with their day and are looking forward to their return visits in 2015. Fly patterns included, sunburst FAB, UV crunchers, damsel, muddler and cormorant.


In Other News.

  • A reminder that loyalty cards need to be used before the end of the year as we will be starting 2015 with new ones and old ones cannot be carried forward.
  • As there is only 3 more weeks until the end of the season there will be just one more loch report which will be posted at the end of the season


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