27th June – 10th July 2016

Over the last two weeks the tough just got tougher. Higher temperatures, an algal bloom and massive fly hatches including the dreaded caenis has meant that the fish have become choosey. The best of the action seems to have been in the mornings and as things have heated up during the day the fish have been less aggressively feeding, perhaps knowing that the evening is going to supply a plentiful supply of caenis and sedge.

However, the winds of change are blowing and today all traces of algae are restricted to the top end of the loch thanks to the SW wind and last night was the first night for a while when there was not a hatch of caenis flies. John Donaldson fishing the bank was therefore in the right place at the right time, and in a short evening session managed to land 12. The day time also saw a change in fortunes and it was clear from the returns that generally the rod average was starting to improve. Despite this, we would still issue a word of caution as we are still very early into July and as we all know by now, July and early August are always tricky months to fish with rod averages everywhere taking a downward turn. Those who have managed to produce decent returns have almost always covered a good deal of water, choosing to drift as opposed to anchoring. They have also been prepared to frequently change tactics, switching from intermediate or sinking lines to floating lines as the situation demanded, and it’s fair to say that conditions of this sort really do test the anglers skill and ability to outwit the fussy fish.

The introduction of a number of smaller brown trout has, we believe, provided an extra dimension to the loch and when the rainbows and blues have been proving difficult to tempt, the smaller, more aggressive brownies have been providing some superb sport around the margins and the number of browns now being recorded in the returns is encouraging to see.

Weed growth this year has been a lot slower than in recent years, perhaps due to the cooler weather and lack of direct sunshine and although there are traces of weed below the surface now appearing in certain places, it is not adversely affecting the fishing except for the odd fish are two that are clever enough to dive deep and use the weed as cover. In cases like this, straightened hooks and broken droppers are not uncommon. Coupled to this, the fish are still fighting hard and therefore you can expect a good scrap when you hook into one.

Despite the apparent lack of weed this year you will notice when you come down that the weed cutter is by the loch and on stand-by and if we do need to cut, we will as always try to proceed on windy days/evenings, with minimum disruption to the fishing. If cutting is taking place we will always let people know on the day and will usually operate in a part of the loch away from the anglers. That said most people who have fished near to the weed cutter when it is operating tend to find that the fish feed very well due to the displacement of insects and other tasty morsels. The choice is yours.

So let’s look at the names of those that have managed to make decent returns over the last fortnight:

  • George Anderson fishing with his pal George Lonie had 3 rainbows and 6 browns
  • On the same day, Stuart Barnes had 10 rainbows and 8 browns using various dries, but mostly daddies
  • Les Lockey whilst on holiday had some fantastic outings which included 11 one day, 15 another day and 2o the next day. Killer flies included dunkeld and clan chief muddler
  • Robbie Bell had 12 to the boat and on the same day Bob Cockburn had 16 to the boat (13 rainbows and 3 browns)
  • Dave Moody fishing from the boat in the afternoon and evening had 7 rainbows and 2 browns
  • Neil Keillor had a good day with 4 rainbows, 1 blue and 2 browns
  • John Bennet fishing from the boat landed what he described as his best ever rainbow. The fish was in mint condition and weighed approximately 8lbs.
  • Sandy Amos also managed to land a beauty of 5.5 lbs which ultimately made its way to the smoker
  • John Bruin had good fun one evening with 4 rainbows and 2 browns
  • The next day fishing from the bank, Pete Dann continued his form with 4 rainbows and 3 browns in a four hour session
  • J Kenny reported the fishing as hard going but still managed 5 rainbows
  • Colin McCauley fishing the bank with his pal Stuart Boland had 5 fish in a four hour evening session
  • John Donaldson as reported earlier had 12 rainbows form the bank and 3 browns and reported the fish as fighting hard and on the next night had 12 rainbows on a short session His killer flies included bloodworm and snatchers
  • Finally today, Neil Keillor fishing with his pal Darrel Young had 6 browns whilst Darrel managed to double that score with an impressive 12 browns

Club News:

Ferranti AC were the only club to visit this last fortnight and they had a tricky day so did well to landed 12 fish to their 6 rods and enjoyed their visit

Other News:

  • A reminder for all those interested in taking part, that the lad(y)s and dads competition in aid of St. Abbs Independent Lifeboat will be held on Sunday 25th Places are limited to the number of boats so please phone and book now to avoid disappointment. Louise, the new owner of Game Fair tackle shop in Berwick has very kindly donated a brand new Greys GTS700 reel which comes with two spare cassettes. This is a superb reel which retails at around £99.99 is being raffled as part of the fund raising efforts, and we are now selling tickets at £1 each available from the fishing lodge. Tickets will be drawn on the day of the competition and the winner informed asap after that.
  • Anyone looking for a last minute short or longer break in Lochside Cottage we still have 10 days free of a late cancellation of a fortnight (3 nights have already been booked). The ten days are in the period Sat 23rd July to Weds 3rd Aug – please contact Carmel if you are interested carmel@coldinghamloch.co.uk or ring our landline.

Robbies Corner:


I have always said that a good set of waterproofs will help you catch more fish than an upgrade to a fancy (expensive) rod.

However my theory and waterproofs have been tested to the limit recently.

Some of the downpours recently have been biblical.

As I am wont to say it’s been persisting down at times.

My recent clients Jane and Nick from Scarborough were the latest “victims” of the Great British Summer.

However as outdoor people they had followed my clothing advice and were properly layered up.

The fishing was a bit tough and despite repeated changes of flies and fly lines as well as retrieves, different methods and locations nothing much worked.

The total was two rainbows netted and a few lost and a nice little perch (see photo).

By four o’clock even these hardy souls had endured enough and the warmth of the hut and a cup of tea proved to be too tempting.

Not the best of days you might say but still good fun.

It was also nice to get a little thank you note from Jane.

“Thank you so much for the pictures we had a great day despite the weather and the fish tasted great hope to see you again sometime. Jane and Nick” (photo of Jane with fish below)

Robbie Bell



Visiting Clubs over the next two weeks:

Only one club during the next fortnight:

  • Cramlington Renegades FFC

We extend a warm welcome to them and hope that the fishing is top notch.

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