25th July – 7th August 2016

‘How’s it fishing?’ the question we are asked numerous times over the course of the season, has in recent weeks, been answered with ‘pretty tough going’. However, it seems like the fishing is just beginning to turn a corner over the past few days, and hopefully as the weather cools a little and the fly life becomes slightly less prolific then the fishing should, in theory, become less tough.

The algal bloom is certainly less of an issue, though this in itself did not seem to affect the fishing, it can still be a factor in the enjoyment of a day on the water. We have had some rain over the past week and then the strong winds of yesterday and today have helped disperse the bloom and, though still coloured in places, we are hopeful that we can move back into a period of clearer water again.

We have continued to keep an eye on the weed situation and this last week, just when we were thinking it might be time to take the cutter off the water, weed popped up in boathouse bay and we spent a day on the cutter taking out what we could. The weed cutting showed how well the smaller fish are doing in the loch this year – there were literally thousands of the little sticklebacks amongst the weed which we can see as it comes up onto the platform of the weedcutter. There were also plenty of perch fry which is also good news for the trout thinking ahead to when they get hungrier and in need of food through the winter.

In our last loch report we noted that the caenis flies were still making their presence felt but this last fortnight they have not been seen in big numbers so fingers crossed that is the end of them this year. There are still very few daddies about so maybe we won’t see them at all this year but who knows we could have an explosion of them yet. There has, however, been very large numbers of sedges around the boat house in the evenings and it’s been interesting to watch the fish take them from the surface of the water around the moored boats. So in general the fishing has been tough going but (with our fingers crossed) it seems we are back to the days of improving returns.

What has been encouraging over the past fortnight has been the number of younger anglers at the loch, no doubt due to the school holidays. On the photo gallery we have a number of photos of dads, children, grandchildren and grandparents and it’s always good to see that they have enjoyed themselves ….. anglers of the future, we hope!

Here is a list of some of those who have managed to hit it right in the last two weeks, fly patterns that have been most successful have included:

Dries : Sedge, yellow owl, shipman’s buzzer, daddies and hoppers.

Buzzers and diawl bachs

Black badger

Apps bloodworm – various colours.

Hot Spot: Swing Gate Bay has definitely been the place to be over the last few days or so but fish are rising in the evenings in most areas of the loch. It has been a case of locating the fish in order to produce the larger returns.

  • Yesterday Ricky Taylor and Wayne Cram had a particularly good day whilst fishing with the West Lothian Fly Dressers. With over 20 rainbows between them to the boat along with a blue and a dozen or so browns they reported having had a cracking day. Ricky also fished the bank on a separate occasion landing 6 rainbows.
  • Ian Anderson whilst on a short break to Lodge Cottage reported having had one of his best ever days with 9 rainbows to the boat.
  • On the same day, Grant, fishing with Taff Green also had a good day with 8 rainbows and numerous missed and lost fish.
  • Ray Morris, fishing with his son Gwillam whilst on their annual holiday to the loch had some superb fishing and on one day recorded 19 rainbows and 2 browns using dries and nymphs.
  • The same day Godfrey Burn recorded having a hard morning but great afternoon with 11 rainbows and 1 brown. Longhorn was his fly of choice.
  • Derek Kilgour landed 14 rainbows to the boat and his boat partner K. Logan added another 6 rainbow to the total. Both fished dries.
  • Mick Kelley had 6 rainbow to the boat using hares ear and blobs.
  • Downie had 7 rainbows and 2 browns using diawl bach and yellow owl.
  • Ronnie Hunter managed 7 rainbow to the boat in a four hour session using hares ear and blob combos.
  • Colin McIssac had 6 rainbow and 6 brown to the boat on what he described as a very tricky day.
  • Alistaire Fyvie had 1 rainbow and 8 browns and described there being plenty of action.
  • Phil Spowage whilst holidaying at Lodge Cottage with his family (see photos) had his best ever fishing session. He fished the bank early evening for a few hours and landed 10 rainbows, 2 blues and 3 browns and reported having missed and lost a few besides.
  • Finally, yesterday, fishing in very strong winds, Neil Keillor and his boat partner Darryl Young, had 10 rainbows and 2 browns to the boat.

With the school holidays coming to a close soon, the club activity starts to increase again, particularly at the weekends. Boat availability on Saturdays and Sundays may be limited so please phone to make a booking in order to avoid disappointment. The bank is not usually a problem in terms of availability, but please remember that to get the most from your bank fishing outing, bring your waders.


Club News:

  • West Lothian Fly Dressers AC fished off the boats on Saturday and reported having a good day despite it being warm and sunny. They had a very respectable 76 fish for 16 rods, (giving a rod average of 4.75) using a variety of flies, with the black badger used by both Wayne Cram and guest angler Ricky Taylor producing the most success.

Other News:

  • The swallows nesting in the boathouse have had a second lot of chicks which have now fledged and they enjoyed using the weed cutter as a perch to both fly from and be fed on by their ever energetic parents (see photos).
  • A reminder that we are raffling a Greys GRS700 reel, which is now in our possession and has been kindly donated by Game Fair of Berwick. This is being raffled in support of the St. Abbs Independent Lifeboat fund. We have also been given a fishing cap Ronnie Hunter donated that he brought back from one of his fishing trips. Tickets are on sale at reception for £1 each and the reel is worth approximately £100. Tickets will be drawn at the end of September on the Lad(y)s and Dads Charity Day.


Visiting Clubs:

The next two weeks sees the following clubs visiting the loch:

  • Eyewater AC
  • Heriots AC


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