23rd July – 5th Aug 12

Yet another period of unsettled weather has resulted in mixed fortunes for many anglers. Those patient enough to work through the fly box have been rewarded with some excellent returns and without exception the use of traditional patterns has been the most rewarding. Occasionally the use of lures, FABs and other such patterns have produced good returns and these can be a good alternative when fishing is slow and the fish need something a little different to liven up proceedings.

Bob Cockburn, one of our most regular anglers continues to set the standard and despite the variable weather conditions has still managed to maintain an average catch of 12 fish for the season so far. Normally accompanied by his father James, Bob has fished most of the season using a combination of traditional patterns which have included, buzzer, suspender buzzer, Wickham’s fancy, hoppers, diawl bachs and various black dries.

Alongside Bob other Coldingham faithfuls such as Peter Hill (Bank Angler), Bob Harrison, Ewan Mutch, Ronnie Hunter, Dougie Barr and Robbie Bell, to name but a few, have all maintained a high standard of returns and a quick look through the catch recording book is worthwhile when considering what to use in any given situation at Coldingham. One of our younger anglers, Lewis accompanied by his uncle Gordon can be seen in the photo gallery below with their blue and rainbow duo.

Our first club visit during this period was from Loan Head Miners and they produced a very impressive return of 40 fish between their 11 anglers. Interestingly all of their fish were rainbows and almost all of them were caught using dry flies.

The very next day we were visited by anglers from the Spittal and Tweedmouth AC. Their 9 anglers with a total of 21 fish had a slightly less impressive rod average but all anglers reported seeing lots of fish moving but for some reason were unable to tempt them onto the hook. Indeed this pattern is quite typical for July fishing which historically is a hard month to fish due mainly to warmer weather and an abundance of fly and invertebrate life. Coldingham Loch is particularly noted for its natural supply of food sources and the fish certainly dine well during the summer months.

The last club to visit us during this period was The Blackbull AC from Dalkeith. (See Photo) Their fishing began on a glorious sunny morning which was quickly replaced after about an hour with thick fog. Later in the day they were deluged by what can only be described as a monsoon which must have moved across from Jedburgh once it had managed to leave the town under water after the river Jed had burst its banks. However the 10 weather beaten anglers still returned a total of 41 fish the biggest of the day a three and a half pound rainbow going to Ken Moore and the best catch and winner of the day going to Jim Hunter. On the same day Steve Kelly and Ian Fairgreave managed 13 fish to their boat and again a combination of dry flies and buzzers did the trick.

All in all therefore the loch continues to fish well from both bank and boat despite a summer that never was and those fortunate enough to catch fish are reporting landing fish of exceptional quality and fighting spirit.

In other news:

  • Our thanks go to our friends Eileen and Dave Brabbin who very ably stood in for us last weekend whilst we were away at a wedding. They did a great job and we hope to be seeing them again soon for a well-earned break.
  • Our tackle exchange board located in the fisherman’s lodge seems to be working well and we hope that visitors to the loch will find it a useful source of tackle new and old to be bought or swapped.
  • Bob Harrison, whilst out fishing with one of his regular partners, Ewan Whitelaw, managed to land a stunning resident brown trout of approximately seven and a half pounds (see photo). As you can see from the photo this was an exceptional fish that was safely returned to the loch to fight another day and adds to the growing list of browns and blues that are being caught alongside the rainbows.
  • Weed cutting in the loch has started and will continue for the next week or so. The weed problem this year is not as great as in some of the previous year’s probably due to the excessive amount of rain that we have had this year. As a result of cutting the weed there is the start of an algal bloom in the loch but this does not seem to be affecting the quality of fishing.
  • Evening sessions are still going ahead and anglers are seeing some of the most spectacular rises of fish in response to the various hatches of flies from the loch. Fishing in these conditions can be tough but is somewhat compensated by the spectacle of the rise and the beauty of the loch in these conditions.
  • We have not had any new sightings of the otters but it is clear that they are around and enjoying their new found larder however we are seeing more and more deer around the loch and many fishermen and resident guests are reporting having seen them.

During our next period we will be visited by The Border Bears AC, Northumberland Police AC and The Heriots AC.  As always we extend a warm welcome to them and hope that they get the right conditions for some excellent fishing.

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