22nd August – 4th Sept 2016

As you will see from Robbies Blog, things are changing for the better but the good days are still interspersed with tough ones and as always, tactics and positioning are crucial to finding the fish. Just last week it was encouraging to see the fish well distributed around the loch but towards the tail end of this week the majority of rising fish are once again to be found in Swing Gate Bay.

Fly patterns are quite varied but in the main it is a combination of dries and nymphs that seem to be most effective. Just last night whilst out fishing with Karl Ferguson, Diawl Bachs fished on floating lines and pulled quite fast were working well with depth and speed being the key to success. Rainbows are forming the majority of fish being landed but the browns are providing some excellent sport and variety and it is clear that they are growing at a good rate. Blues are less obvious in the returns but those that have manged to hook into them are commenting, as usual on the hard fighting qualities of these fish.

It’s great to see the bank being used more often and the returns from the bank anglers are an equal match for the boats. We welcomed Jeff Prest from Trout Fisherman to the loch last Thursday and he spent the majority of the day in the company of James Gardiner fishing from the bank. Typically, the day before was a beautiful day as was the day after but on the day of Jeff’s visit it was hard to see the loch at times due to a thick haar that veiled the area for most of the day. Despite or maybe even due to this, the fishing was good and by lunch time James had manged to winkle out around 10 fish. Jeff bagged some great atmospheric photos which will appear in the coming months in one of his articles for Trout Fisherman magazine. If we get the heads up as to when it will appear we will let you know. Robbie joined us for lunch and he too had had a very productive morning from the boat and so Jeff was able to build up a good picture of how the loch was performing from both angles. Fly patterns were discussed over lunch and the afternoon whilst not quite as productive as the morning, still produced some excellent sport for Jeff to observe. We would like to thank him for his visit and James for facilitating the fishing, and look forward to seeing the finished article.



So who else did well over the last two weeks?

  • Bob Cockburn 18 in total which included 5 browns. Buzzers and nymphs am and dries pm.
  • Ronnie Hunter had nine to the boat in a four hour session using various patterns
  • Robbie Bell had 13 to the boat including 3 browns
  • Terry Car had a great day using CDCs with 9 fish in total.
  • Pete Dann had a very productive 4 hour bank session with 7 landed and many more missed and lost.
  • McKenzie had 9 whilst his fishing partner S. Robertson had a further 7.
  • Stuart Younger had 7 from the bank.
  • Karl Ferguson had 10 to the boat including one brown using diawl bachs.
  • Mick Yeomans had 11 fish from the bank fishing alongside Norham and Ladykirk AC using a cdc / yellow owl


Club News:

  • Gilmerton AC – Their 11 rods managed a very respectable total of 55 fish to the boats. Ian McNickle Jnr landed the most fish with 10 to the boat whilst Chris Verracuia had the heaviest 3 fish bag with 6lbs 14 ozs.
  • Edinburgh Post Office FFC – 27 fish in total for 12 anglers. Recorded- Good Sport but hard going at times.
  • Priory FFC – had a total of 24 fish for the day. They reported having had an excellent day but difficult.
  • Roslin AC – 20 fish for 6 anglers. Andy Hamlyn had the heaviest bag with 4 fish for 9lbs.
  • Norham & Ladykirk AC – had a challenging day and took 31 fish for 12 anglers. Dave Moody took the heaviest bag prize with 3 fish for 9lbs 12 ozs. Dave also had the heaviest fish weighing 3lbs 4 ozs and won the Bert Foreman Cup (see photo).


Other News:

  • Please note that on Sunday the 25th September we will once again be holding our annual ‘Lad(y)s and Dads Charity Day. All boats are now full and as always the loch will be closed to other anglers on this day so please make a note of this to avoid turning up and being disappointed.
  • Raffle tickets are still on sale for the Greys reel which has been kindly donated by Gamefair of Berwick and we also now have an additional raffle prize of a boat bag which has been kindly donated by Andy Taylor editor of Total Flyfisher Magazine through the efforts of Les Lockey. Thanks to everyone involved. Please support our chosen charity St Abbs Independent Lifeboat by buying tickets when you are next at the loch and thanks to those who have already done so.
  • A note to remind people that the boats should be left in a state in which you would like to find them. We do our best to present the boats in a clean and tidy state before going out but would remind people that it is their responsibility to keep the boats tidy whilst in use and to remove litter, used line, cigarette ends etc at the end of their fishing session. A bin is located next to the boat house for your use. We would also remind people that all cigarette ends should be binned and not just thrown on the floor or in the loch as nicotine is particularly harmful to fish and other aquatic life and apart from which it is just respectful to discard them in the bins provided.


Robbie’s Blog:

Robbie’s Weather

Yesterday it was 34 degrees in Gravesend.

Well 33.9 to be totally accurate.

Today it is 14 degrees at the Loch with a slight mizzle.


It’s your weather again! Says my wife Margaret as I leave and with only a faint smile as she says it.

Carmel and Gareth are in agreement as I arrive at the Loch.

Its Robbie’s weather they say almost in unison.

Proper fishing weather and with the water temperature just under 15 degrees the fishing should be good. There is still a lot of colour in the Loch but it has definitely changed from green to brown which probably indicates the algae is dying off and should sink away soon.

I motor down to Swing Gate Bay and with light winds I am able to anchor right at the “cod end”

There is a stony bottom here so the mud anchors will only work in a very gentle breeze.

First cast a Rainbow.

Second Cast a Rainbow

Third Cast a Small Brown.

Fourth Cast a Rainbow but it gets off in the weed.

Fifth Cast a Rest!

James Gardiner comes wandering along the bank and asks how I am getting on.

He is doing a feature with Jeff Prest from Trout Fisherman magazine so I give him as much information as I can.

Midge Tip with a Biscuit and a Mini Huey.   Figure of Eight. Across the wind.

Fifteen minutes later he comes back with Jeff who I have met a few times and we exchange pleasantries.

By Lunchtime James has had quite a few from the bank and I ended up with six Rainbows and the Brown.

Obviously it had considerably slowed down from the start!!

Carmel and Gareth had laid on a splendid lunch to which I was invited with James and Jeff.

 Good Food, Good Company and Good Crack!

Venturing out again I had two Rainbows quickly and then a lean spell and another two just before I packed up.

A couple of the Browns on some very small Black Dries filled in the middle of the afternoon so all in all a great day.

The mizzle did die away only to be replaced by a fairly thick Haar.

Perfect Robbie’s Weather. Ha Ha


Robbie Bell, Scottish Borders Fly Fishing



Visiting Clubs:

Over the next two weeks we will be hosting the following clubs:

  • Mayfly AC
  • Leith FFC
  • Kelso British Legion FFC
  • North Berwick FFC
  • Mid Lothian AA
  • Phoenix AC
  • Pencaitland AC

As always we wish them a warm welcome and hope that they get to enjoy some good September sport.

Please click on the photo to enlarge and use arrows to scroll through.

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