20th May – 2nd June 2019

Another two weeks of tremendous fishing with some rather large fish being caught is a brief summary of what’s been going on.

Bank and boat alike have been very productive and on the days when the wind has allowed the boats in to Swing Gate Bay, the fishing down there has been very good. Apps bloodworm fished on a floating or midge tip line using a very slow figure of eight retrieve has worked particularly well.

Elsewhere on the loch, the top end near to the reed bed has fished very well using dries in the shallower water, whilst Boat House Bay has worked produced well using both dries and the occasional wets or lures.

Due to the very dry conditions the water level is down from what it would normally be at this time of the year and as a consequence the weed is starting to become obvious but is still below the surface of the water along the south shore. However this is definitely not affecting the fishing as yet and the loch is fishable in all areas. The temperature of the loch remains around the 10 degrees C mark which is just right and means that the fish that are being hooked are putting up a tremendous fight. As I mentioned earlier fish of around the 5lb mark are coming in on a fairly regular basis and even double figure fish have been netted during the past two weeks. A good range of rainbows, blues, browns and the occasional tiger (see photo) are being recorded and it’s great to receive the positive comments that we have been doing about the quality and diversity of size and type that are being landed.

Perhaps we are a little biased but we feel that the loch is fishing as well as it can for the time of the year and if you are fortunate enough to be here during a hatch of olives, the dry fly fishing has been exceptional.

As always, the willingness to move around and try various techniques is giving reward and it also makes the day that much more interesting with lots of other things to see, on and around the loch.

Flies to try, include:

Dries: F Fly, Yellow Owl, Bibio Hopper, Foam Buzzers, Daddy, Summer Bibio.

Wets and Lures: Apps Bloodworm (Red or Orange), Damsel, FAB (biscuit)

Nymphs: Buzzers (red and black), diawl bach (orange hot head), crunchers.

( All of the above have, in the main, been fished on or near to the surface on a floating or midge tip line )

Club News:

  • Wiremill FFC – no returns filled in the book so we can’t report on this
  • Railway Inn FFC – had 11 fish to their 6 rods on a ‘tough and very windy day’ all to the buzzer
  • Heriots AC – Fishing yesterday in what might be described as near perfect conditions the Heriots landed 42 fish to 8 rods heaviest bag was 8lbs 11 oz for 2 fish.
  • Edinburgh Amateurs AC – Fishing today in slightly windy conditions and all had an enjoyable day  

Other News:

  • Please note that there are just 7 places left for the second heat of the Coldingham Loch Cup Competition. The date for the heat is Saturday the 17th August. The top ten rods on the day will go through to the final which will be held on either Sunday 27th October or Saturday the 2nd November depending on the weather conditions. There are some great prizes to be won in the final and once again our thanks go out to Mike, the owner of Fishers in Penicuik for supplementing the prize fund. Please phone to book.
  • The Lad(y)s and Dads charity day competition is almost fully booked with only three boats remaining. Again, please phone to book to avoid disappointment. This is a really fun day with great food and all proceeds from the day going to a really worthy cause i.e. St Abbs Independent Life Boat.
  • Evening sessions are now in full swing and some of the best fishing can be had after 5pm. The loch is currently open until 10pm. Get in soon before the caenis arrive!!!!
  • Finally but not least the loch and its environs is awash with nature in the full busy-ness of late spring and many anglers have heard and commented on the resident sing thrush that belts out his tune for hours on end form dawn til dusk from his favourite perch above the fishing hut. We also have a pied wagtail sitting on her eggs in an old plastic container used for bailing boats and sitting on the shelf in the boathouse. Colin Riach fishing yesterday with the Heriots managed to get a photo of her in her yellow palace and kindly sent it to us – his gallery of photos can be found at the end of this loch report. Thanks Colin for sharing these again with us – a great mixture of shots and a million times better than any we take! Thanks

Robbies Blog:

100 Things.

This subject came up in conversation with a regular at the Loch last week.

While having a general conversation he mentioned that he had been at the Lake of Menteith.

Now I fish there every year although not that often but I am always very interested to hear how it has been fishing,

So when I asked him how he had got on at the Lake he said he had managed 3 Trout.

However he went on to say that another angler who is also a regular visitor to Coldingham Loch had had 23 on the very same day.

With a quizzical look on his face he wondered out loud how “they” did it.

Which brought this story to mind.

Now I did not start Trout Fishing until just over 20 years ago.

I knew straight away there was a lot to learn and that starting later in life I needed to catch up quickly so I arranged a day out with Chris Guthrie who is a well known Fly Fisherman from the North East of England.

He is a right Geordie and one of the things he said to me that day is.

(Apologies for the Accent)

“Why aye man to ketch a troot ya need to git a hunner things reet and if ye only get 99 reet yill no catch im”

So what does this really mean?

Well in simple terms it means paying attention to detail.

Now if you have ever fished Coldingham Loch with a good rise on you will know there are a lot of Trout in there.

I mean a LOT.

So with the clear water I would say that any angler fishing there for a day will probably have hundreds of fish look at his flies.

So how do the “good” anglers get 23 fish and those, can we ever so politely say “perhaps less skilled” catch only 3.

100 things?

The details?

So what are they?

Well of course there may not be exactly 100 but here are a few you may wish to consider starting with the Flies

Are they good flies well tied and on an appropriate hook?

Is the hook well sharpened?

Are they appropriate to the time of the year?

Are they suitable for the method you are fishing?

Are they well spaced on the leader

Is the leader an appropriate diameter?

Will the leader allow sufficient natural movement of your flies?

Is the leader strong enough to land the fish?

Is the leader in proportion to the fly line, your rod rating and the flies?

Well that is a start and then we would have to go on and think about much, much more.

Casting, Angles, Retrieves, Presentation, Depths, Location, Other Tackle and maybe a bit of Entomology.

And of course the many Decisions contained within every one of those subjects.

Each of those individual topics and their decisions will have many options to consider.

We will all make many conscious and unconscious decisions during the day that may well add up to 100

And………….if one of those, and perhaps just the one, is wrong…………………………………  !

Best Regards



(44) 01289 302 510

Visiting Clubs:

  • Pencaitland AC
  • Black Bull FFC

The above two clubs will be visiting us over the next two weeks and as always we wish them a warm welcome with, hopefully some great fishing.

Below is Colin Riach’s gallery of photos from the Heriots AC trip to the loch yesterday – some great pictures the flies on the surface of the water is a real beauty. For best viewing, click on the photo to enlarge and use the arrows to scroll through

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