20th July – 2nd August 2015

Here we are now into August and a fairly similar report to the last one in that  the weather has continued to be unseasonal at times,  and constantly changing so prompting some tricky fishing conditions for some and good conditions for others. Water temperatures remain good for the time of year in that the cooler weather and strong winds has meant the temperature has not climbed too high – no more than 15C this last period which is lower than we have experienced the last few Julys.

Feeding patterns continue to be erratic and difficult to predict but the evening sessions have definitely improved in this last period, as the last of caenis fly hatches have now thankfully faded into memory. There is of course still an abundance of food for the fish and the sedges are still plentiful in the evenings but on the whole we have had anglers report good sport and better catches in the evenings of this last period than the first previous one in early July.

Choice of fly as ever has been varied but on the whole dry flies have worked well over the last two weeks and some success has been coming to the likes of daddies and hoppers and also cdc / shuttlecock buzzers including the yellow owl which still remains in favour amongst many anglers. Something bright like a FAB, blob or sparkler continue to attract fish and also the Cats whisker (the cut throat one in particular which has a bright red/orange throat to it) has been doing well over the last few days.

A common experience, especially for anglers using dries has been that fish have been coming to the fly and then not connecting but we know that as the natural fly life begins to diminish the fish will come on again and things will get lively again. Even having taken out some weed now (see below) the feeding patterns will be altered and it will be interesting to see the impact on how the trout respond to the angler’s flies.

Those of you who read our last report will know that we had a breakdown on the weed-cutter 10 days or so ago and we are pleased to say that this is now fixed and the cutter is back in action. We have had the help of young Ewan Whitelaw with the weed-cutting who is on his summer trip to stay with Grandma Judy Whitelaw whom some of you may know as he often fishes here with Bob Harrison.  Ewan is proving a natural when it comes to driving the cutter (see photos) and we can safely say he has an annual summer holiday job on his hands if he wants it! Thank you Ewan. Interestingly the weed is not as prolific as we thought which we often only discover once actually cutting it, so far we have only had 4 loads off and many of the passes of the cutter are bringing up only small amounts of the weed. We will of course continue to cut as and when the weed dictates it.

One point of interest that you may or may not be aware of, is that last week the country experienced a blue moon. Apparently, this only occurs once every couple of years and is significant as there is a full moon on two consecutive nights and the phenomenon gives rise to the saying ‘Once every blue moon’. On the same day that this happened James Cockburn caught more fish than his son Bob …… an equally rare occurrence but one worthy of a special mention in our loch report. Well done James and now let’s see if you can fulfil another saying …. Lightening, and striking twice springs to mind!


Catches of note during the last two weeks:

  • Gordon Boulding recorded his day on the bank catching 9 fish as being a ‘red letter day, tremendous fishing, lots of fish moving best approx. 6lbs and another approx. 4lbs.’
  • Mike Bisset fishing with Bill Paterson had one fish approx. 8 lbs returned to the loch and caught on a heatherfly
  • James and Joy Gardiner fishing together one afternoon and evening had (for them) a low number of 7 to the boat on hares ear and cdc shuttlecock reporting 2 of the fish as being over 6 lbs
  • Freddy Carter reported having lost a huge fish of approx. 10lbs whilst boat partner Peter Hottinger landed 4 fish on yellow owl during their evening session
  • Colin McLachlan landed 8 fish to the bank using hoppers and then on a second visit landed 10 using emerger and diawl bach
  • Bob Cockburn 8 to the boat (dad James nil) to various flies and then on his second trip reported landing 3 fish to his 28 bites/offers whilst Dad James landed 4 of his 6 offers….the blue moon event as described above!
  • Bob Harrison had a few evening sessions on the loch with Ewan Whitelaw who was staying at Lochside cottage with grandma Judy Whitelaw and they all caught fish each day of their stay here
  • Steve Robson, holiday guest in Elm reported enjoying his bank fishing in the evenings and landed a few fish each session often from the western shore and reported the fish being close in to the shore. He caught using various flies including black cdc, cdc olive and sedge and a total of around 16 fish in short sessions in the evenings off the bank
  • Laura Hughes and Jonny Brown had a taster session with Robbie Bell and each landed two fish using a hot head damsel and thoroughly enjoyed their first time fly fishing
  • Darryl Young landed 8 fish to buzzers including a blue trout
  • Gordon Swift had a bumper day on the bank having 15 fish mainly to dries and then a few on boobies.
  • The Bowden family were staying in Lodge for a family holiday and the three children each went out with Dad Warren showing them the ropes. They were pleased to catch a good sized rainbow of about 4lbs for the BBQ (see photo) caught on an olive buzzer.
  • John Finlay caught 6 on dry fly off the bank in 3 hours on Saturday evening recording a ’superb evening fishing’


Club News:

  • Thurston Manor had only a couple of anglers and they fished a half day session in wet and windy conditions doing well to stick it out and taking just two fish between them
  • Eyewater AC fished at the end of this period and reported having an enjoyable day with mixed results with a number of anglers catching their bag and beyond on flies ranging from muddlers, crunchers and dancers to pheasant tail nymph (Fergus Aitchison using this fly was top rod with 7 fish)
  • Border Bears fished an afternoon and evening session and enjoyed good sport on a range of flies and methods their 6 anglers having 16 fish, all rainbows. Alec Warren had the largest fish a lovely 4lb rainbow and Graham Inkpen had the biggest bag with 7 fish.

Other news:

  • Please note that all places are now full for the lad(y)s and dads charity day on Sunday 27th September
  • As the nights are starting to draw in, we would encourage you to take advantage of what remains of the evening sessions. Some of the best catches have been coming in the evenings and both boat and bank have performed well in recent evenings.


Clubs visiting in the next period will be:

  • Bank of Scotland
  • Heriots AC

As always we look forward to seeing these clubs at the loch and wish you all a successful fishing trip.


Holidays 2016:

Please note that we are taking reservations for next year for the holiday cottages – please contact Carmle by ringing the landline or email at info@coldinghamloch.co.uk if you have any dates you would like reserving and then later in the year we will be in touch for confirmation with deposits etc


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