20th August – 2nd Sept 2018

An end to the summer holidays heralds the return of the clubs to the loch which usually means that the weekends start to get busy again up until the end of October. With this in mind it is always advisable to phone to check availability of boats, particularly at the weekends.

As we mentioned in our last report the loch is once again returning to normal after the high temperatures of the summer that we have just experienced and normal conditions mean that the fishing has also definitely turned a corner.

Good returns are starting to become common once again in the catch record book and clubs are also putting in some fine performances. An example of this was Roslin British Legion on Sunday wno managed to land a total of 50 fish for their 7 anglers with a total bag weight of over 50 lbs. This was their best weight of the season, but more about them in the Club News later on in the report.

The water is almost back to completely clear with just a hint of a suspension still detectable, fly life is still in evidence but is certainly not as prolific as in the earlier summer months and as a result the fish are now turning their attentions to the fry life that is abundant in the loch. Patterns such as minkie, badger, damsel and apps worms are working well on midge tip and intermediate lines but occasionally fish are still looking up to patterns such as summer bibio, daddy, hoppers and sedges fished on floating lines. The loch is also fishing much more evenly now with the fish moving out of the deeper water and occupying more of the margins. Boat house Bay and the area just to the left of Lochside Cottage were particularly productive over the weekend but as I say, fish were being caught in just about all other parts of the loch too.

We have also noticed that there has been a much better variety of fish being caught and anglers have been very complimentary about this. The loch contains fish of all sizes and we now also have a few tiger trout which are proving popular with those that are lucky enough to hook them. (See photo gallery for browns, tiger & rainbows)

We are pleased to say that the swallows and the house martins seem to have had a particularly good breeding season this year and believe it or not we still have nests with young ones in, waiting to fledge. We believe that this must be the third or even fourth brood of the season but with time running out before the migration they will need to learn to fly fast if they are to make the long journey to Africa. It’s always quite sad to see them go but equally uplifting to see them return in the spring.

We will have a quick run through the list of people who have done particularly well during the last fortnight and included in this are some memorable catches:

  • John McGregor gets the first mention as, included in his total catch of 4 fish for his evenings fishing was a 6lb brownie (see feature photo & in gallery below – a brute!) caught near the reed bed at the top end of the loch. John’s comment was that “if I catch another 100 fish this season none would be as good as my 6lb brownie tonight, thanks”
  • Bob Cockburn fishing with his dad James managed to land a very creditable 18 fish to the boat with James contributing 8 to the total. Black lures daddies and beetles.
  • Les Lockey – 13 to the boat using a combination of dries and wet flies. His best was a rainbow of approx. 6lbs.
  • Colin McIsaac – 13 on his first outing using black crippled midge and daddies followed by 15 on his next which included 4 brownies (see photos of one of these)
  • Ronnie Hunter – 9 to the boat on his first 4 hour outing followed by a further 8 on his next. Buzzers ,FAB, blobs.
  • Mike (Fishers of Penicuik) – 9 to the boat on what he described as a lovely day with great surface sport.
  • John Finlay – 7 to the bank including two brownies.
  • Steve Bowden – 6 to the bank on his final evening session of his stay with us. Black hoppers and buzzers.
  • P Johnson – 5 to the boat in an evening session. Dry hopper.
  • Paul Shirkie – 6 to the boat including a brownie. Streamer and sedge hogg.
  • Darrel Young – 7 to the boat including a Tiger of approx. 2lbs. Cormorants.
  • Pete Dann – 7 to the bank followed by the same score on his next outing. Hoppers and Diawl Bachs.
  • Allan Cook – 8 to the boat. Cormorants and humungous.
  • John McGee and his buddy Chick had a great few days with us. They caught s good range of fish using mainly lures (rabbits)
  • Neil McIntyre and Craig Pennycook – 10 to the boat. Pearly Invicta and contrast killer.
  • Simon Menzies – 11 to the boat including 2 brownies. Black suspender buzzer, pearly spider, black midge.
  • American visitors, J Odom and K Bradew both enjoyed their first fly fishing experience with Robbie taking them out on the loch for a taster day landing a rainbow and a brownie
  • Steve Crawford and Gordon Boulding fishing the bank had a total of 12 fish in a short but fun session. Red Shipmans, hoppers and black beetle.
  • John Stewart and Billy Fuzz – 14 to the boat. Various.
  • David Auld – 12 to the boat. Damsel and Cats.
  • D Johnson – 9 to the boat. Hares ear and buzzers.
  • R Punton – 6 to the boat. Black Pennel.
  • Alan Hague – 5 to the bank and lost another couple. Black hoppers.
  • Lynsey King and her friend Joanna from Muirfield Golf Club came to fish here for the first time and managed to hook into a good number of fish during their short 2 hour session. They reported having had a great day and I’m sure that this will not be their last fly fishing outing. Well done ladies!

Club News:

  • Mayfly AC – Reported, “A great day had by all. Thank you from Mayfly AC”. Mark Tunna had the best weight for the day with four fish for 8lbs 8 ozs. Thanks to you as well lads.
  • Gulls Nest FFC – Colin Miller and Bill Renton both recorded catches of 4 fish each for a weight of 9lbs per bag.
  • Roslin British Legion FFC – As mentioned earlier Roslyn had a great day yesterday. With over 50 fish and a total kept weight of over 50lbs they were delighted with their outing. Their catch included a mixture of rainbows, blues, browns (returned) and 2 tigers up to 3 lbs (returned). Not surprisingly they have already phoned to book their club dates for next year!

Other News:

  • The Coldingham Cup Competition: We have been really encouraged by your response to this as already there are only a couple of places left for the first heat which is being held on Sunday 14th October and places for the second heat which will be held on Saturday the 20th October are also filling up fast. If you are interested in being a part of this please get in touch soon to avoid disappointment.
  • Please note that the loch is fully booked on Sunday 16th September as the Ashington Kingfishers are holding their annual social event here and have booked all boats and bank places.

Robbies Blog:

No blog from Robbie this time as he is currently away but we look forward to hearing from him in our next report.

Visiting Clubs:

During the next fortnight we will be hosting the following clubs:

  • Western AC
  • Priory AC
  • Leith FFC
  • Norham and Ladykirk
  • Bank of Scotland
  • Ashington Kingfishers

Let’s hope for some more memorable returns!


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