1st – 14th October 2012

This report promises to be a shorter one than the last with a somewhat less eventful fortnight however the loch offered some excellent fishing and some good rises being witnessed by those keen enough to get out on the loch at this time of year. With some more settled weather at times during this last period anglers have continued to enjoy some good surface action particularly in the early and latter part of the day.

Paul and Sharon Hird enjoyed their visit to Lochside and were lucky to have wall to wall sunshine for the first four days of their stay. Paul is a keen exponent of buzzer fishing and when not on the water he spent many an hour tying for the next day. He had an exceptional week being rewarded with large numbers of fish and an equally large number of requests from other fishermen asking him to share with them what it was he was doing. He was happy to do this and very generously shared a large number of his flies with the other anglers. I even got some myself …. Thanks Paul !

During last week we witnessed very large hatches of chironomids (none biting midges) hence anyone brave and patient enough to fish very small buzzers usually with a hint of red in them, were duly rewarded. This was the case from both bank and boat and it is fair to say that it has been a very productive period. It is however, always pleasing to see the bank anglers doing so well and enjoying the accessibility around the loch to get to their favourite spots. Peter Hill, Pete Davies, James Stephens, Ginger, Bob Harrison, Brian Bevan, John McGregor to name but a few of our regulars, are now reporting some of the best bank fishing of the season and have all reported landing fish of superb quality and fighting spirit.

This period has also once again been laced with tales of the ones that got away and many anglers are reporting hooking into strong fighting fish that they have difficulty controlling, often being taken down to the backing and in many cases resulting in the fish getting the better of the angler. Clearly the fish are benefiting from the exceptional quality of the water at this time of the year coupled to a plentiful, natural food supply. The minnows and small fry had better watch out as we move closer to the colder weather and the insect life slows down.

Fly patterns that have worked have been quite varied, with the possible exception of the buzzer which seems to have been the most consistent. Other useful patterns have included, damsel, cormorant, sedge, small black dries, cat’s whisker and even the hawthorn. As always, the trick seems to be having the patience to go through the box whilst keeping an eye on what nature is providing all around you.

Club News:

Northumbria  Police took on the  Fife Police anglers for their annual head to head and Breadalbane angling club fished on the same day. All three clubs reported superb fishing. The 10 anglers from the police had a return of 30 fish and on this occasion it was Fife who managed to take top spot on the day. The Breadalbane anglers had 8 anglers and managed a total of 19 fish for the day with a beautiful brown being reported amongst the catch.

Thurston Manor made their first visit to the loch as a club and enjoyed a 4 hour competition on Saturday. Their 14 anglers had 19 fish during their short session and again reported having had a cracking morning.

Finally, Ashington Kingfisher’s (see photo) fished their loch style competition here on Sunday and as usual returned superb numbers of fish caught. Their 19 anglers caught and returned a total of 83 fish and we were delighted to see a return to form for Ian Fairgrieve Jnr who had a personal total of 10 fish for the day. The winner on the day though was Jimmy Forster congratulations Jimmy.

As we mentioned in the last report, these were the last club visits of the season and once again we would like to thank you all for your support throughout our first season and hope to see you back again next year.

Other News:

  • Work on the path along the south shore is now almost complete with only about 20 yards or so to go. Many bank anglers have commented on what a difference this has made to their ease of access and during the winter we are hoping to make further improvements to various sections of the pathways.
  • Many thank to our friends Keith and Dave who once again visited us last week. As usual they helped with many of the jobs the biggest of which was probably laying the new water pipe to Lochside Cottage. The pipe has been passed through the loch and is now attached to the electricity cable to the cottage. This should mean that we will be able to use the cottage for more of the year without fear of frozen over- ground pipes. Thanks lads!
  • As the season is nearing its end this will be the penultimate report of the year with our last report appearing sometime in early November. We hope that you have enjoyed reading the news and viewing the photos and will continue with the reports next year if it is felt that it has been a good idea. Your feedback on this would really be appreciated and you can contact us via email at info@ coldinghamloch.co.uk/2015 or just tell us what you think next time you are here.
  • Carmel and I were invited to St. Abbs RNLI HQ to hand over the money that was raised at our recent Lads and Dads day (see photo). A total of £130 was raised and Operation Manager, Alastair Crowe, asked us to thank everyone that took part  for their support. This event seems to have been a huge success and we are hoping to run it again next year at around the same time of year and hopefully raise even more money for this great cause. Watch out for further details.

Trout Fisherman is doing a feature on Coldingham Loch and we have been told it will appear in the November issue which should be out soon.

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