1st – 14th May 2012

Early May saw the continuation of the dominant E/NE wind which on occasions brought strong wind and bitterly cold conditions. Despite this, Coldingham Loch regulars such as Bob and James Cockburn, Robbie Bell, Peter Hill (bank angler), Brian Palmer (bank angler) continued to demonstrate that with the right tactics good numbers of fish can always be caught. Crystal clear water has meant that stealth has been necessary and the intermittent sunny days has meant that surface and sub surface flies have needed to be deployed on a regular basis.

Fly patterns such as cormorant, damsel, buzzer, diawl bach, cruncher and bibio have been amongst the favorites during this last period. Interestingly the Hawthorns have now started to hatch along with a number of sedges and daddy long legs which could indicate that the dry fly season is starting to happen properly.

Club news included visits from Mid Lothian AA with 14 rods experiencing a cold day but managing some good fish amongst which were some very pleasing brown trout. Heriots made their second visit of the season and on a much warmer day their 10 anglers managed to catch 82 fish overall, the biggest of which was a 7lb 11oz rainbow weighed in the net & safely returned. Another angler was snapped by what he described as a broad backed double figure fish. And on the same day a 5lb 14oz rainbow fell to the rod of a non Heriot angler, John Pease.

Breadalbane AC visited on 9th May and once again experienced a bitter wind on a bright day which drove the fish down & made them difficult to catch. Norham & Ladykirk concluded the club visits during this period and all but a couple of anglers returned very creditable bags the best of which was the 4 fish bag of Ronnie Hek weighing 10lb 11oz with hiw best fish a rainbow of 3lb 11oz.

The best catch of this period fell to the rod of Coldingham Loch regular Bob Harrison accompanied by Judy and Ewan Whitelaw. After a long battle Bob successfully landed and weighed in the net an 11lb rainbow which is the biggest fish that has been recorded since we arrived last September. See main photo.

It was a pleasure to welcome Les Lockey and his fly tying friends and it was great to see them enjoy such a wonderful days fishing.

Other news of interest includes the sightings of some special birdlife including a Barn Owl, a Short Eared Owl and a very rare sighting of a Spoonbill which was verified by a number of anglers. Roe deer are now regular visitors to the loch and are often seen grazing.

Wild flowers are plentiful (see images added to gallery) and amongst those on display are a few wild orchids growing near to the dyke on the western shore.

During the next two weeks we look forward to seeing Benedictine AA and the Ashington Kingfishers who we hope the weather will be kinder to than the last time. We also look forward to welcoming the anglers coming to the loch for fishing holidays and hope the weather takes a turn for he better for their stay.



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