1st – 14th July 2019

This last fortnight has seen some variable weather and in particular this last week we have had more than our fair share of rain. On Thursday of last week we had a huge and prolonged downpour of rain along with thunder and lightening. The loch rose by a good few inches and we could hear and see the spring gushing into the loch near the boathouse entrance.

Wind has generally been light these last couple of weeks and so weed cutting has not been on the agenda as much as we might have hoped. However, most people fishing up the north end (where the weed has not yet been cut) reported it being perfectly fishable on dries, though if on an intermediate it may be a bit harder to keep from getting tangled in the weed.

Boat and bank are both still fishing well for the time of the year albeit things have got trickier this last few days. The heavy rains we had were in warm temperatures so did not cool the loch down despite filling it up! It is sitting at at 14 degrees C which is reasonable for the time of year and we will of course get the aerator going if conditions dictate we need to. There is a slight suspension in the water and this may increase if we do more weed cutting but so far we have not had an algael bloom.

The caenis fly hatch is still a regular feature in the evenings and have affected boat rods at times but not so much the bank rods and some anglers have reported good returns from an evening session, though early morning holiday guests are probably having the best fishing of all, particularly from a boat.

Fly patterns have remained fairly consistent:

Dries : Yellow Owl, Balloon Caddis, Black Hoppers, Natural Daddies and Sedges are also worth a try too.

Others: Biscuit Fab, Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, Damsel, Apps Bloodworm, Cats Whisker.

Some bigger fish are still being caught and Alistair White took a 4lb and half pound rainbow in this last period when out fishing with his dad David White (see photo). Anglers are commenting on the variety of size of fish being landed this last month or so.

Floating and midge tip lines remain the most effective with fish presenting themselves either on top or within the first few feet of water. Anglers have reported that hoppers and daddies are most successful at the moment if fished statically – it can be hard for some of us to leave the fly, not move it in any way but that is what is working….

Once again a plea that if you are fishing catch and release please ensure you fish with barbless or de-barbed hooks so as to damage the fish as little as possible. This will become even more important if the weather warms up and the fish become harder to revive following a lengthy play. The quicker they can be landed and returned, the better.

Club News:

As mentioned last time the club bookings are much fewer this time of year as it can be a trickier time for fishing alongside us now being in full swing of the holiday season. We had the following three clubs in this last period:

  • Spittal & Tweedmouth AC reported having had ‘a difficult day but brilliant and enjoyable’ and Nicky Bell landed the heaviest fish of 3lb 10oz to the damsel
  • Edinburgh Medical AC fished an evening session and reported having had a thoroughly enjoyable time on the loch as it was a beautiful evening to be out on the water, however the conditions and the caenis made it a difficult evening with Peter being the top rod landing four fish to the dry
  • Pencaitland AC had a very tough day yesterday fishing in muggy and humid conditions with very little wind. The members reported seeing plenty of fish moving but getting interest in the flies they were offering proved a challenge. Those that caught a few fish did so mainly with the cats whisker up at the north end of the loch. We hope their next visit is  a more productive one. 

Visiting Clubs:

There are no clubs booked to visit the loch this next period

Other News:

  • Our annual Charity Day on Sunday 29th Sept has just one remaining boat so please ring if you are wanting to book and help us raise funds for St Abbs Independent Lifeboat. If you are not able to attend, please support this worthy cause by buying raffle tickets available here at the loch. Thank you to those of you who have already done so and good luck – there are some great prizes this year
  • There are now just 3 places left for the 2nd heat of this year’s Coldingham Loch Cup being held on Saturday 17th August. Please phone to book if you want one of these remaining places.
  • Bob Harrison paid a visit to the loch in this last period and it was great to see him again here with a rod in his hand (see photo). We hope that next time he will feel able and comfortable enough to get out on the water on the wheelie boat.

Robbies Blog:

Lads and Dads.

This is a popular competition at the Loch that has raised many thousands of pounds for the St Abbs Lifeboat over the past seven years.

I have fished all of them since the start and each one with different partners but all just about in the appropriate age range for a Lad

However last week I got to do the real thing when my youngest son Andrew was over with his young family on a visit “home” from his new home in Nova Scotia.

We had started fishing at Coldingham when he was about 8 years old often on a Friday evening when there was no school the next day.

My wife Margaret to this day reckons I only started to take him to get some extra fishing in myself.

How could she possibly think that!

Anyway my modus operandi was to cast out as long a line as I could for him and get him to do as slow a retrieve as he could. I would then get one or two casts in myself while he was doing that and then we would repeat the same thing.

Perhaps this is a method you could use with any youngster to get a bit more fishing in yourself.

Good fun and more time on the water with Brownie Points thrown in!

After about a year or so of this I gave him some casting lessons and starting off with a single fly he was up and running.

By the time he was 11 years old he was competent Fly Fisher and this was proved on the 18th of August 1997 when late in the afternoon he hooked and played to the net his 5th fish of the day

It weighed 13 Lbs. 4 Oz.

We had to borrow Teds Deer weighing scales as the ones in the hut only go to 11 pounds……………!

Now this was no large Stockie (see photo in gallery)

It was a completely grown on fish with fins as sharp as a razor.

A later spooning showed it to be full of Perch Fry but on that day it took a size 14 Oldroyd Buzzer.

So there we were back on the Loch almost 22 years later and although he had not fished for quite a few years he still managed to catch the first fish of the day and the biggest Trout of the day.

A cracking specimen of around 7 to 8 pounds.

We had a superb day sharing around 14 fish between us with Andrew catching mainly on Nymphs and Cormorants and myself on Black Hoppers.

Time flies but memories remain sharp of that particular August day.

Best Regards



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