19th Sept – 2nd Oct 2016

As always at this time of the year the loch report centers almost entirely on our annual charity fund raising day in aid of St Abbs Independent Lifebaot which is the Lad(y)s and Dads competition. Once again the weather gods were shining down on us and conditions were very favourable indeed for this, our fifth year of running this, now, very popular event. The day began with the usual fill-up of bacon rolls and the handing in of the secret fly patterns which would ultimately make up the armoury of the competitors (see photo of fly patch).

As always the selection of patterns looked good, but the question was, “would they be good enough”, or more to the point could the fishermen use them to best effect. The answer came pretty quickly after the “wacky racers” had moved into position and the tell-tale sign of bending rods meant that we were off the mark.

The format of the day means that there is a total of 6 hours of catch and release fishing, with an hours break in the middle for a slap-up barbeque. All fish are carefully measured for length in a purpose made gauge and the lengths marked down on pre prepared cards. At the end of the day it is the total length of the lad(y)s catch, against the total length of the dads catch that wins the “L” of a Length Trophy. There are also prizes for the top rod in each team, not to mention the drawing of the raffle tickets which we have been selling for some months now.

All proceeds from the day and the raffle are once again donated to the newly formed St. Abbs Independent Lifeboat which was officially launched two weeks ago. As we said in the last report we were delighted to have been asked to attend the ceremony, and we were there as representatives of everyone who has supported us in this, our fund raising effort. Needless to say, we took lots of photos of the launch and we have included a sample of these on this report along with some from the lad(y)s and dads. There are also many more of the day here at the loch for you to enjoy and we hope to include a link to drop box courtesy of Les Lockey.. Thanks Les. (We are working on this at present and will add it in here when we have sorted it – please bear with us!) For those of you who are on Facebook, At Abbs Independent Lifeboat has its own page and there will be plenty of photos of the launch day there.

Les also wrote a piece for Total Flyfisher magazine, and we will give you the heads up on when that will appear on the shelves once we know.

So let’s cut to the chase and announce the winning team and a list of people lucky enough to draw winning tickets from the raffle.

The Lad(y)s are now leaders by 3 wins to 2 thanks to an outstanding effort on the day. Well done to the lad(y)s.

The lad(y)s caught a total of 40 fish for 687 inches whilst the dads lagged behind with 34 fish for a total of 583 inches.

Top lad was to Dean Cockburn with a total of 7 fish for 127 inches.

Top dad was Robbie Bell with a total of 9 fish for 154 inches.

Best three fly patterns on the day were:

1st – Biscuit Blob (Supplied by Robbie Bell)

2nd – Black and green rabbit (Supplied by Neil Keillor)

3rd – Diawl bach (Supplied by Karl Ferguson)


Ist Prize of a Hardy’s reel supplied by Gamefair of Berwick went to Derek Crowe.

2nd Prize of a cap donated by Ronnie Hunter went to Bill Ferguson

3rd Prizes of bottles of wine went to various.

We should also mention that we have a number of prizes already for next year which we chose not to use this time around and raffle tickets for these will be on sale from the start of next season. So please support this very worthwhile cause if you can.

With the formalities now out of the way it would be folly for me not to mention John Dow – and I’m sure that he’s not going to thank me for this!

John fishing with his ‘lad’ – Les Lockey – thought that his battery had given up on him shortly after the start of the comp but eager not to lose valuable fishing time, they took the decision that Les the lad, would row for the remainder of the morning. Les, not fully aware of his pulling power then proceeded to snap an oar and so the drifting pair eventually managed, after two attempts, to borrow an oar from a kindly fellow competitor to see them through the morning. With the wind blowing hard away from the boathouse, Les finally got the boat in just in time for lunch ( It’s a good job that he is such a highly tuned athlete!). Of course John now needed to borrow a battery from us to see them through the day but wondered if I would first have a look at his motor to see what might have happened.

Opps! A simple press of the re-set button on the battery box and hey presto, no need for a replacement battery. All I heard was, please don’t tell Les but as you can now see, the rest is history as they say and the story is written down for all to see. Thanks for the material John!

The great news was that we raised in the region of just under £1,100 – the exact total will be announced next month by which time we hope to have presented a cheque to the committee.

Please see the galleries below – the launch day  and the charity day, click on the photo to enlarge and use the arrows to scroll through

Lifeboat launch day photos

Lad(y)s and Dada day photos

So Lad(y)s and Dads apart, lets have a quick run through some other memorable performances over the past two weeks:

  • Dave Moody using dries had a total of 13 fish to the boat including one brownie and his best fish he reckons was 5lbs in weight and 11 on another day
  • David Auld recorded a fantastic days’ sport that could have been 20 but in the end was 14, 8 caught on a cat booby and 6 on a diawl bach and on his next outing had 10
  • John and Chick had 7 a piece on their first day of a long weekend
  • Derek Kilgour and his boat partner, M Janeck, had a total of 21 fish to the boat which included 3 brownies, they fished in a very strong wind but still recorded having had ‘very good fishing’
  • John Foreman and Dave Moody had 19 to the boat, Dave juts getting the edge over John using mainly dries and pheasant tail
  • Les Lockey during a week long stay had some cracking sport including 9 one day, 20, 21 and 16 on other days using a range of flies but in the main diawl back and dries were his killer patterns
  • Neil McIntyre fishing with Craig Pennycook had a great day with 24 fish to the boat. The four fish kept weighed an impressive 16lbs 10 oz
  • On the same day, Robbie Bell recorded 20 + fish to the boat using mainly buzzers
  • Pete Dann landed a beauty of a rainbow which he reckoned to be about 6lbs when fishing a short session off the bank using a beetle
  • Karl Ferguson and Paul McLean had an excellent day from the boat at 9 fish apiece which included 5 brownies
  • Paul Hird on the first day of his week long holiday got off to ac racking start with 12+ to the boat using green diawl bach


Club News:

  • Anchor Inn AC landed 22 fish for 6 rods with the heaviest fish weighing 2lbs 9oz
  • Edinburgh Breadalbane AC fished in almost impossible conditions buoyed up by the lure of ‘Glenys’s bistro’, which Glenys had to resort to being served in the fisherman’s cabin this year, as it was too windy for their boats to moor over at their normal venue of Lochside Cottage. The heaviest fish was 4lbs 8 oz landed by John Dow.
  • West Lothian Fly Dressers had a cracking day with a total of 99 fish landed to the 15 rods giving a rod average of 6.6 and everyone landing fish
  • Border Bears Fly Fishers had a total of 29 fish to their 10 rods, David Auld had the most fish and also the heaviest 3 fish for 6lbs 5oz. David Auld and James Brunell also ended up as the winning pair


Other News:

  • Watch out for next months issue of Trout Fisherman as there will be a 6 page spread on Coldingham Loch as fished by James Gardiner on a misty day in August
  • A reminder that evening sessions are now finished as nights are drawing in very quickly
  • As we approach the tale end of the season a reminder that the loch closes on the last Sunday of November which is Sunday 27th Nov this year. Some of the best fishing can be had in this last 2 months of the season, so don’t be thinking about putting your rods away just yet


Visiting Clubs:

Over the next two weeks we will be hosting the following clubs:

  • Ellem Club
  • Bank of Scotland
  • Heriots AC
  • Mid Lothian AA

We wish you a very warm welcome and hope for some great end of season sport for you all.

The gallery below is from the last period clubs etc. Please click on the photo to enlarge and use the arrows to scroll through

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