19th Oct – 1st Nov 2015

With exactly four weeks to go and only two more loch reports before the end of the 2015 season at Coldingham we are once again left asking ourselves just where has the time gone? However, as we have often said if the weather remains kind, we are entering what can be one of the best months of the season to fish, and if some of the catches over the last two weeks are anything to go by we are in for a cracker. Boat and bank are fishing extremely well for a good number of anglers. Fish remain fairly high in the water and are keen to explore just about anything that is presented to them. Floating and midge tip lines have been effective and fly choice has ranged from minkies, bloodworms, yellow dancers at one end of the fly spectrum to buzzers, diawl bachs, foam beetles and the odd dry fly at the other end of the spectrum. What has been consistent is that the fish are very well distributed and are mostly being caught near to the shores, hence the success being experienced by the rods from the banks.

Another feature of recent weeks has been the very hard fighting nature of the fish and even our hardened Coldingham regulars have been surprised at how difficult even the smaller fish are to land. Water quality is superb with clarity and temperature as good as it gets and this unusual spell of comfortable weather is making fishing a welcome pleasure at this time of the year. It’s also been great for us to see an increase in the number of younger anglers taking to the water with their mums dads or grandparents and the success that they have been experiencing can only help to encourage them to get more involved in this compelling sport.

Even though club activity is now just about at an end for the season I did mention earlier that a good number of people are having some superb outings and so here is a list of the best catches recorded over the last two weeks:

  • Keith Dickson 10 to the boat using various flies recorded having had a cracking day
  • Colin McIssac has fished 4 times over the last two weeks and has recorded figures of 9, 21, 22, 17 giving him an outstanding total of 69 fish for four outings. Flies have included crippled midge, cdc shuttlecock, diawl bach, and cdc buzzers.
  • Colin Riach, 8 to the boat on one of the windier days using a size 16 klinkhammer.
  • Bob Cockburn has taken advantage of the conditions with three outings in the past two weeks. Catches of 18, 16 and 20 will do his seasons averages no harm at all. On his last outing Bob landed and weighed in the net a cracking rainbow of 7lbs, safely returned to the loch.
  • Brian Turner and Jim Campbell landed a total of 19 to the boat last week with Jim just getting the edge.
  • David Auld had a great days sport with 12 to the boat.
  • Ronnie Glass again showed his class with 24 to the boat using a combination of FABs , Ctas and Cormorants.
  • Robbie Bell enjoyed a good afternoon following a tuition session in the morning. Robbie had 12 to the boat. He managed to copy this on his next session also.
  • Mick Kelley and his dad Steve landed 21 to the boat with Mick slightly ahead at the close of play. Bloodworms and Zonkers proved most effective.
  • Kevin Myers whilst on holiday in Lodge Cottage with his family took advantage of the conditions and took his two children for their first fishing outings. He was rewarded with 7 to the boat over 4 hours and despite losing his net over the side he and his girls had a great time.
  • James and Joy Gardiner braved a very windy day but still kept up their fine form. 26 fish to the boat rounded off a very good day for them.
  • Chris McKenna and Doug Scott came back with honours even. 7 a piece gave them a total of 14 to the boat and a great days fishing.
  • Yesterday we had only two anglers, both fishing from the bank: Pete Dann landed 9 in his four hour session on foam beetle, bloodworm and daddy and P. Fairgrieve also had 9 (mainly to the yellow bloodworm) despite losing what he described as a TOPPER!
  • Bringing us up to date, Robert Sloss had 14 from the bank today, including one blue, young Angus Sloss fishing with his dad had two on but unfortunately lost them – better luck next time Angus
  • Darrel Young managed 10 to the boat and lost a further 4.

Club News:

We did have one club fish with us during this period, Ferranti FFC. The 6 anglers enjoyed a good days fishing and will almost certainly be back next season.

Other News:

  • The cygnets are finally taking to the air and we are almost certain that one has flown to pastures new for the winter, one cygnet remains and continues with flying lessons but sadly, it appears that the fox may have claimed the third if the pile of feathers that we found on the bank is anything to go by. I guess that in nature, two out of five ain’t bad?
  • We are hoping to continue working on and around the bank over the winter to make access even batter for the bank anglers. Comments suggest that the bank is now the best it has ever been and in the new season we are hoping that more anglers will take advantage of the better access. Work won’t begin until after the end of the season.
  • We have now produced some bespoke Coldingham Fishing Vouchers which are ideal as gifts or prizes for clubs etc. If you are interested in purchasing one of these please contact the loch for details.


Robbies Blog:

Mixed Results.

Those of you who study the Returns Book in the Loch Hut will surely have noticed the very large differences in catch returns that can occur on the same day.

A day last week was no exception with two anglers in the low 20’s and one angler fishing only half a day for 12 while two anglers in a full day session had only 3 fish between them.

Of course skill and experience can be a major factor but often the difference can be quite simple.

I recently had a day out when the fishing was very good and coincidently a friend of mine and a very accomplished angler was there and also catching prolifically.

We exchanged a few bits of information as we crossed paths during the day and by mid afternoon we were both well into double figures. On meeting up again I asked him what sort of retrieve he was now using.

An occasional pull but mainly static was his reply. My reply was that I could not make my mind up whether to leave the flies alone after casting or to give them the just an odd twitch as both methods were working.

Just as we were talking and he was not retrieving his line shot away and another fish was on!

It was however obvious to both of us that the traditional “Scottish Pull” of about 15 inches at medium speed was not the way to go.

I often see anglers fishing this retrieve all day and in some cases all season! Now of course on its day it works but there are many days when it is largely ineffective. This day was one of them and the results book at the end of the day showed this in stark detail.

Borderline cricket scores for some boats and one hand finger counting in others.

The next to static anglers were having a field day using a selection of flies but the “Pullers” were only picking up the very odd fish.

A bit of simple observation would have shown that the successful anglers were all using light coloured fly lines which were almost certainly to be floaters or possibly midge tips and that we were all as a general rule fishing very slowly. A quick question or two would also let anyone know what flies were working.

Of course you can fish the way you wish and enjoy your day but if you want to increase your catches may be a bit of a brush up on your observational skills might just help. 🙂


With no more clubs during the next two weeks we hope that people will take advantage of the weekend spaces and enjoy some top sport at the loch and we look forward to seeing you here before we close on Sunday 29th Nov – four more weeks of great fishing still to be had!


Apologies we don’t have any photos from this last period (except for the 3 dogs in the work boat – not very fishy!) so the photo gallery below is from Colin Riach’s collection of superb pictures which he sends us when the Heriots have fished here, these ones were taken at their August trip.





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