19th Aug – 1st Sept 2019

A really mixed bag of weather is how we would describe the last two weeks here at the loch. Torrential rain, thunder and lightning, heatwave, and gale force winds are just a few of the weather conditions that we have faced and so fishing has been decidedly tricky. You’ll see from the photos just what a mixture we have had.

 With the aerator on it has to be said that catching was much easier, particularly in the evenings. Some people were showing very large returns alongside some very big individual fish being caught. Rainbows of 11lb 5 ozs and 11lbs 2ozs were recorded on one such occasion and we are glad to say that both were successfully returned to the loch to fight another day. The down side to using the aerator is that it concentrates a good number of fish in to one area and whilst fish are still present in other areas of the loch, the ones at the bubbles are definitely more receptive to the fly. Needless to say that as a consequence the aerator becomes the fishing hot spot, which is fine when we only have a few boats out on the water but becomes a choke point if we are busy.

All waters suffer the same dilemma.

However over the last few days there has been a marked temperature drop during the evenings and the water temperature is dropping accordingly. Yesterday it was down from 18degrees C the previous week to around 16 degrees C and if this continues, which it most likely will at this time of year, we will very quickly return to some excellent fishing conditions and hopefully bags to match. Therefore the need to use the aerator is diminishing.

It has also been very difficult to advise people on what to fish as best method given that the conditions have been changing so much. Some days a slow sinking intermediate line fished with a team of lures such as, black boobie, cats whiskers, damsel, minkie etc has worked extremely well, whilst on other occasions dries have continued to produce the best results. Yesterday (Sunday) was a prime example of this when generally speaking, the people fishing from the boats struggled and predominantly stuck to sinking lines of some fashion, whilst Dick Logan fished the bank and using a double combination of f lies managed to catch six fish, including a rainbow of approx. 6lbs, in a four hour ramble round the shores. He also reported seeing a large number of fish towards the outlet at the top end of the loch.

However, the highlight of the fortnight and indeed the whole year for us was the return to the loch of Bob Harrison. As most people will know, Bob was one of our most regular anglers and unfortunately approx. 12 months ago, he suffered a major stroke whilst at work as a ghillie on Tweed. At the time, the stroke was so severe that medics said that he would never again be able to fish but in typical Bob fashion, he has proved them all wrong. Having previously had a couple of dry runs getting on and off the wheelie boat with me, he finally took to the water with Ewan Whitelaw fully supported by his very good friend Judy Whitelaw (see photos). Fishing with his left hand, Bob quickly got in to his stride and promptly landed a rainbow and hooked and lost another couple. Needless to say, he was delighted as were we all and we look forward to seeing him on many more occasions. His determination is inspirational.

Other News:

  • As we mentioned in our last report, all places for the Lad(y)s and Dads comp are now full and the comp will take place as always on the last Sunday of this month i.e. 29th September. All monies from the day will again be donated to St. Abbs Independent Lifeboat so please, if you have not already done so, buy a couple of raffle tickets for this very worthy of causes.
  • Whilst there is still the odd tuft of weed here and there in the loch, the weed cutting for this year is complete and we will be removing the weedcutter very soon. All areas of the loch are fishable.
  • We are soon to be visited again by Trout Fishermen Magazine who are keen to run another article on the loch. We will of course let you know when it will be published so watch this space.
  • There is still no sign of the lost rod and reel that went over the side the other week so if you are here and you do happen to snag it please let us know.

Robbies Blog:

Fishin in the Rain.

Just Fishin in the Rain. I’m Happy Again.

I suspect you know how the tune goes!

One of the most common questions I get asked when doing Tuition is can you catch a Trout when it is raining?

My stock answer is “No…… the Fish don’t like to get Wet!”

So when the hysterical laughter dies down I usually go on to say there does seem to be an old school of thought that you did not catch when it is raining.

My own thoughts are that this was probably because in the past your average Trout Angler did not have any specialist clothing that was waterproof for Fishing.

Yes of course there were wax jackets and trousers around but perhaps your average angler could not afford to buy those just for fishing and so they did not fish on wet days.

This then probably encouraged people to say you did not catch when it was raining.

You didn’t catch because you did not go or you packed in if it started!

My theory at least and as an aside Barbour still make around 600 Wax Jackets a week.

However since the invention of Gore Tex and other similar products waterproof clothing especially designed for fishing is freely available.

In addition Trout Anglers of today are generally more affluent than their forefathers and there are often some fancy vehicles in the car park these days.

Now I have always said a good set of waterproofs will always catch you more fish than a very fancy rod as you can and will fish for longer and more often.

Or you can do what these anglers pictured below are doing!!!!!.

Here is an article on River Fishing in the Rain which may be useful.


Club News:

  • Western AC fished mid week and in general struggled to make big numbers on a very bright and sunny day.
  • In contrast Roslin BL and West Lothian Fly Dressers both tried to fish on Saturday. I say tried to fish, as the wind was extremely strong and made it almost impossible for the majority of time. Fish were caught but I think it’s fair to say that both clubs will have better days.

Visiting Clubs:

  • Priory Ac
  • Roslin Elite AC
  • Leith FFA
  • Norham and Ladykirk
  • Eyewater AC
  • Kelso British Legion

All of the above clubs will be fishing with us over the next two weekends. We hope for a return to normality with the weather and hence the fishing and extend a warm welcome to them all.

For the gallery please click on the image for full picture and use the arrows to scroll through – apologies for any heads chopped off! – this happens with large photos and is rectified when you click on for the full image, thank you

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