17th August – 6th Sept 2015

We need to begin this loch report with an apology for it being a week late. We were unaware that we had missed a week until we had a text on Wednesday asking us where the loch report was! Apologies for that and so this one covers the last 3 weeks rather than the usual fortnight.

We are pleased to be able to report that in the last few days a change of fortune seems to be afoot in terms of the numbers of fish being caught by anglers. The water temperature is now a perfect 11C and the fish though not visible on top when it is windy are still on top and coming up for the dries like daddies, hoppers, CDC’s, yellow owl, even heather fly has caught a few in the last few days. Buzzers continue to do well and also diawl bach, FABs and Dawson’s olive have had good results in recent days.

We have been saying for the last couple of weeks that the fish, just like Blackpool illuminations would just switch on, and it would seem that for a good number of our anglers and flashing light seekers, this weekend was the time to be around. It’s also noticeable that the loch is once again starting to clear of the slight algal bloom that always occurs following weed-cutting and with the slight decrease in temperature, the loch is now returning to its best. My feeling is that weather permitting, we are in for some very good fishing over the next couple of months and with the season now two thirds of the way through, it’s time to take advantage of what lies ahead.

Insect life around the loch remains prolific and we have noticed a larger than average number of dragon flies this year and believe it or not we even had a couple of hawthorn flies knocking about last week. Hard to believe at this time of year, I know, but it’s true. The swallows in the boathouse have even hatched a third brood of chicks this week and we hope that they can feed them up in time to fledge and make the journey south. It will be tight timing but let’s hope they manage it.

Boat and bank alike are fishing well now and with the start of the die back of the weed the loch is fishable from the bank, with waders, in all the usual areas.

Hots spots seem to be Swing Gate Bay and along the east shore up into the shallower water in front of the Westerside lillies. People are reporting seeing lots of fish and tactics seem to be swinging between fishing an intermediate line with some kind of lure on the point to fishing floating lines with a range of dries. Buzzers fished washing line style is also proving very effective for some people.


So who’s been doing well?:

  • Bob Cockburn continues his great season recording 10 on one outing, 8 on the next and 13 on his last one during this period
  • At the start of this period, Robert Learmonth had a great morning but less good afternoon but still managed a total of 9 including one blue
  • The next day Jim Campbell & Brian Turner reversed the trend with a good afternoon and a hard evening with 11 to the boat using black cdc daddy and black shuttlecock
  • Peter Williamson recorded having a great days fishing with 8 to the boat including 2 blues fished exclusively on a drowning daddy
  • Taff Green had 11 to the boat on Friday 4th reporting great weather and perfect conditions
  • T Masterton and C Young had a cracking first visit to the loch today with 20 fish to the boat they reported landing hard fighting fish using diawl bach on a washing line
  • Robert Sloss and his two young sons Angus and Freddie had a good day on the boat last week all catching at least one fish and their total coming to 8 to the boat.


Club News:

Leith FFC: Fished on 22nd August and reported a mixed day with the best rod on the day being J Swanson with 4 fish weighing 10lbs 3oz

Gilmerton FFC: Their 14 rods landed a credible 32 fish on a windy and sunny day using a mixture of damsels, diawl bach and FABs

Pencaitland AC: Reported having ‘had a great day, plenty of fish but difficult in parts with fish taken on a wide range of flies’. A Kerr had the bext bag with 4 fish for 11lbs 7 oz whilst Hugh Gordon had the best number landing 15 fish to the boat. Their 15 anglers managed a total of 57 fish giving a rod average of 3.8.

Edinburgh Post Office: 10 anglers managed a total of 42 fish giving a rod average of 4.2. Adrian Wilson having a particularly good day landing 12 fish including one blue closely followed by S Robertson with 9 fish to the boat.

Priory AC: Travelled across from Glasgow on a very windy morning and despite battling with the wind had an excellent day’s fishing catching 63 fish amongst their 8 anglers all from the boat.

Roslin British Legion FC: Fished the day after the Priory on a less windy day but wall to wall sunshine made the fishing harder going for some however their 8 anglers still had an impressive total of 51 fish the biggest fish of the day went to Gordon Jones, 4lbs 2 oz he also had the biggest bag weighing 12lbs 3 oz. Andy Hamlyn landed the highest number of fish with 16 rainbows to the boat

Other News:

  • The 3 cygnets continue to make progress and are no looking more and more like their parents in terms of size and shape though are still grey of course. Fingers crossed for them.
  • Improvements to access round the bank continue and a small section near rainbow corner has been raised and levelled. Whilst it looks a little bare at the moment the grass will soon grow back in time for the new season.
  • Please note that on Sunday the 27th we will once again be holding our annual lad(y)s and dads comp. All boats are booked and the loch is closed to other anglers on this day.

Robbies Blog: Robbie is now back from his travels and will be doing a blog for our next loch report in 2 weeks time.


Visiting Clubs:

Over the next two weeks we will be hosting the following clubs:

  • MayFly AC
  • Norham & Ladykirk
  • North Berwick AC

As always we wish them a warm welcome and hope that they get to enjoy some good September sport.

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