17th – 30th Sep 2018

This loch report will be a brief one as we also have our annual Charity Day to report on which you will find as a separate report on the drop down menu.

This past fortnight has been a pretty windy one here at the loch but with some days of more pleasant conditions, autumn is here and though we have had little rain, the cool winds and drop in temperature has meant the water is back to its best for the fish – clear and cold. We saw storm Ali sweep through of course, which thankfully didn’t do any major damage to anything here, other than a power cut for a day or so. The loch was of course closed for fishing that day, but on other days when strong winds were forecast they didn’t always arrive in the force expected and some good fishing has been enjoyed by anglers in the past fortnight.

As stated above we are keeping this brief so we will do a quick run-down of anglers who have fared well first:

  • Colin McIsaac landed 15 to the boat. Black crippled midge.
  • Steve Pentleton whilst staying in Lochside had 9 on two of his days. Black pennel, daddy, sedge and bibio.
  • Taff Green reported a fabulous day landing 10 to the boat including 3 browns. Olive shipmans, black shipmans
  • Bob Cockburn landed 17 including 3 browns drifting with dries. Black gnat, small sedge. On his next visit he landed 16 and his one after that 15. Black minkie, diawl bach, buzzer and his dad James, landed 4.
  • Ken Wood landed 9 to the boat on a windy day using various black
  • Austiin Churm landed 15 to the boat on a windy day on a tuition session with Robbie. Booby, dries.
  • Mark McDougal returning to the loch with his brother Peter after a long break from fishing landed 7 on the bank including a brown and Peter landed 4. They stated ‘Amazing to be back, great fighting fish’ . Hopper, sedge. Mark returned the following week and landed 8 fish on the bank using daddy and buzzer
  • Gus Skene landed 7 on a short session with his grandson Corben landing 3. Lures
  • Allan Cook had a good day, landing 7. Lure and buzzer
  • Charlie Kennedy landed 7 on a short session on the boat stating tremendous fun. Buzzers and diawl bach
  • Robbie Bell had 12 to the boat including 3 browns on various flies
  • Gordon Boulding had 6 on a short session on the bank one approximately 4lbs. Damsel nymph
  • Doug Scott and Chris McKenna had 8 to the boat stating they had a great day. Dries
  • Neil McIntyre had 13 to the boat using a black and yellow stating it was a game of two halves – 9 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon


Club News:

  • TOTGA re-arranged their day due to a windy forecast and so only two members fished but they had an enjoyable and productive day – Alistair landed 6 including a brown and a blue and Jimmy landed 5 all on 5 different flies. This gave the club a rod average of 5.5…!!
  • Mid Lothian FFC landed 27 fish for their 9 rods reported an enjoyable day for all
  • Morpeth Conservative Club fished on a very windy day and did well to land 10 fish from the boats using various flies – bibio, cormorant, black and green nymph
  • Ladhope FFC reported a good day and landed 46 fish for 9 rods giving a very creditable rod average of 5 fish. Lures, cats whisker, minkie, montana
  • North Berwick AC had a trickier time landing 26 fish using diawl bach and damsel
  • West Lothian Fly Dressers FFC reported their best number of fish for the club this season landing 89 fish to their 14 rods giving a rod average of 6.4 (see Ricky Taylor photo of his fish)




Places for second heat of the Coldingham Cup have been slow to sell and as the first heat is only 2 weeks away we have decided to change the format and run this first Coldingham Loch Cup as a one day competition rather than the original plan of running two heats with a final.

The Coldingham Cup will therefore be held as a one day event on Sunday 14th October. There is one slot available with the possibility of another slot. Please ring to book your places for this event and we look forward to seeing those that have booked on 14th October.


Other News:

  • Our annual Lad(y)s and Dads Charity day to raise funds for St Abbs Independent Lifeboat took place on Sunday 30th Sept. The day went well and was a great success and we will report in more detail on that in the next few days on the loch reports section of the website.
  • Our last day of the season will again be the last Sunday in November which this year will be Sunday 25th November. Opening day for next season will be Saturday 16th March 2019 and there are still one or two boats available and spaces on the bank for both Saturday and Sunday. Please ring early to avoid disappointment.


Robbies Blog:


Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…………………….???

As in Life Fly Fishing is all about these.

The first one is do you go or not?

You should!


Well the first decision may well concern the weather.

What does the Met Office have in store for us?

I would suggest unless there is a specific warning and you live reasonably close then as an old friend used to say “Always Go, Always See”

Particularly as Coldingham is in the rain shadow of the Cheviot Hills it has a bit of a micro climate and although the forecast may not be great it is often OK at the Loch.

I was out on the Loch last week and although the forecast was for a strong and increasing wind it was not too bad. The direction is also very important and that day it was around South West and so home bay was sheltered.

The wind was strong but pretty much all the Loch was accessible and at the end of the day I found rising fish in a bit of shelter and had a further 8 fish in the last two hours and plenty more offers.

Of course if you live a fair distance away then the decision becomes more difficult.

So anyway you arrive at the Loch and you put up a rod and fix on a reel and line followed by a leader and some flies.

These are all decisions you have made. Subconsciously or not.

I would suggest that the first decision you should make is what flies/method are you going to start with. This decision should be made with as much information as possible.

Amongst the things you may wish to consider are; The Weather, the Log Book, Speaking to Gareth and Carmel and perhaps any other anglers around especially Residents, the latest Loch Report, Your Diary. Maybe Facebook friends or the like.

You may also wish to wander down to the waters edge and have a look there and perhaps in the vegetation and cobwebs.

So with as much information as possible you make your decision on which method and flies.

This should be your first decision. 

Obviously if you decide on size 18 Dries your next decision will probably be a floating line. However what size will that be? In order to fish fine leaders I would suggest a 5 weight and a 5 weight rod.

If you have decided on some Lures you then need to decide which line. Floater, Intermediate or Sinker. Then the rod which may well be a 7 or 8 weight.

 If I am using bigger dries I prefer a 9 foot 6 inches six weight for easier repeated casting.

What I am trying to say that you should start with the flies and method and work up from there and not the rod down.

Mind you if you only have the one rod………………………… You may have to buy some more!

So the next decision is where to start?

If you are on a boat do you anchor or drift?

A pod of rising fish may make that decision for you but if there is not much showing then a drift is often a better way of locating taking fish.

The idea is to try and apply some logic to your decisions that may be better than sticking to your favourites or what worked last week or last month.

 Have a think about your ideas and perhaps bounce them off your Boat Partner. You could then perhaps agree to start on two different methods to find out what is working more quickly.

I recently did some Tuition with an experienced angler who said his favourite fly was an Olive Nomad.

Now having a favourite is fine but what if it does not work that day or is only partially successful.

Well that gets the day off to a bad start and confidence dips.

However if you have went through a logical process using all the information available and adding in your previous experience and it doesn’t work what do you do?

Well blame the Fish and the Fishery Owners of course!

It cannot be your fault can it???

CAN IT?      NO!!!!      Ha Ha


Best Regards



(44) 01289 302 510

Visiting Clubs:

  • Mid Lothian AC
  • Edinburgh Breadalbane
  • Riverside Tavern
  • Heriot AC
  • Pencaitland AC

The above clubs will be coming to the loch over the next two week period. We wish them a warm welcome and good fishing.



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