17th – 30th June 2019

A fairly uneventful fortnight with perhaps the most common feature being the number of bigger fish being caught. Fish of around 5 – 6 lbs have been coming to the net quite frequently and the word is that they are fighting particularly hard at the moment.

Boat and bank are both fishing well for the time of the year and so far the generally cooler weather is doing us a big favour by keeping the water temperature down. It is currently sitting at 13 degrees C which is just about perfect for this time of year and means that there is no real need to start up the aerator. The water clarity is superb and even though we have made a start of weed cutting, there is no sign of an algael bloom.

The caenis fly hatch is still a regular feature in the evenings but the evening rods have still been recording good returns, particularly from the bank.

Fly patterns have remained fairly consistent:

Dries : Yellow Owl, Balloon Caddis, Black Hoppers, Natural Daddies.

Others: Biscuit Fab, Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, Damsel, Apps Bloodworm.

Floating and midge tip lines remain the most effective with fish presenting themselves either on top or within the first few feet of water. The hotter weather that has just arrived may change things a little over the next week or two but as yet there has been no need to fish deeper. Once again a plea that if you are fishing catch and release please be sure to fish with barbless or de-barbed hooks so as to damage the fish as little as  possible. This will become even more important as the weather warms up and the fish become harder to revive following a lengthy play. The quicker they can be landed and returned, the better.

As mentioned earlier we have started to cut the weed which this year has not been too bad, with just small localised areas being affected. Cutting will be commensurate with wind speed and direction and we always try to do it outside of the busy times on the loch so that no-one is disadvantaged.

Club News:

As always the club bookings are tailing off at this time of year as it can be a trickier time for fishing alongside us moving into holiday season.

  • Edinburgh Waltons reported having had a difficult day with some tricky conditions landing 30 fish to their 12 rods
  • Norhet FFC unfortunately did not fill in our book so we are unsure what their catch was.
  • Ladhope AC reported ‘great fish, hard though’ and landed 16 fish in a six hour session. 
  • Ferranti AC fishing yesterday in warm and bright conditions reported having had a great day and landed 24 fish to their 6 rods with some good sized fish amongst the catch.
  • Mayfly FFC fishing on the same day as Ferranti also landed some good sized fish with their heaviest bag being 13lb 6 oz. They landed 30 fish to their 9 rods.

Other News:

  • Our annual Charity Day on Sunday 29th Sept has just one remaining boat so please ring if you are wanting to book and help us raise funds for St Abbs Independent Lifeboat. If you are not able to attend, please support this worthy cause by buying raffle tickets available here at the loch.
  • There are still 7 places left for the 2nd heat of this year’s Coldingham Loch Cup being held on the 17th August. Please phone to book if you want one of these remaining places.
  • The swans are appearing on the loch as a pair with no cygnets in tow so we are assuming they didn’t manage to raise any cygnets this time despite showing signs that they were sitting on eggs but we have noticed plenty of broods of mallard ducklings – at least four broods this year have made it to fully fledged so they have been a good sight to see.
  • We are selling on or two of our redundant boats which might be of interest to some of you or someone you know. Please ring for details.
  • Lochside Cottage has availability in late July early August over a 5 night period due to a cancelled booking – please contact Carmel if you are interested in this for a short break

Robbies Blog:

The Flies

It will not come as a shock to anyone that these are fairly essential in Fly Fishing.

But how do we make sense of them?

There are thousands and thousands of them out there.

Then the same again with a Red Head.

And again with a Gold Bead or Ginked Up.

So essentially never ending and new inventions every day!

Not easy even for an experienced angler and a minor nightmare for anybody just starting out.

Well as a starting point if I was only allowed one fly it would be a Black Hopper.

I could fish it as Static Dry as would be normal. However I could fish it damp by just greasing the legs and would be happy to fish it as a nymph or even pulling it as a small lure.

If I could have it in different sizes from 10 to16 I would be happier still.

However we are not restricted to one type of fly so here is what I would consider a basic list.


Hoppers and F flies in Black, Olive and Hares Ear.


Crunchers and Diawl Bachs in Black, Olive and Hares Ear


Black, Olive and Brown


Biscuit Booby, Cats Whisker, Black Zonker and for good measure a Damsel.

For the Dries size 14, the Nymphs size 12 and the Lures size 10.

Make sure you have at least two and preferably 3 of each pattern.

Now with that lot I would be confident of catching Trout on a Loch.

Also with a restricted amount of flies the angler might be more likely to concentrate on his Technique and Presentation.

I am firmly of the opinion that a number of anglers concentrate far too much on the Fly rather than the method and the application of that method.

Perhaps I will give it a shot one day!

Robbie Bell

Visiting Clubs:

Over the next two weeks we play host to the following clubs:

  • Spittal & Tweedmouth AC
  • Edinburgh Medical AC (evening session)
  • Pencaitland AC

As always we wish them a warm welcome and hope that the fishing is as good as it can be and that they all enjoy their time at the loch

For the gallery please click on the image for full picture and use the arrows to scroll through

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