16th – 29th Sep 2019

Who would have thought it ….. the end of September already. As always at the end of September we hold our annual charity day in aid of St. Abbs Independent Lifeboat and as you all know we call it our Lad(y)s and Dads day.

Once again we had a full turn out for the event and somehow we managed to dodge the bad weather which threatened but never really came. We had a great team of helpers too this year and it certainly made things a lot easier and so our gratitude goes out to all you good folk. It’s much appreciated. One of these helpers was Dave Walley who took lots of photos and you can view these in the separate gallery below. There are some real crackers!! Dave has kindly said that anyone who wants copies of the pictures we are free to give them out to you so please get in touch with us if you would like us to email any of the pictures.

A special mention too for young TJ who came with his grand-dad, Andy Higson. Eight year old TJ landed an 18 inch rainbow and was given the prize for the youngest angler to land a fish on the day (see photo) and it was a real treat to see him enjoy his fishing and his day so much – well done TJ!

This year saw one of the closest competitions to date with the ‘lads’ catching a total of 66 fish and the ‘dads’ 67 fish giving a total of 133 fish for the 23 rods out there. The comp was won this year by the dads who had the greater length of fish when all the reckoning up was done and so this means that in the eight years that we have been running the day, the honours are even with four wins a piece. All to play for again next year.

The full results were as follow:

  • Fly of the day: Pink Apps, tied by Les Lockey
  • Best Lad(y): Joy Gardiner with 13 fish for a total length of 216 inches
  • Best Dad:  Neil Keillor with 13 fish for a total length of 266 inches
  • Total Number of fish: 133 with a total length of 2377 inches
  • Lad(y)s Caught: 66 fish for a total length of 1142 inches
  • Dads Caught: 67 fish for a total length of 1235 inches
  • Winning Team for 2019:  THE DADS.

Whilst the day aims to be a lot of fun and good food for those that take part the serious side of the occasion is to try to raise as much money as we can for our chosen charity. Throughout the year we sell charity box flies and we also run a raffle for some great prizes which are very generously donated along the way. Coupled to this, all the monies that we take on the day for fishing etc. go in to the pot.

We are delighted to announce this year’s total which on the day was: £1185

And this was given a further boost of £100 today by a very generous donation from our new neighbours in Westloch House (Julian and Dianne) giving us a grand total of £1285.

We will arrange to hand over the money to St Abbs in the coming week and make sure that we mention the generosity of all those people that supported us throughout the year. Thank you all very much.

Before we move on, it is worth mentioning that the comp will run again next year and will be held as always on the last Sunday in September. Once the new season starts, be sure to book your places early to avoid disappointment. We will also be starting the raffle early in the new season and hope to be able to announce some exciting prizes very soon. So please dig deep and buy tickets for this, most worthy of causes.

Back to the fishing over the past two weeks and what’s been working.

There has been a definite up-turn in catches with the likes of Bob Cockburn and Colin McIssacc regularly hitting the big numbers and a lot of other anglers having very good days. The fish now seem to be very well spread out again, but a very general observation the south end of the loch has been fishing best during the morning and the north end better later in the day. Fish remain high in the water and so floating, midge tip or slow sinking intermediates have been the best choice of lines. Best fly patterns have included a range of dries including, sedge, yellow owl, daddy, hoppers and black beetle whilst slightly deeper, black and green lures, damsels, blobs, and of course pink apps have all been attracting fish.

With the temperature forecasted to plummet this week from Wednesday onwards, we can expect to see a lot less insect life and this usually signals a start of the fish turning their attention the plethora of fry that are in the loch just now. Dust off the lures and get ready!

Club News:

TOTGA – Generally had a good day but did not enter all their catches and so we cannot give an accurate report

Mid Lothian AC – Had a total of 31 fish and their comment was “ One boat was particularly successful, others picked up in the afternoon, weather kind to us, fantastic day.”

Bank of Scotland FFC – Had a total of 35 fish for 5 rods giving a rod average of 7.

Ladhope Inn FFC – 46 fish for 12 rods giving an average of 3.8. Their comment was – “Great day. Great fishery”

Other News:

  • You will notice a number of straw bales around the edges of the loch. They are there to try to counter the algae and blanket weed and will remain in place for some while. They do not adversely affect the fishing in any way.
  • We still have the final of our 2019 Coldingham Loch Cup Competition to stage and weather permitting this will be held on Sunday 27th October. Those that made the final will be contacted over the next couple of weeks with arrangement details.
  • Evening sessions are well and truly at an end now and so the loch will close at around 5pm each day.
  • A reminder that the last day of the season will be on Sunday the 24th November which means that there are only approximately 7 weeks left of our 2019 season. Don’t miss out as there is still some fantastic fishing to be had between now and then.
  • The swallows left the loch this week.

Robbies Blog:


Some people love them.

Others think they are an abomination.

Most people will be somewhere in between.

One thing is for sure and that is they have driven improvements in Tackle, Skills, Flies, Hooks and Materials over the years.

These improvements have benefitted almost all fly fishermen to the present day.

In Tackle it has been the development of Lighter and better Casting Rods and the introduction of 4 piece rods has made fly fishing abroad much easier.

The introduction of Cassette Reels and the many and varied Sinking Lines mean more Trout in the net for everyone.

In Fly Tying the development of Manufactured Barbless Hooks which has a direct Link to the World and European Championships has enabled Catch and Release to be much easier and surely more beneficial to the Trout.

Besides if nothing else Barbless Hooks has almost certainly saved a few trips to the A+E Department!

There are also Competitions to suit all levels. Most of the Clubs that visit the Loch have a fairly simple affair with a 3 or 4 fish limit and the Heaviest Bag weight wins.

These sorts of Clubs also provide a social aspect to the fishing with maybe a break for Lunch with a Barbecue or a Meal afterwards providing ample opportunity for tales of the one that got away.

An Annual Dinner and Presentation may provide an opportunity and/or excuse to meet up in the winter and it has been known at these for modest amounts of alcohol to be consumed…………

Competition can also be a bit more involved and the likes of the Lads and Dads (Females greatly Encouraged) provide a slightly more complicated format with unlimited catches and the trout being quickly measured and returned. This day also raises funds for the Local Lifeboat and Charity Matches are becoming popular elsewhere.

The Coldingham Cup is up another level with two heats and a final. This is an Individual Competition again fished to a catch a release format with points awarded for fish caught and the timing of them rewarding the consistent angler.

These competitions also provide an opportunity to meet new friends and to observe other anglers which may also improve your own skills

Win Win Win as far as I am concerned.

Best Regards



01289 302 510

Visiting Clubs:

  • Breadalbane FFC
  • Heriots FFC
  • Mid Lothian (Half Day)
  • Border Bears FFC
  • North Berwick FFC

As always we welcome you to the loch and hope for some great tail-end of the season fishing.

For the gallery please click on the image for full picture and use the arrows to scroll through – apologies for any heads chopped off! – this happens with large photos and is rectified when you click for the full image, thank you

For the Charity Day gallery below please click on the image for full picture and use the arrows to scroll through

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