16th – 29th Oct 2017

Firstly, an apology for the slightly late publishing of this report but events of late have somewhat overtaken us. There will only be another two reports before the end of the season and these will be spread out over the next four weeks, so please watch this space.

As we say farewell to the end of October we enter our final month of the 2017 season and with the weather unseasonably mild for this time of the year we could possibly end with some of the best fishing of the season. We often say that November offers some of the best sport of the year and I don’t think that this year will disappoint. October has fished extremely well for the majority of anglers and we have had better than average returns for most weeks with the only fly in the ointment being strong to gale force winds which have unfortunately forced closure to boat fishing on a number of days.

But as they say the show goes on and even though the boats may have occasionally been in dry dock the bank remained a good option. For example, James Gardiner landed a very creditable 14 which included a very nice brownie and on the same day Gordon Boulding landed 7 in a short morning / early afternoon session. Throughout the season we have tried to promote the bank as an alternative to the boats and although we have had a good response, we feel that it remains an underused resource which we hope that in the new season gets better coverage.

As I said earlier that fishing this last period has been good to outstanding for a lot of people but the range of flies that have been catching has been quite interesting. Some days have been outstanding for their top of the water action whilst others have been equally productive from the use of lures and other related fry patterns. There have even been days when both have worked well at the same time for different anglers in different locations around the loch. Blobs and FABs have also attracted their fair share of attention.

Location wise it has been the southern end of the loch that has seen the most action and quite unusually the northern end, close to the reed beds, which at this time of the year usually switches on again, has been rather quiet with just the odd day or two when fish have been seen rising in good numbers up there.

So here’s a quick run through some of the other anglers who have merited a mention in this weeks report:

  • Bob Cockburn 11 and 20 for his last two visits means that once again Bob is finishing the season here in fine style. FABs, damsel and minkies. It’s also worth mentioning that James, Bob’s dad has also had two good outings.
  • Robbie continues to demonstrate that practice pays off. 12, 18, 11 and 10 for four visits and then a further 5 whilst out with Corben on a very windy day last Sunday ……. But more about that in his blog later.
  • Colin McIssac 11 to the boat which included a fine brownie. He then had a further 14 on his next outing.
  • Pete Dann fishing from the boat had 8 in a four hour session. Daddy.
  • James and Joy Gardiner had a superb total of 36 fish to the boat using a combination of fry patterns and black hoppers.
  • David Auld 10 to the boat using a minkie followed by a further 9 on his next outing.
  • David McAdam finally got the better of his boat partner Graham Dea with 9 to Grahams 4. Graham got his own back on their next outing though which you’ll see in the next report.
  • Andy (Dandy) Sunders fishing from the bank had a great day with 16 whilst his bank partners Peter Davison and Stuart Younger had 7 and 6 respectively
  • Holiday guest Cameron Brown reported having an absolutely class day with 6 to the boat including one great brownie and his partner Amy landed a rainbow of around 4 lbs during one of her outings on the loch
  • Last but by no means least we would like to give a big thumbs up to one of our youngest anglers who has been coming here on holiday in Lochside Cottage with his mum and dad since he was a tiny baby. Young Alfie Gardiner has had fish here earlier in the year, but this time was extra special – casting himself on his own rod he caught and landed a fish all by himself and on a fly he had chosen to use (see photos). Alfie filled in the catch returns book and pointed out in the comments column that he is ‘age 5 and 11 months’ (see photo). Well done young man, a keen angler already and younger brother Harris will soon be joining him.


Robbies Blog:

Young Corben Day Two.

It’s forecast to be very windy with a high of only 9C but when you have promised to take an 11 year old lad fishing you cannot back out.

The wind direction is to be NNW so it will be coming straight down the Loch although there is often a bit of shelter in Home Bay.

There is an hour back on the clocks and although the wind is to ease slightly during the day a later start and later finish is not an option.

So it’s an early start (eased by the hour back) and try to get a good spot.

I pick young Corben up at his home in Eyemouth at 08.00 and it is a short drive up to the Loch.

He has asked me to tie him up some four fly Leaders so I give him these but advised him to only use two flies because of the wind.

We decide to take our time getting ready and although it eased back a smidgen from its early worst it was still pretty stiff.

Any way around 10.00 we started fishing and although I got a fish fairly soon Corben was struggling

We moved a few yard here and there but were pretty much confined to Home Bay as the white horses galloped down the Loch further out.

We decided on an early lunch by which time I had caught a second fish but Corben was still blank by then although he had quite a few takes but nothing would stick.

After a bite to eat the wind had eased a touch. Not exactly from a hurricane to a gale but along those lines.

Time ticked by and although he continued to get takes nothing would hang on. Many changes of line and flies and still nothing although I managed to pick up another three.

16.10 pm and with the light fading Hurrah!

A lovely Brownie of around a pound in weight.

A cracking fish on many levels…………(see photo)

Blank saved and although we fished right to when the light went at 17.00 pm nothing more came.

If I had not dragged him off I am sure he would still be there now.

Such is the enthusiasm and determination.

He is a great prospect.





Club News:

  • Mid Lothian FFC – reported having “ an extraordinary morning after the stormy weather (Ophelia). Despite some people struggling a good number of fish were landed which included a fine blue for Stewart Heney … see photo.
  • Black Bull FFC – had a grand total of 58 fish for their 13 rods and reported having had an excellent day in hard conditions. A combination of FABs, A Mcoist, black lures and dries were amongst the killer flies for the club.
  • Our last visiting club will be Border Bears AC who are coming on the last day we are open which is Sunday 26th They had an earlier booking which was cancelled due to the high winds that were forecasted and so we are crossing our fingers that this visit won’t be scuppered by weather



Other News:

  • We have been putting in a lot of work with the boats over the last few weeks and next year we are hoping to replace one or two of our current fleet with more solid and stable boats one of which will be based at Lochside Cottage as a permanent feature. More about that in the new year.
  • This week we will be starting to plant trees on the western side of the loch as part of a local tree planting initiative. We are delighted to be able to do this as each year we lose a good number of trees to the storms and it will be fantastic to be able to put some back for future generations.
  • The cygnets finally took their maiden flight this week. It wasn’t exactly a concord moment but they managed a good 30 meters or so before taking a rather ungraceful plunge into the loch. With winter fast approaching they should be good to go in the next week or two …. Perfect timing.

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