15th July – 4th Aug 2019

This report covers the last three weeks as it has been a quiet fishing period in terms of numbers of anglers, which is of course normal for this time of year. We have had mixed weather this last period with plenty of rain as well as sunshine and some hot and humid days too.

The loch’s water level remains higher than it would normally be this time of year but has subsided since our last report and so the jetty in boathouse is now largely back to being above the water level.

The good news is that the weed cutting has come to an end with no more needed to be done in these last two weeks and that looks like that is it for the weed cutting for this year (wish we could say the same about the grass!). Touch wood we have not had a significant algal bloom this time, which we can get post weed cutting. Maybe the wetter season we have had has helped reduce this, and hope it will remain ‘non-bloomed’  for the rest of the year.

We are in the middle of the summer doldrums at this point with anglers reporting ‘tricky fishing’ and ‘tetchy fish’ from both boat and bank. The loch is sitting at 16 degrees C which is reasonable for the time of year and we have had the aerator on when conditions have dictated.

Holiday guests going out early morning and anglers fishing the evening session are probably reporting the better catches but most people are not currently landing huge numbers of fish, though plenty of fish are being seen rising and coming up to dry flies keeping them on to land has been a challenge.

Fly patterns have remained fairly consistent:

Dries : Yellow Owl, Black Hoppers, Daddies (orange & natural)

Others: Biscuit Fab, Buzzers, Diawl Bachs, Damsel, Apps Bloodworm, Cats Whisker.

Some bigger fish continue to be caught and anglers are commenting on the variety of size of fish being landed these last few months.  

Floating and midge tip lines remain the most effective with fish presenting themselves either on top or within the first few feet of water. Sing Gate Bay has probably been the most productive area of the loch in the last few days at least – Neil Keillor, Pete Dann had good numbers of fish in the deeper water as you come out of the bay mainly on diawl bach and Colin McIsaac had a beano two days ago dry fly fishing right in the corner of the bay.   

As always if you are fishing catch and release please ensure you fish with barbless or de-barbed hooks so as to damage the fish as little as possible. This is even more important at the moment as the warmer weather makes the fish become harder to revive following a lengthy play. The quicker they can be landed and returned, the better.

Club News:

As mentioned last time the club bookings are much fewer this time of year as it can be a trickier time for fishing alongside us now being in full swing of the holiday season. We had the following three clubs in this last period:

  • Ashington Kingfishers AC were the only club to visit this last period for their annual social event which was last night. Members fished an evening session from boat and bank after a pie and peas supper in the fishing hut. As is usual for the time of year members caught fewer than they normally would but all enjoyed their evening and one of the bank anglers reported having plenty of sport in Swing Gate bay and two of the four fish he landed were estimated around 4lbs and 6lbs

Visiting Clubs:

Over the next two weeks we play host to the following clubs:

  • Cockburn AC
  • Heriots AC

As always we wish them a warm welcome and hope that the fishing is as good as it can be and that they all enjoy their time at the loch

Robbies Blog:

Washing Line

Many people will be familiar with this method of Fly Fishing.

However for those that are not it is as follows.

A floating line is used and then on the droppers Nymphs buzzers or perhaps even cormorants and then on the point a floating or at least reasonably buoyant pattern such as a Booby or FAB.

So you have the floating line and the floating fly with one, two or even three flies hanging off it. 

AKA a washing line.

That is a standard set up if you like but as you know as soon as someone “invents” something Anglers immediately start binging in the variations!

Perhaps a Midge Tip fly line. Then an intermediate and sometimes even sinking lines.

Then it is two floating flies top and bottom and then perhaps foam daddies instead of FAB’s

Two small dry flies with a tiny buzzer in the middle is a popular method particularly with Bank Fishers.

So how do you fish it?

Well from an anchored boat or the bank the most common way is a slow figure of eight/ Or a Hand Twist as our North American Cousins call it.

Another way is the FTA. This is known in our polite circles as the Fool Them Around.

So what’s that? Well it is just a random retrieve where you mix up the retrieve with Figure of 8’s slow pulls fast pulls, slow pulls short jerks and long jerks.  In fact anything you can think of that might provoke the Trout to take.

Why not give the Washing Line a try if you have never used before.

It is a great way of catching and when just using a slow hand twist a relaxing day out.

Until it all goes tight!

Best regards



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Other News:

  • Our annual Charity Day when we raise funds for St Abbs Independent Lifeboat on Sunday 29th Sept is now full  – please ring if you want to be on the wait list. If you are not able to attend, please support this worthy cause by buying raffle tickets available here at the loch.
  • There are now just 2 places left for the 2nd heat of this year’s Coldingham Loch Cup being held on Saturday 17th August. Please phone to book if you want one of these remaining places.

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