14th – 28th May

Well in our last report we hoped for better weather and this certainly happened towards the end of this period. Temperatures soared to 20+ degrees bringing with it a massive hatch of fly life for the fish to feed on. The water temperature also climbed quickly and at one point reached a very warm 16 degrees and in turn this triggered the rise of blanket weed from the loch bed meaning that most of our mornings were spent clearing the weed from the fringes using nets. No one reported the weed as having caused problems but as always we will do our best to keep it at bay and keep the loch fishing to its full potential. Because of the bright sunshine and crystal clear water, stealth was the order of the day and long leaders with dry flies gave good sport.

As we suggested in the last report it was time for the hawthorn flies to make an appearance and they duly obliged with some massive hatches towards the end of this period. At times this made fishing very difficult for the anglers as the fish were spoiled for choice of things to eat and those that did make a mistake and go for the fishermen’s flies often did so with a degree of caution meaning that keeping hold of them become an issue, and if the number of takes and snatches had translated into catches there would have been some very large returns indeed. The number of brown trout being caught has also seen an increase and it is a pleasure to see the Coldingham browns making an appearance again and being safely returned to the water.

Despite this our visiting clubs, Benedictine and The Ashington Kingfishers both commented on what fantastic days they had. Benedictine were the first to be entertained and their 13 anglers managed a very creditable 44  fish for the day with the top rod being Adam Calvin earning him  the bragging rights, a trophy and a voucher for a return trip. The biggest fish of the day, a rainbow of nearly 4 pounds,  fell to Colin Gardner (Digger). Not bad some would say for a lad from Coventry !

Ashington were up next for their social outing and managed to choose perhaps the hottest and brightest day of the season so far. This was a far cry from their last visit when conditions were perhaps the coldest and wettest of the season. Despite initial concerns from Ian Fairgreave as to how the conditions might affect the fishing the club had a superb days sport managing to catch over 80 fish for the 17 rods giving them an average of 4.71 per rod. Alan Morton and John Cowell managed the best boat catch for the day with a total of 18 fish to the boat whilst Steve Bowden commanded the bank prize with a total of 7 fish.

Well done to both clubs and we look forward to your next club outings at Coldingham.

Boat and bank anglers alike enjoyed some superb fishing during this period and it was a delight for us to see some of our resident holiday guests enjoying some great catches. Amongst these, Andy and Phil Delaney were frequent fishers and had the pleasure of some good hard fighting fish for their troubles. However, perhaps the most notable success goes to Joseph Marshall who has been coming to the loch for approximately 40 years. Joseph, on his last day and late in the afternoon managed to land the biggest trout of his life with a magnificent 10lb 14 oz rainbow which he wrestled with for almost half an hour. ( See Photos) To say that he went home a happy man is a huge under statement and we look forward to welcoming him and his family back in August for their next holiday. Well done Joseph!

Other notable catches fell to Ray Hood landing 6 fish in a short period from the bank and Douglas Stewart and Tommy Oliver who had a superb outing at the start of this period followed by a less successful one towards the end. The rivalry between these two is always quite intense and we look forward to seeing who comes out on top after their next visit. We also welcomed Ricky and Ken from Caistron Fishery, Northumberland, and they recorded 9 fish to the boat and a very pleasant days fishing. Thanks for the visit and we look forward to a return trip to your water soon.

Successful fly patterns during this period have been: Klinkhammer, Hawthorn, CDCs, Damsel, Buzzers, Bob’s Bits, Diawl Bach and dare I say it, Tequilla Blob.

Clubs visiting us during our next period include Leith Anglers, Heriots, and The Anchor Inn and as always we extend a warm welcome to them and hope that the conditions allow for some excellent fishing at the loch.



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