14th – 28th June 2020

It’s good to be back fishing and with each week that goes by it’s starting to feel a little bit more like its old self around here. Numbers of fishermen have been quite steady but it’s interesting how we get certain days that are very busy and others that are relatively quiet, even when the weather is good. That said the early part of this past fortnight was dominated by a thick haar (see photos) which was reluctant to shift for almost a week. 

The loch remains crystal clear and the large downpour that we had last night will have done things a power of good. The water temperature has fallen slightly and is hovering around the 17 – 18 degrees centigrade which is pretty good when considering how much sun we have had recently.

The bright conditions have not overly affected the fishing and every day we are seeing some very good returns from both boat and bank. We have been particularly pleased with the bank anglers performances, with evenings seeming to fish well and we have been heartened by the comments we have received about how pleasurable it now is to walk around the loch. A lot of work has gone in to making the banks more accessible over the years and it’s great to see more and more people fishing from the bank. Boat House Bay remains the most consistent hot spot, with The Narrows doing well also. Swing Gate Bay is yet to come in to full life as is the reed bed area at the north end of the loch but when they do the fishing there will be superb.

Fly patterns that have worked well during the last two week include:


  • Daddy, Black Hopper, Yellow Owl, Shipmans Buzzer, Foam Buzzer.

Wets / Nymphs, Lures :

  • Red Bobs Bits, Dansel, Apps, FAB, Blob, Buzzers, Diawl Bachs.

The vast majority of these flies have been fished on floating lines with a mixture of slow retrieves and long pulls. The odd angler or two have also had success on a range of intermediate and sinking lines but this was mainly during the very bright conditions.

It seems that the Caenis hatch may also have finished and whilst there is an abundance of other insect life on and around the loch, the Caenis seem to have fizzled out quite quickly this year.

As we announced on the web page last weekend, we have now relaxed the rule on single angler boats and so it is now possible to share a boat with another angler whilst still maintaining the social distancing guidelines where possible. However, it remains your prerogative to fish solo in a boat if you wish to do so. We are maintaining a rigorous regime of disinfecting the boats after each use and so far it all seems to be working ok for everyone. We are still not hiring out motors and so please bring your own if you need one. Otherwise it’s back to the old tried and tested method of rowing.


Robbies Blog:


Few of us have it. Me included.

I am talking about real Talent.

Bobby Moore, Jonny Wilkinson, Usain Bolt, Pascal Cognard.

The vast majority of us have to work hard at anything we want to have a modicum of success in.

Even then if we invest the time, money and effort our success will probably be just at a local level and not at the dizzying heights of those mentioned above.

Those are rare specimens.

However, I may, repeat may have fished with one the other day.

He has been catching on the Loch with size 22 Dry Flies which he ties himself. He has a self taught double haul that casts a good 25 yards of line out.

With Turnover.

He can also rip a Lure back at warp speed as well as make up a new cast in under two minutes.

Oh! …………….and he is 14 years old.

Now it is no means certain that he will go on to great things as at that age other hobbies and interests can spread the time, effort and talent thinly and single-minded dedication is a very large part of any success particularly at any International level.

There is also more to getting a job done than just having the tools.

Still young talent is great to see and I wish him luck.

It is hoped that we will be able to hold the Youth Day at the Loch later in the year subject to the prevailing situation.

If you know of any youngsters under 16 who may be interested please get in touch.



Other News:

  • Membership proposal for 2021 As we mentioned in our last report, the response to our proposal has been very encouraging and we are fast approaching a point where we will be able to make a decision about our future direction of travel. Please note that we intend to cap the membership, if you are interested we would encourage you to submit your expression of interest as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Once we reach our limit a waiting list will be established. We have had a number of discussions with a company that provides online booking systems specifically for fisheries which have gone extremely well.
  • Darrel Young’s rod has still not shown up yet so please keep an eye out for it thank you.
  • Holiday cottages are allowed to re-open again in Scotland from 3rd July and we have availability in some cottages over the coming weeks and months. If you would like to come for a fishing break or just a relaxing holiday in a lovely spot then please contact Carmel on 01890 771960 or info@coldinghamloch.co.uk


Gallery below – with thanks to all anglers who have sent pictures in for us to use, much appreciated. Thanks also to Stewart Collingswood of Alba Game Fishing (www.albagamefishing.com) for his very atmospheric photos taken during one of the days of the haar . 



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