12th – 25th June 2017

With summer well and truly upon us it’s fair to say that there is not a tremendous amount to report on. As is always the case, when the conditions are best for fishing they are usually not the best for catching and as a general rule, less clothing can mean less catching!

However as always, some people have succeeded, for example, Pete Dann who normally fishes for 4 hours each Saturday morning has had two great weeks with 11 last weekend and a further 8 yesterday. He has been using a combination of foam daddies and black foam beetle fished on a floating line and with little movement. We have also had a number of larger fish caught during the last two weeks with perhaps the best of them being caught yesterday by Ricky Taylor. Amongst his tally of 14 for the day came a cracking rainbow that he and his boat partner Fergus Aitchison reckoned to be between 11 and 12 lbs in weight. (see photo). Success patterns for Ricky included Damsel  and yellow fritz And so as not to leave Fergus out he also landed 4 to the boat and reported missing quite a few besides.

Part of the reason for the slow- down in numbers landed, is as mentioned before the large hatches of caenis flies that we are once again experiencing but thankfully this is now slowing down and we should start to see a good number of fish being caught to the dries again. we are also approaching the time of the year when the trout will turn their attentions to the vast numbers of fry available to them in the loch and so pulling the fry patterns at certain times of the day and night is not a bad call either. Minkies, dancers, etc are well worth giving a swim.

So here is a brief run- down of some of the other catches during the last fortnight that are worth mentioning:

  • Bob Cockburn: 12 to the boat including 1 brownie. Sedges. Bob had a further 5 on his next outing
  • A Ramsey: 10 to the bank with the biggest being a rainbow of 8lbs 5 ozs. Diawl Bachs.
  • Russel Dickson: 9 to the boat including 1 brownie. He used an intermediate line and fished a slow figure of eight using black blob and damsel.
  • Pete Davis: 5 to the bank. Damsels
  • Colin McIssac 6 to the boat. Dry Buzzer and olive hoppers.
  • Judy Whitelaw and Bob Harrison had 10 to the boat during a short evening session. Judy was top rod with 6 and Bob managed once again to catch using the dapping rod.

Club News:

  • TOTGA: 5 fish for their 3 rods but at least everyone caught.
  • Anchor Inn FFC: 18 fish for 8 rods. Mick Pawley had the heaviest fish whilst Gus Skeen managed to net the heaviest bag.
  • Armiston Bowling Miners Club: 31 fish for eight rods. They reported have had a great day out.
  • Roslin Elite FFC: 6 rods managed a total of 21 fish giving a rod average of 3.5. They reported having had a good day despite the very windy conditions.

Other News:

  • Look in to the crystal clear water at the moment and you will see that the wed is starting to gather momentum …. As is always the case at this time of the year. Once again we would ask you all to be patient with regards to the weed cutting. If we go in too early we will just strengthen the weed growth and so we need to allow it to grow a little more before cutting. That way we will only have to do it once and it will stay cut!

Robbies Blog:

Unfortunately we don’t have a blog from Robbie this time as he has spent most of the last period river fishing in Slovakia. I can’t wait to hear how he went on and no doubt he will mention it in his next blog to us.

Please click on the photos to enlarge and get the full picture and use the arrows to scroll through

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