11th – 24th June

This last period has seen in mid-summer’s day and as always this time of year the flaming June phrase can be applied to this last fortnight. A mixed bag of weather conditions – strong winds, cool days, warm days, misty days, sunny days and a couple of days with heavy downpours as well as storm Hector – has led to a mixed bag of both good, indifferent and difficult conditions for catching fish. However as an angler who came recently on a windy, showery day commented ‘every day is a good day for fishing, especially at Coldingham’. As we write this we are in blazing sunshine and a longish period of settled dry and hot weather is forecast. Anglers coming in the next few weeks may want to bear this comment in mind as no doubt the strong sun and heat will potentially make conditions tricky for catching but fantastic for being here at Coldingham. As you all know it is a lovely place to be fishing on a warm sunny day or a cloudless bright evening.

The cooler days and strong winds we saw at the start of this last period have meant that the dreaded caenis have all but disappeared which is good news for all. The changing weather conditions have meant that the fish are switching on and off accordingly though some days have still seen anglers having a real beano in terms of numbers of fish caught and other days folk have been happy to have a handful of fish as opposed to a panful.

We closed the loch to boats on 14th due to storm Hector but had a couple of holiday anglers don their waders and go out and enjoy the delights of the bank which is always a good choice at this time of year.

It is hard to say what tactics have worked best as it has been so varied but we hope the list below of what has been working during the last two weeks and who has been successful will give you some idea of how the loch has fished:

  • David Auld reported having had a ‘great day could have been more’, having landed 10 rainbows to the boat. Cats whisker, FAB and black booby
  • Neil Macintyre landed 11 fish with various flies reporting ‘difficult day but great venue’ as a strong easterly wind was blowing
  • On another day when anglers reported tricky conditions, Rod Entwistle landed 9 to the boat on an orange hopper
  • Derek and David Todd landed 10 to the boat. CDC & Nymphs
  • James and Joy Gardiner landed 29 and 22 respectively reporting ‘Fab day. The fishing was superb. Excellent sport’ . Red & black buzzers, black/ginger hoppers.
  • Robbie landed 20 including a blue and on his next outing had a further 16 including a brown. One of his rainbows he estimated to be around 8 – 9lbs (see photos of brown and rainbow) Cdc, olive and cats whisker. Malcolm Wyhlie stated ‘Just keeps getting better’ when he had 10 to the boat on a short evening session. Cats and diawl bach
  • Pete Dann has had several successful outings on short session on the bank landing 9 and 7. Hopper, black beetle
  • Bob Harrison equally has had some good sport in his short sessions on the boat landing 5 and another 5 all using dapped sedge. Bob reported having a super afternoon dapping and moved at least 20 others. CDC emerger and dapped sedge
  • M Grey and Keith Rowan landed 14 to the boat reporting ‘great sport as usual’. Buzzer
  • R Boyd and J Smith fishing the loch for the first time had 15 to the boat and reported having had a good day. Dries
  • Bob Cockburn fishing with his dad James had 28 to the boat using white lures, nymphs and dries. He reported having an excellent day and released a fish that he weighed in the net and 6.5lbs and two and 3.5 lbs. He also reported that they both lost at least another 5 or 6 fish each.
  • Chris Kerr and Alan Laing had 16 to the boat using sedge and CDCs
  • Robert Learmonth had 5 to the bank using dries and apps on a very windy day.
  • Jim Petrie (on the same very windy day as Robert) had 11 to the boat including 2 browns. Jim reported having an excellent day and was forced to fish boathouse bay only due to a strong north westerly making beyond the fish cage impossible on a boat. Buzzers and white lure.
  • Alex McMeiken had 10 to the boat including one blue. Daddies and dries
  • Ian Callow and Bobby Thomson had 23 to the bank in an afternoon evening session and reported having good sport. Sedge and hoppers
  • R and P Punton had 7 to the boat using PTN and dries
  • Paul Brooks had 9 to the boat using hopper and cdc
  • Stuart Todd and David Kinghorn fished and evening session amidst an enormous rise of fish and did very well with 11 to the boat. CDC, f fly and shipmans
  • Tam Donnelly (and Ted) continued his impressive run with two good outings, his first outing saw him lad 29 to the bank which included one tiger and all were caught using a crippled midge. And yesterday in the hot sunshine he had another good day on the bank with 5 including one brownie
  • Stewart Barnes had 7 to the boat on a scorching hot day using knotted midge and diawl bach
  • On the same hot day Eric Carmichael landed 5 to the bank using hoppers and blue flash damsel
  • Joe Harper and friend Mike Cochrane (see photos) deserve a mention for their enthusiasm for the loch and their return to fishing after more than 20 years saw them land 2 fish each in quite tricky conditions but with the help of a daddy kindly given to them by one of our regular fisherman, Alec McMeiken

Club News:

  • Arniston Trout Fishers reported ‘ Good day – pity weather rained off a 4.5lb brown returned and a 7lb rainbow ’ (see photo James Ferrier with the brown). The club landed 30 fish to 8 rods. Yellow dancer, daddy, bloodworm, claret snatcher, Kate Mclaren, white cats whisker, Ally McCoist
  • Invicta Ladies AC had a great weekend as usual, were rained off for part of the day on Saturday but greatly enjoyed their weekend break and had a few fish each along the way
  • Edinburgh Waltons FFC enjoyed their first visit to the loch though they arrived in a cold windy and misty day they still went out in eager anticipation. Thankfully the wind dropped a bit and the mist cleared late morning and they had an impressive total of 62 fish for their day and were pleased to report that every member caught fish and they are keen to return
  • Norhet FFC reported having had ‘a very good day and lovely fish’ landed 20 in total


Other News:

  • Swans have successfully hatched 3 cygnets this year, all seem to be doing well (see photos taken by Gary Cotterill).
  • Swallows & house martins have also had success and their first fledglings have flown.
  • There has been a sighting of the egret again this year.
  • The new nets that we are providing for both bank and boat have been received very well by all anglers and so please note that you do not need to bring nets with you.
  • Although perhaps a little earlier than usual, we have launched the weed cutter and will be selectively cutting the weed in the area of the narrows and along the west bank as and when conditions allow. Obviously we will try to do this with minimum disruption to anglers.

Lad/Lady’s and Dads Charity day 30th Sept

Our popular annual Charity day is fast filling up and there are only 4 boats left – please ring to book. The day is always a good sociable day with plenty of rivalry between the dads and lads/ladys. Tickets are £25 each which all goes straight to St Abbs Independent Lifeboat and includes bacon rolls on arrival and a slap up BBQ at lunchtime.

We have a charity day raffle to help boost funds for the day so even if you can’t come to fish please support us and this very worthy local charity by buying tickets for the raffle. Fantastic array of prizes including a fly box of 140 flies tied by the Scottish International Team of 2017, a bottle of St Abbs Independent Lifeboat Gin, Little Ringed Plovers print by wildlife artist Jan Ferguson,  a set of cards by Jan Ferguson, a bottle of whisky, St Abbs Independent Lifeboat clothing – T shirt, cap, fleece/hoody

Robbies Blog:


We all need this.

Well for a start it stops us falling down!

Now if you read the last Loch Report you will know I have just had a weeks river fishing in the Czech Republic.  I had a great trip but it did bring up a couple of balance issues. The first was a confirmation that I would find it very difficult to fish a river these days without the use of a wading stick.

This enables me to fish a river without continually getting wet!

The other issue of balance was a tackle one. I was fishing the River Svratka which is about the size of the Whiteadder. Perhaps little smaller.

Now years ago I bought an 8 foot 2 weight rod with the idea of fishing some of the smaller streams around here like the Blackadder and the Dye Water and Monnynut but I never got round to it.


The Svratka is heavily tree lined and the fish on average are fairly small. This rod was perfectly balanced to the situation and the fish. A 7 inch Trout still bent the rod and a 10 inch Trout or Grayling put a real hoop in it.

Anything larger and there were quite a few and it was dance around the river time!

Wading stick forgotten!!

Now when I had the Tackle Shop by far the most popular fly rod I sold was a 10 foot 7 weight and I expect if you did a survey at the Loch it would probably out number all the other size of rods that are used there by a fair margin.

This would probably be true at any stocked Stillwater.

I suspect that most people may think that the rod rating system is just to balance the Rod to the Fly Line and to a slightly lesser extent the Reel. 

It is, however the first thing you should balance it to is the average size of fish you are liable to catch.

Stillwaters these days stock with fish around 2 pounds and a 7 weight is ideal for these. Obviously you can catch a bigger or a smaller fish on a 7 weight and the same applied to my 2 weight on the Svratka.

Other considerations on rod ratings and balance might be the stature of the angler. Youngsters and perhaps some Ladies might prefer a 5 or 6 weight.

Age or infirmity or perhaps an injury might call for a lighter set up.

You might also want to consider the size of flies and leader you wish to use. In high summer and again in winter for instance size 18 and 20 Dry Flies and Nymphs are very useful. These are best fished on thin leaders so a 5 weight or even a 4 weight might be used on Stillwaters.

Heavier rods and lines tend to snap fine leaders especially on the strike. Another balance issue.

Conversely if you were fishing for Mackerel from the shore you might want to go to an 8 weight or even a 9 weight.

This would be so you could cast further even though the fish will only be around a pound.

Mind you at the end of the day the fish neither know nor care what catches them!

If you only have 7 weight for a small river or a 4 weight for the Loch just give it a go.

Better to fish than not to fish.

However as with most things in life being balanced usually makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Especially not falling in!


Best Regards





(44) 01289 302 510



Visiting Clubs:

Over the summer we get fewer visiting clubs and so this next period it is just the following two clubs who will be visiting us.

  • Ellem Club
  • Ferranti AC

As always we look forward to seeing them and can guarantee that the Ellem club coming this week will be catching a suntan at least! Let’s hope the fish are willing to be caught too.

The gallery below is of photos taken by Gary Cotterill on his annual visit and our many thanks  to him for sending them on to us – some real beauties




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