10th – 23rd June 2013

“How’s it fishing?” This is perhaps the question that we get asked the most at the start of each day. The answer of late has been quite difficult to generalise as for some the loch has fished exceptionally well whilst for others it has been somewhat of a struggle. Even our regulars are experiencing mixed fortunes with large catches one day followed by tough going just a couple of days later. June is traditionally a hard month to fish and as we stated in the last report a mixture of conditions favourable to the fish, can in some circumstances make it the reverse for the angler.


However, those able to ring the changes and try a range of tactics have generally been rewarded with good catches. Bob Cockburn got back to his usual high standards the other evening by fishing a cat boobie on point as an attractor followed by a couple of diawl bachs on droppers fished washing line style. The boobie drew the fish to the line and the diawl bachs did the rest. Today Bob Grant managed the same results using cormorants stripped just below the surface. On another occasion Robert Sloss and his young sons Angus and Freddie (see photos), managed an impressive 10 fish to the boat during a 6 hour session fishing below the surface using a roly poly retrieve. Robert’s first fish was a stunner which gave him a really hard fight. In the process of catching the fish Robert lost his old faithful hat over the side but he reckoned it was worth the forfeit.


It’s also been a good time for top of the water action and for the dry fly lovers amongst us there have been a number of days when the fish have smashed the surface. Bob Harrison continues his success with the cdc buzzers  and Robert Black whilst out fishing with his boat partner Graham Virtue showed just how effective dapping can be when the conditions are right. It is fair to say though that the evening rises have not been as prevalent as in recent weeks and we can only assume that this is mainly due to the fall in temperature that we seem to be getting most evenings. However, we have had at least two evenings when there has been a large hatch of caenis fly (the fisherman’s curse) ……… Great to see so many fish rising but equally frustrating trying to catch them.


So as you can probably gather from the range of catching methods mentioned above, the picture changes day to day and this is perhaps symptomatic of weather patterns that remain frustratingly unpredictable. Large downpours of rain today will no doubt ring the changes again for next week and it will be interesting to see what effect this has on the fish after the extended period of warm sunny days that we have been experiencing of late. A welcome shift of the wind from the east must also surely help.


In Club News:


During this period we were visited by three clubs over the course of the last weekend and it is fair to say that members of the clubs experienced the same mixed fortunes that our day anglers have been having.

  • TOTGA and Newmarket ACs came on the same day. TOTGA’s four anglers fished hard but sadly only managed two fish between them, reporting a number of missed opportunities and a couple of fish that got away at the boat.

The lads from Newmarket managed 12 fish between them amongst which was a lovely brownie. They reported having a very enjoyable day with good sport from hard fighting fish (see photos)

  • 6 brave souls from Leith AC were here today (Sunday) and fished the loch in torrential rain and hail stones. Those that braved it to the end were justly rewarded with some nice rainbows. A total of 13 fish were caught between the12 anglers which given the conditions was not a bad effort at all.

In other news:

We had a number of residents fishing this period and there were a number of notable successes.

  • Dave Roberts whilst fishing with his good friend Ken Mason (see photo) landed a beautiful 5lb 3oz brownie weighed in the net and safely returned. The fish took around 10 minutes to land and Dave reckoned it was a fish of a lifetime. We are waiting for photos to be sent and will post them when available. It’s also worth mentioning that the lads fished the whole week with honours being roughly equal in terms of numbers of fish caught. They reported some superb outings and fished most of the week loch style covering just about every square inch of the loch. It was great to see you back and we look forward to your visit next year.
  • Steve Bowden fished from the bank and had great success fishing with hoppers tied using his own dogs hair! He reported having a superb evening when the rise was phenomenal.
  • Bernard and Gary Cotterill had a number of visits to the loch and reported some excellent fishing. Gary fished boat and bank with varying degrees of success.
  • Paul Kennedy and his mate Barry enjoyed their stay in Lochside and combined a great week of fishing and golf. The good news is that Paul managed to get through the week without hooking himself …… an improvement on last year when he somehow managed to hook himself in the tongue!!
  • Happy birthday to Robbie Bell. Robbie reached another milestone this week and our best wishes go out to him.
  • The weed is just starting to be visible below the surface of the water at the top end of the loch. At the moment all areas of the loch are fishable without any problems. Once the weed comes to the surface we will be waiting until it flowers before cutting it. Cutting sooner than this will only strengthen its growth and so we will choose the optimum time and cut it so that it stays cut.
  • A reminder about the tackle exchange board in the fisherman’s lodge. If anyone wants to sell or swap items of their tackle the board is there for you to use. Those people who have posted items have sold or swapped them pretty quickly so it is a good way to network your stuff.

During the next two weeks we will be hosting the following clubs:

  • Ellem AC (Evening Session)
  • Norham and Ladykirk AC (Evening Session)
  • Mid Lothian AC
  • Wire Mill AC
  • Kilkaldy FFC

We wish them a warm welcome and hope that they have successful outings here at the loch.


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