10th – 23rd July 2017

Virtually no rain in March, April and May and we are now almost at the end of July, which most people would consider to be the height of summer, and this morning I bailed out nearly six inches of water from the boats. Outrageous! What’s even more outrageous is the fact that I will almost certainly have as much again to do tomorrow. So with the weather so topsy turvy it should come as no surprise to learn that the catching has been equally erratic.

All the people that turned up today to fish have left early due to the bad weather conditions and not only has it been raining all day but we also have a thick haar hanging over us and a very strong north easterly wind to boot.

The forecasters have predicted that there is an improving picture over the coming week and I sincerely hope that they are right.

Normally at this time of the year we would be weed cutting but as yet the cutter is still on dry land, however my intention is to start sometime over the coming week if we get the right conditions.

As I stated earlier the catching has been erratic and unlike earlier in the season, rising fish are quite hard to spot. Despite this the fish have still been taking dry flies interspersed with the usual selection of fry copy lures. The best of the dry patterns have been the ever reliable, daddy along with floating bibio. Sedges and hoppers have also figured well. Under the surface, cormorants, buzzers and damsels have had some success but timing and positioning have been all important factors.

Line choice has almost always been floating with the odd change to midge tip but anything deeper than this has had very limited success.

Swing Gate Bay has been the pick of the hot spots and along the south shore has also fished well from both bank and boat.

As always at this time of year, angler numbers have been quite small due to summer holidays and the fact that many of the clubs take a break over the summer months. As a result boat availability is good both during the week and at weekends. Mid- August will see a return of the clubs and the weekends will once again become busy almost right up until the end of the season. So if you are wanting the fish the weekends please make the most of the quite period.

Here is a quick run through people who have had success over the last two weeks:

  • Austin Churm had 7 fishing from the bank in a short evening session followed by another 6 on the next night …… using hoppers and cdcs.
  • Holiday guest David Scott had a number of successful evenings fishing including  5 from the bank including a 5lb brownie (see photo) and a blue using Hoppers. He kindly sent several pictures and some are included in the gallery.
  • Ian Callow and friend Bobby Thomson had a combined total of 15 from the bank. Diawl Bachs, blobs, FABs.
  • Pete Dann. 6 from the bank followed by a further 10 yesterday using a combination of daddies and bibios.
  • Mike Connet and boat partner Jock had a combined total of 16 using Diawl Bachs and Fabs.
  • David Auld. 5 to the boat using foam daddies. Not easy but good day was his comment.
  • Robbie Bell. 7 to the boat including one brown on a day that he was looking after the loch for us. Very good result for intermittent fishing.
  • Bob Cockburn and his dad James had a good day fishing mainly in Swing Gate Bay. They managed a total of 16 fish between them with James pitching in with 6 of them. Daddies, Minkies and a variety of black dries.
  • Harry Anderson had a good evening fishing with his friend Gordon Fraser. Gordon had 4 to the boat and Harry had 5 including the ‘biggest rainbow of his life’ a cracking 6lb 8oz specimen (see photo)
  • Alec McMeaken had a great day with 8 to the boat including one brown. Daddies and minkies
  • John McGhee and his good friend Chick had 16 to the boat with honours even. The catch included a brown and a superb blue. Dries
  • Iain Thomson had a great day yesterday fishing in heavy rain and using a bushy he landed 8 to the boat including one brown


Club News:

  • Linlithgoe Bridge Inn FFC – 9Yr old Cody Kennedy was top rod on the day.
  • Hoy and Hope FFC – Had 32 fish for the day on what they described as  “not bad for a very hard day”
  • Ladhope FFC – Unfortunately had to cut their session short today due to the terrible weather. Fish were caught but were in short supply in what was a short session.

Other News:

  • A reminder that the annual Lad(y)s and Dads charity competition will be held on Sunday 24th This is a very special day for us with all the proceeds from the day going to support the Independent St Abbs Lifeboat Charity. Boats are limited to 12 and already 10 of the boats have been booked and so if you do want to take part in this day you need to be quick. Raffle tickets are on sale for the raffle and we ask for your help in supporting this event by purchasing tickets for the raffle. We have a beautiful print of puffins done by wildlife artist Jan Ferguson as well as an array of fishing prizes including a fishing bag, box of flies and non fishing prizes such as a bottle of St Abbs Independent Gin and a selection of their merchandise
  • As mentioned earlier, we will be starting weed cutting sometime soon. We usually choose a very windy day to do this as it helps to drive in loose pieces of weed to the shore. Choosing windy days also usually means minimal disruption to fishing as there tends to be fewer anglers on these types of days.

Visiting Clubs:

  • Kelso British Legion.

Kelso is the only club visiting us over the coming fortnight and we wish them a successful and enjoyable outing.

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